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liposuction at a resident teaching hospital

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liposuction at a resident teaching hospital

Postby Earl23 » Tue May 12, 2009 7:07 pm

How dangerous is this?
I read this article back in 02 and it always stuck in my mind. http://nymag.com/nymetro/health/columns ... cine/5812/

I know the resident does all the work and the real doc is just there relaxing as backup. Id love to get another round of lipo but dont want to pay a lot for it.
I live in nyc
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Postby MizD » Tue May 12, 2009 7:47 pm

Hmmm...interesting for sure! I am sure you will get lots of opinions on this post so I may as well add mine.

I always have an optomistic attitude and so please bear that in mind while reading my comments...

Lots of people go to 'teaching hospitals' for all kinds of treatments, it's not a rare occurence. I think it's safe to say that when most people consider having plastic surgery, they select their PS based on criteria such as ability (usually judged on photographs presented by the surgeon), locale, reputation, cost (yep, it's true...lots of people can't afford, or chose not to, spend the big bucks but REALLY want the procedure) and, often through word of mouth. For me, experience was also important...as well as how I 'got on' with them as an individual and patient.

But 2 things stick out in my mind...all of the 'top notch' PS's had to satrt somewhere and I believe that the best results of plastic surgery combine skill (whether gained through experience or an innate talent for this area) and artistry. No two bodies are alike and so I imagine that although the 'techniques' are fairly standard, each procedure, just like the healing process, is unique.

If supervision by a more experienced PS was not provided, I might be leary but, personally, would feel comfortable having a procedure at one of these institutions. It could be because I am a healthy 43 year old woman with no medical conditions that might typically create an issue (although I do know that this is in no way prevents complications from occuring) with my procedure, because I would feel it to be a mutually beneficial experience for both me and the PS in training or because I simply believe that my guardian angels would take good care of me...

Being someone who left the country (USA) travelling alone to have her procedure done in another country (Mexico) by a doctor she had never met was to many, very risky. I was inundated by "what if's" and questions to my sanity by friends but like everythng else in my life that I have done....I went ahead and did it anyway (of course, after smiling and thanking them for their concern). My PS was highly reccommended by friends that I respected and so It just felt right to me and at the end of the day, that's what really matters. Yes, I saved lots of money on my procedure... but I also met an awesome individual in the form of my PS, got to spend some time at my little casa there and hang out with some friends, get some r&r (not as much as I should have had thanks to my unrealistic expectation of the recovery process, but that's another post) and most importantly, I came away from the experience happy with the results which I continue to be amazed by as each day passes.

So would I do it? Sure, if I felt it was the right thing for me to do...from reading extensively on this board I know that even with the best PS there can be less than optimal results. Cost of procedure, excellent reputation, nicest office etc, are no guarantees of getting the best results.

So there ya go...the opinion of Miz D in a big ole' nutshell.. 8)
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Postby mid30sredhead » Tue May 12, 2009 8:45 pm

Guess they have to learn on someone but I'm not sure I would sign up to be the first one!
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Postby goodbyegloria » Tue May 12, 2009 8:46 pm

personally, I wouldnt. But that is just me, if you are ok with it, go for it!

A teaching hospital for anything else I would be ok with. This is also because I am a nurse, I see residents work, and I think that has something to do with it.

I feel with something like plastic surgery, it takes a lot of skill and there is an art to it, and i feel residents don't really have that going for them.
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Postby MRZSMARTLIPO » Tue May 12, 2009 8:59 pm

Hello Earl,

I am finished product of liposuction performed for cut rate in NYC........ I too read the article that you posted which intrigued me. The only difference is that I went to the only hospital in NYC that allow Fellows to perform plastic surgery and not a resident.
The major difference between a resident and a FELLOW is that a FELLOW is already board certified and opts to get one more year of advanced training in plastic surgery as for a resident who yes will be learning on you!! I was not interested in the idea of having a resident perform liposuction on me. Although I have bumped into a couple of MMH albums that rate there satisfaction as a 5 and had their liposuction done at Mount Sinai Hospital (which allows a resident to perform your surgery).

I had my liposuction done at New York Ear Eye Infirmary. Unfortunately my doc rotation ends in June and he is booked to the max. So if you are interested I can give you more information. Some people turn their noses at the fact that I went to a Fellowship Program, but I have no scars recovery went very well and I didn't have a single complication so for me I'm very satisfied with liposuction at a Fellowship program. BTW NYEEI hospital is a very prestigous fellowship and only selects 2 physicians to participate in their program yearly. I did my research extensively and now I am very happy that I got good results and also at cut rate prices. PM me if you would like to know more I'm very content at 7 weeks post op. Hope this helps.... :lol:
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Re:your experience

Postby kamakama » Sun Mar 26, 2017 9:00 pm

I would love to know who your doctor was in mexico and also your little casa for recovery time...thanks for your story, Kama
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