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Seroma reoccurance question

Dr. Hochstein answers your questions on breast augmentation, and all other breast surgeries including breast lifts, and breast reduction. Dr. Hochstein also specializes in tummy tucks.

Seroma reoccurance question

Postby steveandcour » Mon Jan 26, 2009 2:14 pm

Hello Dr.

I have a question regarding seroma drainage. I had my FTT/Flank Lipo on Jan 5th so I am 3 weeks postop. I had a lower abd seroma that was partially drained in th ER and sent for culture and that came back negative despite still having a low grade fever for two weeks, then I had another ultrasound four days later and the seroma was slightly bigger and I had it drained by my surgeon for 160mls and I have no other signs of infection anywhere else (ie would, urine etc etc) I have been taking Moxifloicillan for 8 days now. Now four days later since the 2nd drainage my seroma is back and will be drained again. So my question is how many time does a seroma need to be drained and how many mls do you not bother draining and let then body absorb it? ....and is it just my body reacting to the foriegn fluid there that is causing a slight fever? I am told to stay in these antibitocs for another 7 days. ANy insight would be much apprieciated.
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Postby Dr.Hochstein » Tue Jan 27, 2009 3:18 pm

I drain seromas even if they are 10ml and I see patients with seromas twice a week. If they are not aggressively treated they can cause permanent scarring. Your other questions are too specific to answer without a physical exam.

Dr. Hochstein
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