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Can I keep i/o thigh lipo from my immediate family?

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Can I keep i/o thigh lipo from my immediate family?

Postby lindybart » Sun Mar 20, 2016 4:52 pm

Hi everyone- I am scheduled for lipo of inner/outer thighs in May. I am in good shape with small pockets of fat on my thighs that I want gone! According to the dr., this will be a small change, but in my view, it will be a big change.

I would like to keep this procedure private---even from my husband. He is rather "judgy" about these sorts of things so I think I'd be better off keeping it to myself if possible. I will be paying for it with my own money.

From your experiences, would it be possible to make an excuse and keep this private? He will be out of town for the first few days of recovery and I'm thinking I can tell him I've done a new workout and am really sore. As far as the compression garment, we are not intimate, so I hope that will not be an issue.

Thoughts regarding whether this is possible are appreciated. I am sure many people will advise I fess up, but I don't think that is best in this case.

Thank you!
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Re: Can I keep i/o thigh lipo from my immediate family?

Postby Khalya » Wed Mar 23, 2016 12:44 pm

Hi. I don.t think you can. I just had lipo on i/o thigh 3 weeks ago and i am still a bit sore. The garments must stay on 24/7 for at least 4 weeks( my doctor told me to wear them 6 weeks) so it's pretty visable even if you are not intimate with your man. Moreover, the first couple of weeks you will be very swollen..and you will have a hard time walking. Bruising is another issue..i am 3 weeks today and still have some left. ( although they are fading, they looked so bad in the first week). I am pretty lucky to have a flexible job and i worked from home the first 2 and a half weeks. First day when i went to the office my legs got swollen again and the were sore.
Somall in all, i would advice you talk to your man and tell him about your intention, cuz you will need someone at least in the first days to help you around. Best of luck with your lipo, should you decid to go foward with it! :)
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