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How many times can you do Lasik?

How many times can you do Lasik?

Postby Ricechex » Fri Feb 20, 2009 2:05 am

Hello Dr. Feldman,
I had Lasik done just over 2 years ago, one eye adjusted for far sight and the other for near. The distance eye needed a retouch about 3 months later. Now, that same eye is going bad again. I tried to go back to the same doc, but he was going to charge me another $100 for a re-consultation. My vision is at 20/40, so I can pass the driving test, but I have a hard time seeing very clearly when doing presentations. Is it safe to do lasik a 3rd time on the same eye?
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Postby epiphanyalive » Mon Mar 09, 2009 11:54 am

I have to share with you some information I have found on Lasik

Wangvisioninstitute.com Visit there website!!!

They have Lifetime enhancement program! That means You pay once for lasik and for any new technologies they come out with!
They were the first in the state of Tn to introduce Bladeless, and did you know that 90% of places still use blade?!!!!

Its not very common (when done correct)
for a person to need so many enhancements so soon in between!!!!
It happens but not common, you see most common yrs between the need for enhancements!!! I do know that you should have somekind of period where you dont have to pay, but then you just come back after for your yearly exam. Thats how it is at Wangvision, I know for sure from my own experience!!! My friends and family have had Lasik done also there!!!!

They are on the forefront of reasearch for Lasik gone bad, he is alwasy in the local media and around the world.
He has edited in Major texted books on a few things.
If something new comes out , there office claims to be one of if not the first to get there hands on it!!
I dont know about you or anyone else but I will enjoy that Lifetime Program, because that means, if something is always coming out thats better, I can have great eye site for rest of my life!!!!! Hope that helps
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Postby It'sJustMe2008 » Tue Apr 21, 2009 6:32 am

The material from my lasik clinic says that they rarely do more than 2 on any one eye.
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