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CAUTION! Very Bad lipo results

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CAUTION! Very Bad lipo results

Postby kalf » Thu May 10, 2012 12:23 pm

I consulted with Dr XXX for ab/flank lipo and he recommended a little inner/outer thigh since I would be under anesthesia. He said I would regret it if not and it would "smooth out my silhouette". I regret it all right. Regret the day I met him. My ab and flank lipo was fine, but he lipo'd under the buttocks where I had not consented to. I had a very firm butt, no cellulite and did not have any creases under my butt. He gave my deep creases that extended to my outer thighs which looked horrible and very un-natural. I expressed my concerns and he blew it off, stating my age caused the butt to drop. Well, I guess I aged 20 years overnight because I now have an "old lady" butt. In addition to the unslightly creases, he created bulges under my butt because the butt was now sitting on my thighs in addition to creating wrinkles on the backs of the thighs. He said to wait and he would do a revision to "feather out" the creases if necessary. A year later, he did a revision in this office under local numbing which was very painful. This revision made the situation worse resulting in a double gluteal crease under my left cheek and a strange looking fold under my right cheek. Of course, he said to wait and see the eventual result. Six months later he did a fat transfer (again under local) which did nothing to correct the problem. Again, he said to wait and see. Eight months later, another fat transfer which did nothing.

I have seen 4 other physicians who said he was way too aggressive with the lipo and inner/outer thigh lipo should not occur under the butt cheek. Once a double gluteal crease occurs, it is near impossible to repair without significant scarring (an incision is normally required across the back of the thigh to remove the xs skin and fold the remaining tissue under to add volume) and lipo under the buttocks is considered the "Bermuda Triangle" of lipo....you just don't go there. Every competent surgeon also knows it is a mistake to try and create a crease under the butt cheek.

Two and 1/2 years later, I have gone through 3 revisions with him and have been left with a constant painful burning sensation, pain when I sit, and a hideous backside. Dr. XXX spent about 20 minutes on each fat transfer which is probably why the transfers did not take. Fat transfers must be done using the Droplet method.
I have consulted with 2 surgeons who estimated 3 hours in surgery for the repair. Dr. XXX wanted to do another fat transfer in June and said it would take about 30 minutes. No thanks.

This nightmare has caused me to maintain an unhealthy lifestyle for the last 2 years, since his lipo left me with not enough fat to transfer. I have had to gain an additional 10-15 lbs on to generate enough fat for the surgery I have scheduled in July. The repairs are estimated to be $20,000 for the first repair and $5,000 for any additional transfers.

I hope my experience will prevent others from making this same mistake. When we consult with a plastic surgeon it is because we are self conscience about an area. Do not let them prey on your weakness by recommending additional surgeries based on their greed. Think twice about having lipo only as a last result and I would never recommend inner/outer thigh lipo. You can see the before and after photos here:http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bad-Plastic-Surgery/234159406689406
If you are a facebook user and have had bad lipo results, please join and post your photos.
Edit: AnnieBeansprout. Using doctor name negative review.
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Bad lipo results

Postby windydawn53 » Tue May 15, 2012 3:19 pm

Thank you for telling about your experience. I'm sorry this has happened to you. I hope you at least get some of it revised to your satisfaction. Tooo bad it's going to cost so much. I will take heed of your warnings about lipo under the butt crease etc. I'm getting a breast lift June 8th and hope to get a TT next year, and an inner thigh lift the following year, Paying as I save the money for each. I'm very wary of getting any kind of lipo and if I did I would NOT allow it to be agressive, but very conservative, in small areas. For a TT I think I will just lose the 15 pounds I put on this past year,and work out extra hard,which made me have a nice silhouette when I was 15 pounds slimmer. Then get an extended TT so I won't have any side muffin etc. Possibly the slight saddle bags I have,I might get mild lipo, but my PS, who is very conservative, suggested trying the Brazil Butt lift exercises first for the butt and saddle bags. Which I am. Someone else posted that they had the banana roll lipo'ed under their butt cheek, and their butt fell. Maybe the banana roll serves a purpose? As a ledge that holds it up? I have very slender legs ( when you get past the inner thighs), with a slight banana roll under each but cheek, which doesn't bother me. What bothers me is the blob of jiggly puff of fat on each inner thigh. I had it even when I got down to 115 pounds. I'm thinking I will at least need that lipo'ed out before the thigh lift. None of the my sisters nor my mom has cellulite, and I would hate to end up with it after lipo. So, I would be extremely conservative with it.
I tried to go to the link you have for Facebook, but it's unable to take me there.
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bad lipo results

Postby kalf » Wed May 16, 2012 9:36 am

I haven't had the revision yet. Worried about spending $25k on fat transfer and not having it take. Dr. XXX did 2 fat transfers but only spent 20 minutes on them....none of the fat took, so hopefully it was due to his incompetence. I'm still contemplating a "fusiform" incision to remove the affected area and lift the thigh back up and remove the double gluteal fold. This will leave scars though, but has to feel better than having the butt sitt on your thigh, trapping your clothes.
To view the pictures, you must log onto Facebook.

