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Anyone Had Zeltiq/Coolsculpting?

Talk about all types of liposuction procedures, as well as alternative body shaping treatments, including Smartlipo, Vaser, Titan, CoolLipo, Mesotherapy, Lipodissolve, Velasmooth, and more.

Anyone Had Zeltiq/Coolsculpting?

Postby jacolync » Thu Sep 30, 2010 3:11 pm

Anyone Had Zeltiq/Coolsculpting?
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Re: Anyone Had Zeltiq/Coolsculpting?

Postby FLJEN » Sun Oct 03, 2010 6:58 am

YES!! I had Zeltiq in April and I see no difference at all. I had it done to my abs by Dr. Pozner who is here on these boards. My friend said her friends had it done by him and it worked for them, so I went for it and nothing. Oh well, too good to be true I guess. I am going in for a mini tt in January to finally get a flat belly. :lol:

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Re: Anyone Had Zeltiq/Coolsculpting?

Postby sj91658 » Fri Nov 12, 2010 12:05 pm

I had coolsculpting with Dr. Byrd in Atlanta (Roswell) GA and found it to be very effective. I work out a lot but never seemed to be able to get my love handles (? flank) to go down. I would do it again.
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Re: Anyone Had Zeltiq/Coolsculpting?

Postby Dreamer44 » Mon Mar 25, 2013 1:15 am

  EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED WITH MY COOLSCULPTING EXPERIENCE !!! DID NOT WORK & left me with physical pain & an empty bank account !!!!  First and foremost were you aware that if you're unhappy with the results & your clinic won't help, then you can file an official complaint with Zeltique ( the makers of the coolsculpting machine ) @ Www.coolsculpting.com. Your clinic will then be required to deal with your complaint regardless of their opinion. If Zeltique's investigation proves there were no results and your clinic still refuses to acknowledge your disappointment, then you can report them to the " Better Business Bureau" in Canada or the U.S
My first bit of advice to all of you out there is to do as much research on this topic as possible, there are literally thousands of posts out there with tons of unsatisfied clients. People like myself that ignored the info i read because i was so "desperate" to finally do something about the stubborn belly fat. My interest in this all began after my friend had a tummy tuck- paid $10G and was back to work soon after.  Can't tell you how amazing her tight flat tummy immediately looked with minimal scaring, her ab muscles were even showing for the first time in her life !!! I wanted what she had but with less pain, less cost and less invasiveness. What i recieved instead was a great amount of pain during my 3procedures lasting 6 weeks afterwards ,including no results & a loss of almost 2 thousand dollars.  I'm a petite girl with a small tummy roll, so the technician ( not a Doctor or nurse i might ad in my situation - a coolsculpting " technician" only needs a training course offered by zeltique ) She decided that i was quite tiny & only required the smaller device which cost $750 plus tax instead of the large device (which the majority of patients use ) at a whopping cost of $ 2500 !!!!! My total loss was $1700.00  but obviously could've been much worse. The clinic eventually offered another treatment with the large device at no charge, so that totalled 3treatments in the same area with no results. The other VERY IMPORTANT thing to ad is" DO NOT GO ON A DIET SUDDENLY & LOSE WEIGHT" or it will give your treatment a FALSE positive result without a doubt. I read so many posts out there where people stated how happy they were with their results and looked so much better after losing 20-30-40 pounds on their diets during treatments. You can easily "naturally" melt fat off your body if you lost that kind of weight !!!! If your going to go ahead with the treatment anyway, then at least try the procedure without losing a pound first ( hold off your diet plan until the approximate three months waiting period is up-then you'll know for sure if it was effective - the clinics LOVE dieters - of course you'll see results-anyone would !!! ) I stayed the exact same weight throughout with absolutely no changes,  but my third photosession was horrifying for some reason, the pics looked worse than before i started and the technician had the gall to ask if i had gained weight or was pushing my stomach out !!! Could'nt believe she accused me of such a thing & it was mortifying to say the least. She requested that i return at another time to retake photos, so i waited a month, made sure there was no chance of bloating- even avoided any salt for a week and didnt eat much. The day of retakes i had accidentally lost 8 pounds and was extremely upset because i know for a fact that 8 pounds on my small frame is a huge weight loss. The photos were still very disappointing & looked almost identical to the original. The technician told me at that point that i was among a few in their clinic that showed no results  ( FYI the Dr. Later denied this statement for some reason).  I'm positive my clinic would've left it at that had i not made an official complaint to Zeltique. The Dr. Asked to see me afterwards ( only because she was "forced" to ) and stated she also agreed with me regarding the fact that i had no results but she was going to wait until Zeltique made their decision before proceeding. It's been a year since my first procedure & it took 2 final months to have this matter dealt with, but finally Zeltique phoned me today and said according to their opinion- they found subtle results from the photos. So my Dr. Said there was nothing more she could do for me at that point- case closed. My Dr. " owns" the clinic, I can assure you there was alot more she could've done if she truly cared, considering I had been a valuable ( profitable ) client there for many years and literally spent thousands & thousands of dollars. Will never return to Bella Sante Saskatoon again & will do everything possible to make sure people understand the risks involved in this " questionable " procedure. 
Coolsculpting has been around for many years now but why do you think only 3 clinics in all of Saskatchewan ( 1 here in Saskatoon ) offer this treatment and only a handful ( 8 since last checking) in all of Canada ?????  This is one of the many comments from other clinics out there & the info basically states the " truth" about these machines.  http://www.dermahealthinstitute.com/about-us/derma-health-institute-news/item/2144-why-we-decided-not-to-offer-coolsculpting-at-derma-health
There has been " documented evidence" by Dr.s stating that coolsculpting (otherwise known as Cryolipolysis ) has caused "damage" to the area & the patient was actually worse off after treatment ( will post the link when i find it again )
Coolsculpting will NOT tighten the skin, if it was dimply & saggy before, it will NOT CHANGE after treatment. As for each clinics before & after photo advertisements, they of course show their best 1or 2  effective patient pics who may have spent upwards and over $10,000 getting their tummy areas, love handles, thighs ect done but the ad certainly won't reveal the immense cost involved. Challenge your clinic & ask them to show you all of their patients results ( photos are done from the neck down for confidentiality so there's no reason why they cant share them ) and ask what each person spent to achieve those results. It took my technician about 15min to come up with 2 photos ( that should've been my first clue that something was amiss ). When they ask you to sign the " waiver form" before treatment, read it carefully and take it seriously, I experienced almost every symptom the form warned about and could i really be that rare patient who these things just unfortunately happen to ???? "No way",  in my opinion, the technician totally sugarcoated the procedure,  when the device was applied to my belly, I slightly panicked and almost vomited !!! It was so intense and so tight that i could only take tiny short shallow breaths for the entire excruciating 60 minutes because it had most of my belly sucked into it's massively powerful vortex vacuum. My pain threshold is high & I do not exaggerate, this experience was beyond painful !!!!  ( Third treatment was slightly less painful than the first two ).
Be forthright and ask your technician or Dr. What their clinic protocol is, if the procedure doesn't work or your not satisfied...... wonder what their answer would be ? And if your already the " poor sucker" like myself who believed in this far fetched dream & didn't receive results, then PLEASE inform ZELTIQUE !!! Do you trust your clinic to officially provide that info to them ? I certainly would'nt !  These clinics have a huge bill to pay off ( average Zeltique machine costs between $80- $100 thousand dollars ) so they have a deep invested interest in convincing you to have the treatment and or multiple treatments while avoiding all negative publicity ) Zeltique , by law, must document & follow up on all complaints & individual cases. Not sure when & where the public will ever get to hear those complaints though.
So here is what i know at this point- my girlfriend spent $10 thousand dollars and received the most amazing tummy tuck i've ever seen. The results were immediate and her scares are hardly noticeable now, in a bikini one can't notice a thing ( she honestly experienced less pain than myself according to our comparison stories). My other girlfriend ( who patiently waited to see my results ) decided against coolscuplting and instead recently spent $3000 on liposuction. Her tummy area looks great & she's totally satisfied. She as well experienced less pain than i did and has a teeny almost invisible dot sized scare from the procedure. I lost almost $2000.00- have no results after waiting one full YEAR & went through 18 weeks of pain for absolutely nothing.
If your wondering why i havent posted before/after photos of myself, it's because the clinic refused to send them to me via email. I will try to eventually post my future 20 pound weight loss ( from 120 down to 100 pounds- height 5"3 ) so you can clearly see what a huge difference weight loss has on the body& belly area ) once i'm at that point which i've been many times, my belly fat completely disappears. Just have to figure out how to stay at that weight "consistantly",  then i'll have saved myself thousands of $$ the natural way. 
P.S. I realize there are some people out there who have achieved legitimate results and i just wanted to say congratulations, i'm happy that you didn't waste your money. This account is " my own personal experience" and i'm thankful for the opportunity to help and warn others about the many possible side effects & complications of coolsculpting.
Also wanted to mention that i'm a very positive person & never complain about much of anything. Life is awesome & i'll soon get over this - even just writing it out & sharing my story has helped. I wish all of you the best regardless of what decision you make. 
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Re: Anyone Had Zeltiq/Coolsculpting?

