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IPL and Fraxel Do Cause damage

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IPL and Fraxel Do Cause damage

Postby cardar » Sun Jan 17, 2010 6:08 pm

People Wake Up!!! Do Not Do Fraxel or IPL!! A member on RS spent her last two years researching and trying to warn the public and make the FDA aware of the dangerous adverse effects of these devices. May she rest in peace, knowing that she has already saved 1000's from this horrific fate and will continue to save 1000's more. She started the fight, and now there are others willing to continue the fight in her honor.

My damage was caused by IPL 6 months ago. Fraxel and IPL seem to be causing the same damage. (Thermage nightmare?) I have fat loss in my entire face, eyelids, cheeks, jaw line, along with scars, bumps in my skin, vision problems, pain in cheek, jaw and brestbone (my chest was done also), broken blood vessesl and more! There are suppose to be NO Burns, NO fat loss, NO permanent scaring, NO eye problems, No permanent redness, NO hypopigmentation,NO depression with IPL or Fraxel!! That is what the medical community around the states are telling their patients. Doctors are lying to you! Dermatologists are lying to you! Plastic Surgeons are lying to you. Nurses and Aestheticians are lying to you! Medical Boards are lying to you! Manufactures are lying to you! The FDA and the Government are lying to you! They are only interested in protecting this Billion Dollar industry, and do not care about the severe damage it has caused to 1000's of people. These procedures are the new "CASH COW" for the industry and the manufacturers and doctors will go to great lengths to keep this from the public.

The people that did these procedures will tell you, "these devices couldn't have done this damage, they don't go deep enough in to the skin---they don't cause fat loss, they don't get hot enough---oh the burn scars will go away in two years--you had eye protection on, you can't have eye problems-----and the biggest lie, it's natural aging causing your skin to sag and face to lose volume! These are the lies I am hearing in every damage case. NO ONE prematurely ages 10-20 years in the matter of 4 Months.
Question your doctors about that. Ask him how much extra revenue he is making a year by adding this device to his practice and then paying poorly trained nurses and estheticians to do the damage. And yes, for the Professional Doctors and Plastic Surgeons who have caused this damage, you are a disgrace, with criminal intentions, who took a vow "do no harm, patient safety first" but turned it into "admit no fault, offer no help, just collect the cash and run" I would never wish this on my own worst enemy, yet I can only hope that this would happen to doctors wives, daughters, sisters, or mothers, so then you would understand the torment and hell you have put us all in, a life of disfigurement, isolation, financial distress, and emotional and psychological torture. And offering no help to any of us! Are there any real doctors out there that actually care about people, if so, please stand up! We need you.
As for the doctors who respond on this site, you owe these members the truth. One doctor will comment this can happen and the next comments it cannot. You all know the truth, it's in your seminars, lectures you attend, on doctors discussion boards, and if you don't know the facts, either research it or don't comment. You are jeopardizing hundreds of members by telling them these devices are safe. Could it only be to try to harness more cosmetic business? Would you put your own loved ones in harms way if you weren't sure whether they would be damaged or not because you were not warned beforehand of possible permanent DNA damage to your skin? I bet not.
No, these results don't happen to everyone, but to more than enough and that number is growing, by 40 percent according the the AAD in 2009. There is tons of research out there proving these machines cause this. Even papers from the FDA discussing adverse events about botox and injectibles and how long should they allow this to continue especially since the damage is happening to healthy people! There are hundreds of victims on various sites telling their stories of burns, fat loss, vision problems, hypo scaring, etc. There are serious side effects happening, most irreversible, that doctors, esthetians and the manufacturers are NOT telling us about. TAKE PICTURES, THEY DO NOT LIE, KEEP TAKING PICTURES, THEY ARE VERY IMPORTANT PROOF! People need to start making noise to get attention drawn to this epidemic of damage. These devices are in every town now, and unless everyone that has been damages speaks up, hundreds of thousands of people will be victimized by this in the future. Please, lets help each other!
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Re: IPL and Fraxel Do Cause damage

Postby wrigley214 » Tue Feb 16, 2010 8:53 pm

you are so right. They tell you there are no side effects. I have aged 10 years after pro fractional and have hyperpigmentation. I am sick. My skin is loose and sagging. Is there any recourse for us?
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Re: IPL and Fraxel Do Cause damage

Postby Randy44 » Fri Feb 19, 2010 2:19 pm

...these results don't happen to everyone, but to more than enough and that number is growing, by 40 percent according the the AAD in 2009. There is tons of research out there proving these machines cause this. Even papers from the FDA discussing adverse events about botox