I have photos posted on Make Me Heal also in an album titled Edit: AnnieBeansprout. Please PM half for picture link/info.

I didn't request aggressive lipo either Wendy. Like I said, I went in for ab/flank and he recommended a litter inner/outer thigh. I thought it would be just that...a little inner and outer thigh lipo. I had no idea nor did I consent to him performing lipo under the butt, trying to give me a gluteal crease. I didn't have large "saddle bags" or cellulite prior to the lipo and didn't have a "banana" roll. After the lipo, I had a visible banana roll. His revisions to get rid of the banana roll caused a double gluteal fold.

I wish I had never had any lipo whatsoever. Exercise and diet is the best remedy and if you are only 10-15 lbs overweight like I was, avoid lipo. Supposedly there are non-invasive laser techniques available. You may want to check these out too. Best of luck to you!
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bad lipo results

Postby cadr » Wed May 16, 2012 8:50 pm

Hi K - I looked at your photos - your ps did mess you up. PS#1 did lipo and breast augmentation. My ps#2 did a pocket revision (breast) on me and I asked him to lipo a little more from side of butt because I just felt heavy there. Well - he gave me gluteal hollows. NOT what I wanted. I woke up from the surgery and thought oh my god, I have dents. But was hoping they would even out. I had ps#2 do a bleph a year later so that he would harvest fat and try injections into the hollows. He tried 3 times but it never lasted. 2 years after that I heard about vaser hi def lipo - and ps #3 was able to fill the hollows. It has been almost 2 years and the fat has stayed. This was done in Arizona. Private message me if you'd like more details.
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Re: CAUTION! Very Bad lipo results from Dr. Tom Lintner

Postby kalf » Fri Jun 01, 2012 1:41 pm

Has anyone ever heard of Macrolane as a permanent filler? Does it work?
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Re: CAUTION! Very Bad lipo results from Dr. Tom Lintner

Postby kalf » Wed Jun 27, 2012 11:21 am

Scheduled for fat grafting with Dr. Sydney Coleman in NYC in July. Will post photos soon. Praying for a positive improvement with the double gluteal folds.
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Re: CAUTION! Very Bad lipo results

Postby AnnieBeansprout » Wed Jun 27, 2012 7:12 pm

Hi kalf,

I am so sorry for what you have gone through. I wish you the best with your FG coming up. Please let us know how it goes.

I had to edit out your titles as well as the name of your previous doctor through the posts. It is against MMH posting terms of use to use a doctor's name negatively. I understand the frustration as of course you want to warn people. Due to liability risks, this is a rule we do have to stand by.

Of course anybody can PM you and you can relay information that way.

I completely understand how you feel regarding your botched lipo. I am the person WindyDawn spoke of above who had the banana roll lipoed and he went too far to the side and I have a "side crease" that looks very unnatural. I just hate it and it even shows through jeans if they are at all snug. I wish you the best with your FG!
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Re: CAUTION! Very Bad lipo results

Postby kalf » Wed Aug 01, 2012 6:21 pm

Why did MakeMeHeal make my photos private? It is very important that people looking to have lipo understand the risks and deformities that can result. My PS recommended a "little inner and outer thigh lipo". Had I been aware that my PS would lipo UNDER the buttocks, I would have never consented. The unnecessary lipo left me with sagging buttocks and double gluteal folds due to xs lipo. Granted, my results were horrible due to his overly aggressive approach, but the subscribers need to be aware of what can happen when there is poor consent and realize that inner/outer thigh lipo should not occur under the buttocks. If I want my photos to be public, then I should have that option. The forum should continue to support the subscribers, not the physicians.

I had extensive fat transfer last week and spent $25,000. I will post photos of the healing stages. Hopefully, Makemeheal will publish these photos.
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Re: CAUTION! Very Bad lipo results

Postby kalf » Mon Aug 06, 2012 10:48 am

I had fat transfer to correct the lipo deformities on Wed, July 25th. The cost of the fat transfers was $22,500, plus the expense of flying to NY and 1 week hotel stay. Two weeks out and so far, so good. The double gluteal folds are gone and my butt feels like it has been lifted off the backs of my thighs. The last 6 pictures are AFTER the fat transfers.

http://www.makemeheal.com/pictures/lipo ... ers-a14075
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Re: CAUTION! Very Bad lipo results

Postby Toni-C » Mon Aug 06, 2012 6:44 pm

I understand what you are going through my friend. I had a botch lipo job w/Dr. B. from Miami, FL. Of course I did my homework & he has 10 on this site that Dr. B. is the best. I'm sure his staff writes those comments bc he's a hacker & he wouldn't give me my money. If you sue…you may win the war but loose the battle.
I returned to Dr. David Stoker in May 2012(he did my BR, upper eyes & side-lipo) Should have left well enough alone but didn't.

Dr. Stoker did a beautiful job-inner/outer thighs, side-lipo plus fat transfer on my right front thigh.
Word of Caution: If you use a PS & he has to do a revision bc he forgot to do lipo on your right thigh….this is a sign from the Divine to run !!!

