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Makeover Travel Clinic? Legit?

Talk about all types of liposuction procedures, as well as alternative body shaping treatments, including Smartlipo, Vaser, Titan, CoolLipo, Mesotherapy, Lipodissolve, Velasmooth, and more.

Makeover Travel Clinic? Legit?

Postby knd30 » Wed Jun 02, 2010 2:16 am

Hello. I am planning on going to Bolivia in 2 months to have full body LIPOSUCTION performed through a place called Makeover Travel Clinic. I have read one post from an extremely unhappy patient and am hoping to get other insight from others who have possibly gone to this place or heard of it as I do not want the same thing that hapened to her to happen to me :( I kknow theres always a few unhappy patients at the end of the day so I am curious as to how many may really be out there? The main reason I was planning on going to this place is because they are ALOT cheaper ($11,000.00 to be exact) than anywhere in the USA that I have found. I do not have a huge budget so if anyone has any suggestions or recommendations for other doctors as well they would be greatly appreciated! I am willing to travel outside of the U.S. as Im aware thats probably the only place I will find the amount of surgery I want in my price range. Again thanks! :)
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Re: Makeover Travel Clinic? Legit?

Postby Toni-C » Wed Jun 02, 2010 4:54 pm

Please be careful. There's photo of someone that had a facelift in South America on this site. She had a skin graft on her neck where the PS messed up. Then, he cut her face during the correction surgery. There'e no recourse for surgery outside the USA.
Again, Buyer Beware!!!

I'm having lipo of i/o thighs, back, arms, u/l abdomen w/Dr. Blinski of Miami, Florida June 14. Several people on this site have used him & he's very good. He's a national trainer for Smart Lipo.

Last year, I had a breast reduction & lipo (PAL) of the flanks w/Dr. David Stoker in
Marina del Rey, CA. Extremely pleased w/his work. Around 2006, I believe it was in the New Yorker, this magazine stated he was one of the best in the USA for lipo.
Now you have someone from the west & east coast.

Wishing you the best of luck!
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Re: Makeover Travel Clinic? Legit?

Postby punkinhat » Fri Jun 04, 2010 10:56 am

I've not heard of this place - and I am familiar with many overseas clinics and surgeons.

My experience is that different docs are stronger and specialized in various areas and techniques. A face expert may not be the best for lipo/body, etc. I had high volume lipo in costa rica at a well known clinic there in San Jose. High volume lipo is their specialty, and they have trained other physicians in their techniques, world wide. A PS I was visiting for fillers here in my area (north San Diego), knew of the clinic as one of his associates had gone to a lipo training they put on.

I would recommend them, with reservations. My work did not come out perfectly, but they would re do it if I wanted, if I just paid the anesthetic fee. The issue doesnt bother me enough to follow through though ( a very slight asymmetry on one side of my upper back).

Make sure you're health is A1 before you undergo this, wherever you go. If you smoke, quit, at least two months prior. Eat a clean diet (high protein, lots of veg), take your supplements, and exercise a lot prior (will aid healing too). Follow doctors orders and wear your garments like you're supposed to after.

Good luck to you,
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Re: Makeover Travel Clinic? Legit?

Postby dangerouscurves » Fri Jun 04, 2010 7:09 pm

thanks for sharing pumkinhat, that is good info.

annie 8)

Multiple plastic surgeries, rhino,FL,TT,lipo,fat grafting,
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Re: Makeover Travel Clinic? Legit?

Postby PointOfView » Tue Apr 05, 2011 11:55 am

Hi there,

I was passing through this forum and read a lot of comments regarding cheap plastic surgery. I work for a company who deals with people who work in the plastic surgery industry and I would like to post my point of view. I will not disclose my name or my company’s name to avoid a discussion or blatant promotional plugs. I would like to understand how a company can charge so little for plastic surgery? Medicine, anesthesia, hospital stay, and surgeons are not cheap. I do not understand this. I believe that this company has a good promotional team on the web and social networks because I see their name in every forum and website I read regarding plastic surgery. It seems as though their patients work for them. I would really like to understand how reliable and factual they are. Thank you.
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Re: Makeover Travel Clinic? Legit?