Stating that the problems grew by 40% in 2009 tells me nothing about the frequency of the problems. Are problems occurring in 1 in 5 patients or 1 in 500 patients?
Since there is "tons of research", it should be easy for you to provide a few links which would be supportive of your claims. The fact that you have provided no such links makes me skeptical of your claims.
eta: I see now that you have also added in botox and injectables in this rant. That just makes me more skeptical of your claims regarding IPL and Fraxel. And, I got to thinking that the original poster put an lot of work into one post (incoherent as it is), then I did some research and found that the original poster had just cut and pasted the same post to multiple Internet message boards.
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Re: IPL and Fraxel Do Cause damage

Postby bella39 » Sat Feb 20, 2010 6:59 pm

This news does worry me. My sister had Thermage 4-5 years ago and suffered fat loss in her cheek and eye areas - the PS that did it just dismissed it as her "imagination" even though the change was obvious. She's since had to have fat injections and other fillers (by another, wonderful PS) just to get her face back to where it was. Back then information about this possiblity or risk either wasn't available, or people (patients) weren't speaking up about it. Maybe they thought they were some odd fluke or an isolated case, something I'm wondering now if doctor's are willing to keep letting their patients believe. She was totally on her own with this and felt she had no recourse.

Doctors, if this is even a possiblity, you need to let patients know. My PS just told me about Affirm CO2 and I was very excited, but after seeing these posts I'm going to research it more thoroughly and ask point blank if fat loss, among other risks, are possible. The original post should not be referred to as a "rant". If I suffered the same effects I know I would be devastated, not to mention feeling angry and betrayed. I would also be adamant about warning others to this possibility. We have the right to know because it's much more than our hard-earned money that's at stake. My sister not only had to eat the cost of the thermage, she spent a few thousand more just to fix the damage.
People, please do your research and ask the hard questions. And doctor's, if this is a risk involved with treatment, for God's sake just SAY so. You owe your patients that much. Tell us ALL the risks and then let us choose.
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Re: IPL and Fraxel Do Cause damage

Postby DCNGA » Mon Feb 22, 2010 5:21 pm

Doctors do not always know or tell of the damage. They deny or disavow knowledge. If a doctor treats 1000 patients in 10 years and only one person complains of this problem, then he's likely to discount it. Now multiply that 1 patient by all of the doctors around the world performing laser, IPL, V-beam then you can see the numbers are not small.

My personal experience that the number of those having problems is much greater than the 1 in 1000 in ten years. Establishing an identifiable pattern across the world and getting all doctors to see/recognize that pattern is only one of NUMEROUS challenges to exposing the damage caused by cosmetic medical devices.

As for the 'proof', try googling IPL and Laser Damage if you want to read the horrific stories of 'proof'. Also, you might take particular note of Angela Walker's (Awalk) story. She passed away last October as an indirect result of cosmetic laser treatments that destroyed her face and ultimately took her life.

These people who are damaged don't have to nor do they need to show proof, their problems are real as is the damage they have sustained. Whether anyone chooses to believe them or not does not change reality.
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Re: IPL and Fraxel Do Cause damage

Postby shayababy » Sun Jul 18, 2010 4:45 pm

To the original poster, thank you for your "rant". The more information out there the better.

For what it's worth, I believe it was Dr. Oz who became very upset when he found out his wife had gotten botox. He said it's unhealthy and made her promise to never use it again. Just something to think about.
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Re: IPL and Fraxel Do Cause damage

Postby mblake » Thu Jul 22, 2010 5:09 pm

I tell you what. It's more then 1 in a 1000.. probably more like 1 in 10 or so.. and that is just the ones aware of it.
The thing is, people don't realize the laser is causing them damage cuz it can happen a year after. I too have fat loss, cheeks fallen, hyperpigmentation on half my forehead, hypopigmentation spots on cheeks, loose skin etc, little icepick scars on cheeks too.. Aged about 10 years after it wore off.. Just now starting to look ok after 1 year of facial exercises, dermarolling, skin treatments etc.. It's an uphill battle just to get to where you were before the laser. But my cheeks, they will never come back on their own and my forehead it's screwed.. All loose with folds.

However, I still consider myself lucky. some get permanently disfigured.. It' s a huge gamble. So not worth it..

There are no shortcuts.. eat right, exercise, take supplements, take care of your skin the right way.