I had to fly from Florida to California for this revision but worth it. BTW did I mention now I need a tummy tuck. I will also need to do another fat graft. I have had 1 child-gained 19 lbs when I was pregnant, no stretch marks or surgery. My stomach was fine…just a little fat & having the BR it was pronounced.

My only wish is for Dr. B to pay me my money & warn other women. I've asked & he will not.
Beware, beware, beware!!!!
Sending you(((Healing Hugs)))
PS-Please do not ask or PM for DR. B's full last name. The last time I shared his name the lady said she was doing lipo w/him anyway so then why ask. Of course!
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Re: CAUTION! Very Bad lipo results

Postby samsara1214 » Wed Oct 24, 2012 7:17 pm

I had the same thing happen to me when I was 22. The sagging was so extensive, I could fit my whole hand under my sagging buttock on the worst side. Sorry if that is TMI, but it was a nightmare. I was very fit and had a good body before. I just wanted my slight saddlebag bumps removed and some of the fat off the backs of my legs, and had no idea this horrific complication could develop.I had no money for more surgery at the time so I lived with the results for 10 years before Dr. Jaime Campos in Mexico fixed it with fat grafting and didn't charge much. He fixed almost all of it the first time, and then I went back a year later for a little more. He did an amazing job and I feel like I got my life back and am no longer embarrassed to take my clothes off in front of my boyfriend with the lights on.

I really feel for you. No one who hasn't gone through this can quite understand. I've corresponded with 8 women on these boards who have had our same experience, so please know you are not alone. That's sad, but in some small way, perhaps comforting. For 10 years I hadn't heard of anyone with the problem I had, and feeling alone made it that much worse.

I hope your results are as wonderful as mine!
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Re: CAUTION! Very Bad lipo results

Postby samsara1214 » Wed Oct 24, 2012 7:23 pm

And, for the record, one of the worst things about the whole experience was the total lack of understanding from my family and friends. I didn't tell many people, but I needed some emotional support so I told the people closest to me and they had an attitude like I should just live with it, like "if you already had bad results with one surgery why would you go do more?" when I wanted to have corrective surgery. And my best friend started patting my hand as if I might be slightly crazy, though, not to brag, I tend to be very responsible and successful in life and to show good judgment. I've had to ask everyone who knows to please never mention it to me again because their attitude upsets me so much. One of them sent me a link to an article about people who have a plastic surgery addiction, as if I had the second two surgeries just out of vanity or for fun, rather than as an extreme hardship done in order to correct the horrific results of the original surgery.

For all of you out there with family and friends who just don't understand your reasons for having surgery, I feel for you too. It's important to be careful and cautious about surgery and know the risks, but in the end it's your choice and people shouldn't judge you for it. Don't let anyone put you down or make you feel bad!
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Re: CAUTION! Very Bad lipo results

Postby Alexis100 » Tue Dec 11, 2012 11:06 am

Hi Samsara

I found your Facebook page & left you a message there - it appears I had the EXACT same thing happen to me just 5 weeks ago - perfect body until 5 weeks ago & now completely destroyed :( Crushed & feeling very alone

Did you end up going to Sidney Coleman to repair the damage?

I'm in NYC but definitely don't have a lot of cash left for all this...

Did you also get into litigation w/ original Dr?

I'd love some help on this as I'm feeling so so alone & depressed about it at this point as I cannot say a thing about it to anyone at all really :(


Heidi ~
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Re: CAUTION! Very Bad lipo results

Postby bethnzoe54 » Mon Jun 24, 2013 12:37 pm

I too have had very bad results from liposuction. I have hollows on the sides of my thighs ridges on my hips and a huge crease under my right butt cheek. The doctor made my whole butt drop. I first saw a crease 2 inches below my gluteal fold immideatly after surgery. When I showed the docs he scheduled a revision which did nothing then he did another one and now I have a chunk of thigh missing. The only reason I stayed with the same sugeon for the revisions is because in my handbook it states that revision is common and it's best to stay with the doc who did the initial surgery. My doc is double board certified and had great reviews. I first got the sense something was not right when I returned to him to see what my options were for fixing this he said he would have to excise the excess skin and seemed annoyed and thought I looked fine. So now my search begins went for 3 local 2 nd opinions they all said sorry this happened to you and they can't help. One doc agreed that excision was the only answer. I believe that was because he was not expirienced on fat grafting on the body. Now I have sent my pictures to Dr.Coleman in Ny, Dr Amron in Ca and Dr Svehlak in Ca to hear their opinions. How in the world do you really know if you have an expirienced plastic surgeon. I did the research and still ended messed up. I would like to hear from anyone who has been able to find a fat grafting or liposuction revision specialist that has been successful in fat grafting a banana fold deformity. And that is a decent human being not trying to sell more surgery. I am so sad. I'm a dance teacher and now I have to hide my body for fear my students will point it out.
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Re: CAUTION! Very Bad lipo results

Postby caterina40 » Sun Jul 07, 2013 5:06 am

sorry to heard about your experience.. its very important to select right ps for this big big thing . one should go for the safest procedure.
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