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Hair Loss and Emotional Issues

Hair Loss and Emotional Issues

Postby Sephora_LA » Fri May 31, 2013 8:22 pm

Most people feel compelled to find effective hair loss solutions because of the emotional stress that is caused by their baldness. There are worries about what others will think of how they look. And they feel less confident when they see their appearance in the mirror.

Intuitively, we all understand how it is possible for hair loss to create emotional turmoil. But it seems that research is finally catching up with studies that support this.
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Re: Hair Loss and Emotional Issues

Postby terryandsherry » Wed Jun 05, 2013 12:26 pm

hi there again,

i´m doing a experiment right now. i just was wondering if the so called genetic hairloss could also be caused by emotional factors.
we often tend to search for answers only on the physical level, maybe because we have only little knowledge about what and how our emotions
influence us.
since childhood we all had tons of upsets and experiences where we have acumulated negative emotions and stress, each single emotion causes our body to
react in a certain way. the body react differently if the pain wouldn´t be there. and i believe that at the end everything comes back to emotional and energy, and the physical expression is just the thing we can measure, but is caused by something deeper that we can´t measure.

so for example, if someone has an depression, you can measure in the blood that certain cheimcals and hormones like serotonin are lower then normal, but the question is, why are they lower the normal? is lack of serotonin causing depression, or is the depression causing a lack serotonin? so we can look at the same thing also from the opposite direction, always. and that is what we far too less.

so right i released a lot of upsets and emotions regarding to my hairloss. the thing is, that we as humans are NEVER ware of these causes. it is like sitting in car, and we can see the car from outside. i came back to issues that were related to my hairloss which i never ever expected, for example i was a soldier in a past life and had to leave my family alone ...

i know, for a lot of you rational minds, that is hard to beleive ... but i can tell you, that it is very healthy to not set yourself any limits and to expand your mind into possibilities, you have never believed in before. at our deepest source are energy, and without acknowledging that, we will never find a fully understanind of life and health.

however, i will let you know, if this does something to my hairloss. at least it is improving my well being and confidence ...
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Re: Hair Loss and Emotional Issues

Postby kellyross » Wed Feb 12, 2014 8:58 pm

Hair loss indeed is a major issue for many. But there are many solutions today to overcome this hair loss. Along with medications, you can also use hair extensions to hide your hair loss till your natural hair grows out.
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Re: Hair Loss and Emotional Issues

Postby stayrant » Fri Mar 04, 2016 4:48 pm

kellyross wrote:Hair loss indeed is a major issue for many. But there are many solutions today to overcome this hair loss. Along with medications, you can also use hair extensions to hide your hair loss till your natural hair grows out.

I definitely agree with you, there are many solutions for hair loss. And i think stress is one of the causes of hair loss
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Re: Hair Loss and Emotional Issues

Postby maxinem_y@ng » Tue Dec 06, 2016 9:24 pm

Anxiety and hair loss have a complex relationship. Anxiety can, in some cases, cause hair loss to occur, and in other cases it can make hair loss itself more difficult to control. Stress can cause many conditions that lead to hair loss. These include:
*Alopecia Areata - Sudden loss of large clumps of hair in areas around your scalp.
*Telogen Effluvium - This is a condition where more hairs than normal prepare to fall out.
*Trichotillomania - This is a habitual condition caused by stress and anxiety where the person pulls out hairs without realizing it.
If stress and anxiety are what caused your hair loss, then reducing that anxiety can help your hair come back.
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