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Fraxel Dual Gone Bad Recovery post 20 days

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Fraxel Dual Gone Bad Recovery post 20 days

Postby supersassieme » Mon Apr 03, 2017 7:35 pm

Hey all -

Here is a little story and hopefully not the biggest regret of my life. I have been crying and havent slept in 2 weeks. I am a mess.

I went in for fraxel to treat superficial acne scars from a reputed dermatologist. After fighting acne for 3 years I was looking forward to clean skin. I was so excited as the laser test run we did was very good so was ready for the first treatment. My skin was in the best condition it has ever been(thanks to Paula's choice AHA) and I was even glowing to the point where my friends and cousins were saying, your skin is amazing, why are you even doing laser. I want to get to get rid of those scars... those scars that haunted me everytime.

Got my laser done and came home and was itching like crazy for one week, used hydrocortisone for only one night. Small white adn red pumps appeared. Was scared that it was acne, used benzoyl peroxide 10% wash(may be a mistake?). Remaining time used some moisturizers and antioxidant cream hoping they will be good for recovery(may be that was a mistake?). I used La Mer successfully to fully heal from my testrun laser. This time, La Mer does nothing. Now post 19 days, my skin looks bronzed, PIH and some white spots. Looks somewhat like Melasma but not melasma(doctor confirmed it). Checked for vitilago and fungal - negative. Went to the same doctor and he said, ya that is expected for your olive sin tone, yours is not bad, I have seen worse and it will heal. Give it time. He didnt make a deal out of it. I was shocked.

I cannot even cover it with good foundation as the foundation is appearing botchy after a few minutes of application and I can see the grey marks.

Will my PIH improve? Will the blotches and patches go away and skin get back to normal? May be or may be not. But what can I do at this point to help with my healing and recovery? I cant sit back and accept without helping myself.

Please share your experiences and advice. I will be very grateful for any help. I will trade this skin for that acne and acne scars anyday. This is the worst nightmare.

Those who are considering fraxel, please please be careful. The risks are very high. Dont want this to happen to anyone else.

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