Postby Arkayzie » Fri Jul 22, 2016 12:41 pm

I hope you didn't waste your money on coolsculpting. I had it on my stomach last summer, and it caused the area to look even worse. It did not take any inches off, but caused the fat to be saggy and created a horizontal crease across the belly button. There are now two fat rolls, one above the crease and one below. I wish I had saved my money.
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Re: Anyone Had Zeltiq/Coolsculpting?

Postby dkulkarni » Mon Feb 12, 2018 7:12 am

Coolsculpting Failed!

I had 4 coolsculpting treatments done to reduce my flanks and stomach and after 5 months there are neither visible results nor do I feel I am any better off. Yes I do have a dent in my bank account. The spa that did these treatments has a doctor affiliated with it, however, he never saw me to determine if I was a candidate for this treatment. I am 5'10", a runner for 20 years and fall in the low end of my weight range.

The provider does not dispute the before and after photos, however, they are pushing me to take another set of treatments claiming Zetiq recommends at least 2 treatments costing $$$$ before I can see any results.

I have consulted a plastic surgeon in New York city who recommends no further treatments unless the spa together with Zetiq determine why the first set of treatments have not worked in any of the 4 areas. So even though the consult costed me, I got sage advice. When I passed it on to my provider, they wrote back to me that the surgeon was wrong and Zetiq is right. They bear no responsibility for the failure. I asked them whether as professional courtesy between surgeons in the same profession their surgeon could call the other, they declined, reiterating their surgeon who has never seen me or talked to me recommends a second treatment.

Does anyone know how long it takes Zeltiq to respond to a complaint? I filed one only 3 days ago. There are other forums on the net where a considerable number of people talk about Coolsculpting having failed for them, even after 2 treatments. They clearly feel they have been taken for a toss by their provider, and in retrospect should have done a liposuction. I feel the same way. I would have been better off if a surgeon had seen me and told me, "I can do coolsculpting but in your case the results may not be good." Or this might be a risk. In which case I would have made an informed decision.

Not thrilled to admit I fell for the hype, but I am determined not to make the same mistake twice!

D. Kulkarni
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