Postby Magdalena39 » Thu May 12, 2011 12:47 pm

Hi knd30, You asked if MakeoverTravel is legit and if it’s a good clinic?? Legit for sure! they work with many plastic surgeons and they are all members of the Brazilian and Bolivian plastic surgery association and members of the FILACP (Ibero latin American Association of plastic surgery,, in Spanish I think it’s Federacion Ibero Latino Americano de Cirugia Plastica, I am not sure 100% but it’s something very similar and it’s the most important plastic surgery association in latin America) I went with MakeoverTravel on October 2010 for a full liposuction and a buttock augmentation with fat injection ( Brazilian butt lift ), before travelling I checked all the doctors credentials and I remember I went to the FILACP website, so be sure that the company is “1000% legit”,, and all the hospitals they work with are also good hospitals. They are as beautiful as the Mont Sinai hospital in LA!! but for Bolivia they work with very good hospitals. This is for the “legit” part,, now if you want to know if I can recommend this company… Yes 100%. I had my surgery there and my results are awesome, two friends of mine have had other surgeries done (nose job, breast implants, tummy tuck…) and they are also very happy with their results so I can tell you that’s a good medical organization and their prices are very affordable compared with other organization in latin America. Of course not all is perfect, for example when I was there I had an assistant but it wasn’t my personal assistant as they say in their website. It’s an assistant for 5 or more patients,, they have 5 o 6 assistant for 20 patients!, so sometimes when you need her she is not always available and in this case they send you a nurse you don’t know or sometimes the doctor gives you an appointment for consultation and you have to wait for him 1 hour or more… there are many details that are not satisfactory for a medical operator but as a general rule they provide a good service and they really work with a very good medical team and many people who have been there will tell you the same. The day of your arrival you will meet many patients in your hotel and this is a big pro with makeovertravel,, you don’t have to pay before you arrive in Bolivia,, and this is one of the best arguments they have and this is real, once you have to pay your package is after your consultation with the surgeon, after they introduce you with some patients in your hotel who have performed their surgery some day before. Before paying you can check the hospital where you surgery will be performed and this is the best argument they have and the reason why you can trust this company.
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Re: Makeover Travel Clinic? Legit?

Postby taniakeys » Fri Jul 08, 2011 3:40 pm

…not only legit ! They work with the best plastic surgeons I ever seen in my life! I went for a TT along with a liposuction of arms, back, thighs, stomach, flanks and BA with lift, they TRANSFORMED my life. I lived 2 lifes ,, before and after,, in my life there is a before and after MakeoverTravel.
Unlike Magdalena I had a wonderful experience with all the staff and with my assistant, although my assistant wasn’t my “personal assistant”,, whatever I didn’t go there to meet my friends,, firstly I went there to have my procedure done in a reputable clinic, with skilled surgeon and at a cheap cost! Objective reached,!! New body, New life… during my trip i made many friends and all the time my relationship with all the staff was incredible.
Procedures done: Tummy Tuck / Breast lift + implants / lipo on abd, flanks, back, arms, inner thighs
Total procedures cost: $7,000 ! at MakeoverTravel clinic in South America
Outcomes: Excellent results
Next surgery: Butt augmentation 2012
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Re: Makeover Travel Clinic? Legit?

Postby tania270 » Fri Aug 26, 2011 3:09 pm

HI Tania,

If thats your picture I will say the did a great job. I like the clean cut
(straight line of TT) am scheduled for surgery in october with makeovertravel. TT, Brasilbuttlift, lipo flanks and calfenlargement by transfer fat.Seeing these pictures am sure of my choice to have my surgery done by them.

Thx for sharing your pic and experince.
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Re: Makeover Travel Clinic? Legit?

Postby taniakeys » Tue Aug 30, 2011 9:29 am

yes Tania, this is my picture, they did an excelent job i am very happy with everything, my breast size, lipo and for sure i think the TT cut couldn't be better, but i am sure you will obtain excelent outomes bc all the people i met there and who did a TT had the same cut. good luck.. =D>
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Re: Makeover Travel Clinic? Legit?

Postby Joana1973 » Fri Sep 23, 2011 4:44 pm

hi taniakeys i had my tummy tuck at makeovertravel and i think my cut is similar to yours, :) your body is b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. i am thinking about a breast job...!! Love your boobs
My Before / After pictures (surgeries done: TummyTuck, extensive lipo, Butt augment with fat G.)
Total surgery cost in Bolivia: $4,900
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Re: Makeover Travel Clinic? Legit?

Postby ashleytt » Tue Oct 25, 2011 3:04 pm


I had 6 areas of lipo with fat transfer to the butt and a breast lift on 01 December 2010 with Makeover Travel. There were several issues:

1. Despite being told (via email) before I got there that the Doctor (Dr Salvatore) could speak English, when I got there he could not, just a few words like hello.

2. He is primarily a breast surgeon (implants). He did a good job with the breast lift but left stiches in on both breast (not the dissolvable kind), which got infected when I got back home, despite proper care and cleaning. This was because the skin was healing with stitches inside that were trying to burst out. I visited my physician. This left extra scarring because the skin was mostly healed with stitches inside and it made the scarred area bigger.

