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CO2 laser under eyes?

Talk about all types of laser treatments, CO2, Laser skin resurfracing, intense pulsed light (IPL), Fraxel, Active Fx, Erbium, LED, Yag, Smoothbeam, Pixel, and more.

Re: CO2 laser under eyes?

Postby jaelynn » Thu May 13, 2010 5:44 pm

I had CO2 laser around my eyes in 2002 when I was 45 and this past December I had my entire face and eyes done again. The first time I had remarkable results, not a wrinkle left. This last time 5 months later at age 53 I am happy with the results but they were not nearly as good as the first time.
Could be because I was 8 years older or because I had a different PS. I don't have any redness left under my eyes nor do I have raccoon eyes. I did have redness after the first time for about a year. It was probably a deeper application of the laser. For me the laser has been very good. It all depends on the Doctor as well as your skin condition. You can see my pictures from both CO2 procedures if you go to the pictures and videos for lasers. Good luck! Check out your DR and ask to speak to his patients.
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Re: CO2 laser under eyes?

Postby megpeg » Wed Jun 02, 2010 5:21 am

3 mos post co2 laser under eyes...still red..spidery veins..blotchy..shiny waxy ..the BEST CONCEALER is from BENEFIT..called LEMON AID. get it at SEPHORA. I HAVE FOUND THAT GREEN CONCEALER DID NOT HELP MUCH W THIS TYPE OF REDNESS EXCEPT TO MAKE THE AREA GREEN. I am 66 with thin, very fair irish skin...also had full face laser 16 y.o ago. AFTER DOING MUCH RESEARCH SINCE THIS PROCEDURE.. I feel the CO2 laser was too aggressive a choice secondary to skin age, ethnicity of the skin..thin, fair and the fact that I had a prior laser procedure. MD should have given more thought to this...and either offered a fraxel laser or reccommended AGAINST DOING THE PROCEDURE because of the above considerations and high risk of complications. I will give this a few more months..IF ALL DOES NOT CLEAR I WILL SEE AN ATTORNEY WHO SPECIALIZES IN MALPRACTISE. In another month I will request my medical records including my signed consent and get a second opinion from a high profile laser specialist.
There is a difference between signing a form noting possible complications and NOT INFORMING/EDUCATING patients of medical options and known high possible risks specific to them. I will check in as time goes on. peg
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Re: CO2 laser under eyes?

Postby WorriedAndSad » Thu Mar 09, 2017 7:22 pm

I had this done four weeks ago this coming Monday.I looked so much better before getting this procedure,it's shocking.It's also hard to find other drs and specialist in your area that will be straight with you because even if you don't tell them who did the procedure they seem to always be on guard about telling the truth on the matter.I had one dermatology office I paid for tell me they thought I had a scar under my eye,but then when I stupidly told them I was going to visit a dermatologist that specialized in laser she said to listen to that dr because she knows much more about lasers.The problem is the dermatologist specializing in lasers is one my plastic surgeon paid for.She said I did not have a scar and it's swelled skin that may or may not heal well.One of my eyes has lost substantial volume and whatever it is looks like a scar.Nothing about this procedure helped me,in fact it aged me and caused me a lot of worry and sadness.I can pay more money to go visit another dr but the regular dermatologist i went to did not know much about lasers.This is a nightmare.The dermatologist told me I am not healing well before the end of the appointment and she didn't want me to get retreatment done before 3 months after checking my progress because i could make it even worse.However my plastic surgeon before sending me to the laser derm told me we could fix the issue at no cost in 6 weeks and that he knew what the issue was.So I am so confused and so upset.
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