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mentalis strain surgery

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mentalis strain surgery

Postby guygadboise » Mon Oct 10, 2011 8:24 pm

good evening doctors...i underwent a genioplastic procedure on my chin some 26 years ago now...the result was a mentalis muscle which was placed improperly causing a 4 mm gap between my lips at rest..i have found a very well received physician in boston who has performed appr 2 dozen repositioning of the mentalis muscle surgeries with about 90 percent improvement in most...i have had a consult and had many questions answered but i still worry about the outcome..also, my chin was repositioned off center by about 3 mm when originally operated on...my boston physician is of the opinion that to re-do the genio after 26 years might cause more harm than good so he has decided to cameo the deformity with subtle implants along the sides of the chin....what are your thoughts on all of this?..vin
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Re: mentalis strain surgery

Postby jak999 » Sun Dec 30, 2012 5:26 pm

hi vin;

I have a similar problem to you only worse.

I unlike you, went to a bad maxfax that redid my genioplasty after it was done 18 years earlier.

my chin looks horrible now. and i need a mentalis resuspension. only i am not convinced it will work. I consulted with a few specialists, one in boston, one in new york and one in california.

Can you share who you talked to? I talked to yaeremchuk, zide and kawamoto. all 3 are known as the tops in the field.

kawamoto unfortunately is retireing and in my opinion i think hes the best of the best.

what have u done since u posted?
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