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Scalp Med

Scalp Med

Postby BobbeAnne » Sun Jun 15, 2008 4:05 pm

I've seen ads for this product on TV and wondered if anyone has tried it?? Any results?
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re: scalp med / Nioxin -- "lotions and potions"

Postby Dr_Bauman » Wed Oct 08, 2008 5:56 am

Heavily-advertised on radio and with infomericals, the strongly-marketed Scalp Med (~$160+shipping) does supposedly contain minoxidil (an fda-approved hair growth stimulator), unfortunately the rest of the regimen is unproven. According to Hair Restoration Physicians, ScalpMed falls into the category of 'lotions and potions.' At Bauman Medical, most of our patients would rather purchase the generic over-the-counter (OTC) minoxidil or even the name brand Rogaine, which is the same active ingredient at a tiny fraction of the cost.

5% minoxidil is fda-approved for men, 2% is fda-approved for women. Minoxidil has been proven to regrow hair, increasing not only by measuring hair counts (density) but also hair weight (hair quality).

Be aware that minoxidil is also available by prescription in MUCH stronger strengths (and more skin & hair-friendly preparations too) than what is available OTC. Many women do use the 'off label' 5%, 6%, 7% (or stronger) and find it to be more helpful than 2%. Men also seem to benefit from higher-percentage minoxidil preparations. Minoxidil needs to be used twice a day to be most effective and it is often combined with other treatments, such as finasteride (propecia), laser therapy, or hair transplants.

The most important thing when starting minoxidil is to have baseline 'global' photos and hair-density measurements taken so you can track your results. These kinds of measurements can easily be performed by physician who specializes in hair loss and hair restoration. Once you start, you cannot stop or shedding of hair from the stimulated follicles will occur. 70% of minoxidil users achieve a positive result from the product. It takes 6-12 months or more to judge the results of minoxidil.

Regarding the other post on Nioxin... There is absolutely 100% NO fda-approved hair growth ingredients in nioxin. It's an average-quality shampoo for a way above average price. The peppermint is what makes it tingle (and often dries out your scalp).
Shampoo is important for making your hair manageable and scalp clean and healthy, but there is NOTHING in nioxin that will improve hair growth. Stay tuned, however, the brand Nioxin was just bought by Proctor and Gamble, so maybe they will put some of their scientific research into making the product more gentle.
Hair Loss is a medically-treatable condition, so do your research and get advice from a physician.

Dr. B.
Alan J. Bauman, M.D.
Medical Director
Bauman Medical Group -- Boca Raton, FL
Hair Restoration for Men & Women

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Postby CJ97 » Tue Nov 25, 2008 10:47 pm

Thanks for the post Dr. B.
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