People: don't be so casual about it.. It can mess you up. Trust me, there is no 100 percent safe way to heat up and melt your face.

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Re: IPL and Fraxel Do Cause damage

Postby hopeful77 » Fri Jul 30, 2010 9:37 pm

I had 4 fraxel RESTORE tx. Had the first tx in November of 2009 and each successive tx approximately 2 months apart. The micro-swelling made my acne scars almost invisible and I was very hopeful. Eventually they returned. The first six months I thought my face looked o.k. but was not super thrilled with the results. I made payments for a year and a half and finally paid the procedure off.

1.5 years after my last tx I am concerned and depressed. The scars appear somewhat shallower but the overall condition/quality of my skin does not appear good. Things are looser. The nasolabial area on my left cheek appears to be losing fat in a defined diamond shape that is only about 3/16" wide but perhaps 5/8" long. I mainly notice it when I start to smile. My smile line wants to crease at this area so it looks wrinkley and as if I have two smile lines. If I grin hard enough, the surrounding fat bunches up the area enough to expel the depression. When I am not smiling, it just looks like loose, wrinkley skin. The area appears to be growing in size and depth. I am very depressed at times because I dont know what to do. The med spa lady that performed the follow up said the laser is not capable of causing fat loss but I am less than convinced. I had acne scars but the skin around the scars was decent. Now, I think my skin looks like an old person and I am only age 32. My wife tells me I look fine but I dont believe her....she must think I am crazy. I think I am crazy. I obsess all day, looking in the mirror....researching the internet....trying to develop my plan of action. I seriously am having trouble being an effective person.

How can there be any repercussions for these laser providers? After touting all the amazing benefits, they require you to sign a paper that basically releases them of any responsibilities. There is no way they will admit fat loss could be associated. This means too much to the bottom line. I personally believe there are many more like myself out there. We just feel there is no recourse without further neglecting our lives to battle them. We take it as a lump and try to cope.

I am in the process of visiting many different doctors for options. It appears the only fat replacement option is fillers. One PS said fractionated CO2 would tighten it up and help reduce scars. Being desperate, I want to believe him. How much more money will I spend to heal or is the lesson, how much more am I willing to spend on self destruction? I just want to find a doctor unbiased and candid. [-o<
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Re: IPL and Fraxel Do Cause damage

Postby mblake » Sat Jul 31, 2010 5:39 am

It's just my opinion but I really feel if u continue with the lasers or c02 you will just be chasing your tail and causing more damage.. Trust me from somebody who has been thru it. You can't keep heating up your face. Let it rest

I started in 04 with the cool touch for some fine wrinkles
noticed some hyper pigment spots on my cheek and eye area.
went for the fraxel treatment 3 times on 2 occasions...
noticed massive hyperpigment in those areas

after it wore off i had loose skin, wrinkles returned and hyperpigment

went for thermage to tighten then another set of fraxel full face to bring out the pigment everywhere - that part worked except for the top of forehead

when the thermage wore off and the fraxel wore off again my skin was awful and my whole face changed cuz of the fat loss

Now.. 2.5 years later after eating right - veggies TONS , dermarolling, facial exercising, good skin products, msm , collagen, silica supplements,
i'm finally making progress skin is firming back up.

It takes a while but you will heal. Give it time and get on a healthy regiment

go thru the DIY board on essentialdayspa.com it's loaded with info. I've tried to take the best of every natural approach

I wish you luck.. I know the lasers are tempting cuz u remember how good you looked - I struggle with that too..
But it's so temporary, your face will just crash again.. maybe even make yourself worse.

And you should really wait on any plastic surgery or fat grafting. Your face has just crashed don't interfere yet - this is the worst it will look. Let it heal.
You are still young. Give it at least another few years before you even think about plastic surgery
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Re: IPL and Fraxel Do Cause damage

Postby zac1804 » Wed Aug 11, 2010 2:20 pm

I am having IPL for my skin and its going really well .. with professer conal perret in slone street in london. I have had one session but he lectures about this stuff all the time and hes a pretty prestigious dermatologist here! My skin looks much better already but reading this is a bit worrying :?:
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Re: IPL and Fraxel Do Cause damage

Postby margo_qu » Fri Aug 20, 2010 8:23 pm

I wish I would know more about lasers before my procedure. Here is my story. I have rosacea. It's mild, but it always bothered me. So, I went to a Manhattan dermatologist and he suggested IPL treatment. Thanks God, I did the test procedure on the part of my chick first (also it cost me $150). Right after the procedure my check got swollen and turned black. For 2 months!!! I had this ugly burn. Should I know about it before the procedure I wouldn't do it. The dermatologist told me: "It will work only if it burns ur skin, the light frequency are not helpful with rosacea". What a bull! The spot he treated now after almost a year (I did it in November of 2009) looks pigmented, the pores are huge and rosacea is stronger there.

