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Advice greatly appreciated

Dr. Hochstein answers your questions on breast augmentation, and all other breast surgeries including breast lifts, and breast reduction. Dr. Hochstein also specializes in tummy tucks.

Advice greatly appreciated

Postby ellcie » Fri Apr 17, 2009 8:38 am

1.5 yrs ago I had lipo to upper/lower abs and flanks during my mini tummy tuck with MR. 600 cc's was lipo'ed and I am not sure which type was used. It left my upper abdomen ....difficult to describe....not smooth whereas it previously was.....it's pitted/like cellulous. Right now this is only really noticable if I suck in and/or pull my skin down and tight. I look smoother NOT sucking in.

DILEMA !!!! :::: I am scheduled for a full tummy tuck Apr 27th since my PS feels we could much improve my contour. (I have a ledge over my incision amoung other things) Does it mean that because the pitting is more pronounced when I suck in/pull the skin tight (as I am doing just looking in the mirror visuallizing how I will look after my FTT)....... that the tummy tuck will behave in the same manner and make the pitting much more visible?Would it make the pitted area/s less or more noticeable? I don't know if during the course of the TT (lifting skin/fat layer to tighten the muscles) the pitting that is there now might smooth out? Scar tissue be free'ed? I am thinking that lipo might help smooth it out but I am now afraid of lipo since that is what cause the un-smooth skin to begin with.

I am seeing my PS before the procedure and I am thinking that I might back out. I do not want to trade a better contour for a cottage cheese look.
Also.....will some girls alway have a ledge in the end and it is unavoidable?
(due to the difference in skin thickness in the 2 being sutured together?)
Much thx :D
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Postby Dr.Hochstein » Fri Apr 17, 2009 7:32 pm

Your pitting is due to scar tissue from your previous liposuction. Another liposuction will not help but potentially make it worse. The full abdominoplasty procedure should correct this as long as all of the scar tissue is removed. There should be no ridge present after.

Dr. Hochstein
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