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Petite Woman: Size Limitations

Dr. Hochstein answers your questions on breast augmentation, and all other breast surgeries including breast lifts, and breast reduction. Dr. Hochstein also specializes in tummy tucks.

Petite Woman: Size Limitations

Postby sweetpetite » Thu Apr 02, 2009 10:08 am

Hi, Dr. Hochstein--

I'm going to re-post the question I posted in the "Ask an Expert" section but specifically address it to *you* because you are one of the few surgeons I am considering for my future first-time BA (I already had a consult with another Miami surgeon) and from what I've seen and read, I like your approach. Sorry this will be pretty long, as I have several inter-connected questions:

I'm planning for my first-ever BA, and I already know I want silicone unders. In a nutshell, I want to know how big & wide I can go without risking any number of undesireable effects such as rippling, "torpedo boob" or a too-taut look... and based on me being a petite woman. First, my stats: I'm 33, just over 5'0" tall, about 103 pounds, my rib cage is about 28 - 29" (not sure yet about BWD), and I have some breast tissue with cups in the larger "A" range (I can wear 32B bras or 34A bras, filling either but not spilling out at all). My skin thickness I would say is about average, maybe slightly thin, my chest is not bony. My body type is thin but not "skinny", a wee bit "pear", curvy with a small waist and rounded hips and a bit narrower overall up top. I'm fairly small-boned.

I'd like to have some "side boob", as I feel this will visually balance me from a front view and give me that perfect "hourglass" look. This is much more important to me than forward projection, and I loathe the "torpedo boob" look that I fear from HP implants. I already have a fairly nice cleavage line, even with my small breasts. I also know I can "create" cleavage by squeezing boobs together and/or wearing push-up bras, so cleavage isn't a top concern. But my boobs naturally have a slight "pyramid" shape in that I don't have too much out on the sides. I have most of my breast tissue at the bottom of my breast, and a decent natural slope up top, and the nice cleavage line, but the outsides are where I'd especially like the impression of more fullness. My concern, though, is that precisely because I have less breast tissue there, I'd have an increased chance of visible rippling there if the implant extends too far out there.

Aesthetically, I like the look of soft, round, relatively low-hanging breasts with the majority of the fullness at the bottom and sides. Basically what I want to achieve overall is the look of Salma Hayek (before her even larger pregnancy boobs), who isn't hardly any taller than me and has a similar body (except with boobs)! I looked up her bra size on some website and it has her as a C-Cup, which to me makes sense because on her smaller frame my thinking is her C cup "reads" more like a "D" cup would on a taller/wider woman. My guess is she is probably a "full" C... Anyway, I had a consult with a PS recently and I showed him several pics of Salma and several different women whose breasts I admired, and he said that size would look ridiculous on me. I am not sure if he was responding to me saying "small D", or if he didn't have the greatest concept of "cup" sizes, or if he wasn't getting that the ACTUAL cup size wasn't important to me, just that PROPORTIONALLY I want to LOOK like the "average" woman would with small D-cups, even if that means on my smaller frame a medium-to-full C would accomplish the same effect.

I couldn't understand why the busty look would work for Salma Hayek and not for me when we are actually quite similar in size and shape. So it made me wonder if there are other reasons a PS may be reluctant to go big besides just the aesthetics of volume alone. For example, I'm wondering if there are increased risks of visible/palpable rippling, capsular contracture, uniboob, bottoming out, etc. and if THESE are more the concerns than just "looking top-heavy" (which I sorta wouldn't mind, lol). If so, I certainly wouldn't want to push it and risk those unsightly effects, because my #1 priority is that they hang smoothly and naturally. But if I can get more size without a greater risk of those other effects, I'd like to be more 'top-heavy"!

So to try and encapsulate my questions better, I'd appreciate if you could help answer the following:
-My BWD: do you measure all the way in to the actual mid-point of your chest or only as far in as where the inner ridge of your boob tapers off? -staying within the BWD: if I want a bit more side-boob, is it out of the question to go with an implant that is as wide as or even slightly wider than the BWD? (Or would a decent-sized implant fill out the breast enough on its own to create volume on the outsides?)
-Side-boob and my particular body: since I have relatively less breast tissue there, if my implants (and/or pockets) extend into that area, do I risk visible rippling there?
-HP or Mod-plus: I hate the "torpedo" look and I associate it with pictures I've seen of HP's. However, all this is presumably on a more "average"-sized, larger girl. Would I be able to get the WIDTH I want, on MY frame, going with HP's? Would I be able to get the VOLUME I want going with Mod-plus? Do I even have the option to choose?
-cc's, a general sense: Based on the stats I gave above and what my goals are, can you give me an approximate range of how many cc's I should ---or could--- get (bearing in mind I'm going under the muscle)?

Thanks so much for any help you can give!!!
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Postby Dr.Hochstein » Thu Apr 02, 2009 6:12 pm

Breast augmentation is more an art than a science. It would be impossible to begin answering any of our questions without a real consultation. If I were you I would spend less time measuring things and more time interviewing a surgeon who understands your goals and has many pictures to demonstrate work which you like.

Dr. Hochstein
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