So, now I am removing hair using laser procedure and the salon has promotion for Laser Genesis and photofacial, they said it's a solution for my skin. So I was looking for information on laser treatments when I found this thread. Thank you for bringing this to people's attention. After googling 'IPL and laser damage" I doubt I will ever use laser for skin rejuvenation again.
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Re: IPL and Fraxel Do Cause damage

Postby zac1804 » Sat Aug 21, 2010 6:11 am

well I have had it twice with my dermatologist and its going okay :(! its worrying reading about these but fingers crossed touch wood i wont have anything like that but i think im only gonna have two more treatments, he also does law suits for people who have had damage like yours and lectures about the harm of lasers if they arnt used properly or the wrong types etc!! [-o<
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Re: IPL and Fraxel Do Cause damage

Postby sheila52 » Wed Sep 28, 2011 2:53 pm

Cardar, you posted this two months before I was burned and permanently disfigured by a board certified dermatologist using an FDA-approved Palomar fractional laser. I wish I had seen this because I know I'm intelligent enough to have heeded your warning. Too bad I didn't find this until it was too late for me. I'll never be the same. My face was disfigured and my thyroid was damaged and my whole body looks old now. I was pretty, healthy and happy before all of this. Now I just work on accepting what has happened to me.
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Re: IPL and Fraxel Do Cause damage

Postby pawnee » Mon Oct 31, 2011 6:43 pm

april 2010 i tryed fraxel on my neck, was so amasing i almost cryed but within a few months i felt an unconfertable tightninig or looseining then notised now i have loose skin hanging like a turkey kneck. never again. a month ago i tryed cooltouch on face and neck then in a week noticed the feeling of moisture loss and plumpness started to notice expression lines on checks and my face is much less firmer, when i smile i have deep expression lines on my cheack-never before have i ever. there is a great loss of everything but my ipl treatments have brought my collogen back to life and with good skin care. But i do believe this will be my last and go back to old school chemical peels and facelift when get elatisity back. after cooltouch noticed damage the very next day. I thought these lasers were too good to be true and wondered how long they really did last , not long and created damage and disimprovement once wore off. But i do think ipl helps collagen restain itself enough to pull out of it. But only one more time to get back what cooltouch took away then peels only i 45 now i look 45 know more complements ...: (
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Re: IPL and Fraxel Do Cause damage

Postby Hopeful41 » Sun Nov 06, 2011 10:50 am

Hi all,

I had a IPL mishap a while back (two years ago) Spot treatments on my face, an area I didn't even want treated but gave in when nurse suggested it would "clean up" tiny spider veins on my face.

Settings were too high and as a result, I had horrible burning, redness and inflammation.

Happy to say, I am all healed now! :D Good diet, good skin care, supplements and just the passing of time, helped immensely.

I have gone back to have some red spots on my neck and chest cleared up with IPL but went back to a different place. It does great job of getting rid of the stubborn red spots but after my experience, I am still too chicken to have my whole neck and chest treated.

I have done a lot of research into light based skin rejuvenation and came across LED red light therapy. I know results aren't immediate but it is the most non-invasive light based therapy out there. The others pretty much shock your skin (intense thermal heat, injury) into producing a flurry of collagen production to rebuild the skin. Results are subject to so many variables...the technician operating the machine, skin type, etc. It is so hard to predict the outcome. Some have a great outcome, some no improvements at all and in the worst case scenario, skin damage (scarring, etc) as is seen in the patients on this forum.

I am going to take the safe route. I am already utilizing topicals (Retin A micro alternating with AHA's) Will be slowly adding copper peptides to the mix. I am hoping LED with enhance my results. I have an appointment to go to a facility that offers that service. Also, looking into purchasing a good quality, LED device for home use. I have a lot of damage to correct, seeing some progress but looking forward to more.

Any opinions out there about LED? Any experiences with it? Thanks!

P.S. I have also heard LED is great for those recovering from the more invasive procedures (Fraxel, IPL, peels, etc) Wondering if anyone has used it for that purpose.
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