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Laser Hair Removal Leg Burns

Laser Hair Removal Leg Burns

Postby kl1618 » Sat Nov 03, 2012 2:17 am

Yesterday afternoon I had my lower legs lasered. I am not sure which laser was used (I will find out), but it did have a cooling tip. I have very fair skin and very dark hair, and was told that I am a prime candidate for laser hair removal. But late tonight I noticed that my legs looked blotchy and red. Upon closer examination, the red blotches were actually in the shape of the laser and they could be seen in streaks all over my legs!! Of course, I have heard that lasers may scar. I scoured the internet and my university library's database for all the information I could get on laser scars and hyper-pigmentation. So this is what I've done tonight:

1) I gently and quickly washed my legs with dove soap, patted dry and applied lotion for sensitive skin. I read not to use abrasive soap.
2) I iced my legs with ice packs for about 10 minutes, until my skin no longer felt hot but cool. Prior to doing this my skin felt hot to touch. Now it just feels like the temperature of the rest of my skin.
3) I drank four glasses of water to hydrate.
4) I covered my legs in aloe vera from a plant we have at home
5) I took some ibuprofen to help relieve the inflammation.

In the last hour, I have seen my legs are less noticeably red. Tomorrow I will re-evaluate and then return to the place I had my legs lasered and ask if there is anything more that I should do.

It doesn't look too bad now. I am hoping the redness will continue to decrease. I am also going to request, if I even get any more treatments, that the laser be reduced in strength, as this was too irritating for my skin.

Let me know if you have experienced these symptoms!

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Re: Laser Hair Removal Leg Burns

Postby kl1618 » Sat Nov 03, 2012 2:27 am

I just had another look and virtually all the redness is gone, though where it was red it is mottled now, the blotchy part a subtle purplish color. It looks much better than it did before I iced and all that. I hope nothing will come of this, only that my skin color and tone returns completely normal.

I read that erythema or rednesss can occur for 2-3 days in some cases after laser hair removal, but I didn't think it was very common. I also read that burns in the shape of lasers can turn brown, scab and peel, and sometimes scar. That is what I am afraid of -- permanent scarring. It really does look better though, so I'm going to stop freaking out and thank god for that aloe plant.
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Re: Laser Hair Removal Leg Burns

Postby jenylofer » Tue Nov 04, 2014 11:43 pm

It is not uncommon to have "red spots" often referred to as post inflammatory erythema after laser. All types of laser can cause this reaction. Typically, these changes are transient and resolve with time. They are a function of your skin type, the laser used and the type of treatments. My suggestion is discuss with your dermatologist but most often just being patient and not complicating it by other treatments is best for resolution.
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