3. Despite showing the doctor photos of want I wanted, he only injected 290 cc in each butt, when I was told that over 3000 cc was removed. As a result my butt was only marginally bigger, high on the hip area. I consider it a waste of money as far as the butt went. I did not sit for over 2 months just to preserve the fat.

4. Makeover is not really a company, just one person who operates by phone and internet, no office.

5. As for the lipo, it was not properly done, there are still visible pockets of fat on my tummy, waist and back of waist.

6. I would advise that anyone be very careful if considering going there. Dr Salvatore is very good for breasts that is all I would recommend, despite the stitches, because the results for this were good.
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Re: Makeover Travel Clinic? Legit?

Postby sinlou » Wed Nov 16, 2011 9:37 am

My husband and I went to Bolivia in May this year, I had a full TT and lipo and I love how it all turned out. If you want any information about my experience just email me at sindlouwho@hotmail.com. I would be more than happy to tell you. I
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Re: Makeover Travel Clinic? Legit?

Postby Joana1973 » Wed Nov 16, 2011 3:56 pm

Hi ashleytt, many thanks for your post. I am going back to makeovertravel on February 2012 for a breast implants and lift and I am soooo excited!! :)
I already went at makeovertravel for a tummy tuck, liposuction (of my arms, inner and outer thighs, abdomen, lower back, abdominal flanks) and a Buttock augmentation with FG injection,,
I was thrilled with my outcomes. I am sorry you are not 100% satisfied with your results,, i don't know dr. Salvatore,, my surgeon was another one,, i just know they work with a couple of surgeons but most for us had amazing outcomes with liposuction & brazilian buttlift. I spoke with some patients before going there,, most of them had their surgery done with dr. javier others with Dr. Blanco , Suarez, but they were all very happy with their results. On MMH many patients had this procedure done at makeovertravel clinic, i personally did it, i don't have a BIG butt but 7 months after my surgery i can say my butt has a very good shape and size.

Here you can read my story and i also post some before and after pictures.
My Before / After pictures (surgeries done: TummyTuck, extensive lipo, Butt augment with fat G.)
Total surgery cost in Bolivia: $4,900
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Re: Makeover Travel Clinic? Legit?

Postby EricaD33 » Tue Apr 12, 2016 10:53 am

Its been a few days since my surgery and I am very happy, at the beginning I felt very swollen!Extremly swollen!! I am wearing just loose cloths because I feel like a balloon but I can see a difference in my butt, which makes me very happy!
I have been visiting a little bit more than the first time this city, now I have some friends here so I have been hanging around with them, visiting some nice areas and going out for lunch and dinner too! Food here is not expensive, I have been having dinner in very fancy places for 20$US with wine and desert, isn’t that great!
I don’t like doing shooping, I know…I am weird woman LOL but I like to spend money eating in nice places when I can.
I have seen the Surgeon 3 times after my surgery, he has been as nice and professional as the last time! I love him!He is very good looking but the most important of course is not this, the most important is that he seems to care a lot about his patients, some of the other patients at the hotel have the same feeling than me as far as I have heard.
Tomorrow I will have my hair done,I will go to the hairdresser; I want to go back completely different!
I am happy for not making a mistake choosing Makeover Travel, as you know affordability not always mean quality, so I was afraid that things here were completely different than home, they are but not in a bad way, they are just different but nice.
I will help you by writing a number from 1 to 10 to describe the most important services, so you can have an idea, based of course in my point of view, how is everything here:
Stay (They offer the Royal Lodge 4****Hotel in all the packages I think)…………………………..7 or 6 I didn’t really like it.The staff were very nice but I didn’t like the rooms, I had some problems with the wifi and as I work with it I asked my assistant Mariana that I wanted to move to another hotel and then for 40US$ extra per night I stayed in an apartment in a 5***** hotel, which was beautiful and I will give it an-------8 or even 9.
Clinic 8
Nurses at the clinic 9.5 (The only little problem was the language but with the mobile phone translator I had not a lot of problems of communication).
Bilingual assistant 10 both trips 10, I have felt always cared and safe because the 2 assistants I have had are really helpful.I feel like I am with friends.
Surgeon 10 he is amazing!
Price of my Package 10 at home I had paid 2 twice the price I paid so I have saved a lot of money coming to Bolivia.
Transportation 8
Punctuality 7 latin people are not very punctual I would say that they are always very relaxed people which is kind of complicated at the beginning because at least at home , we are used to be very punctual; I read other patients complaining about it too in some reviews, well this is not a lie at all!.
City 8 Nice and small city but the way the people drive here is crazy!
Surgery Results 10
Buy your first compression garment here because the Surgeon knows which is the best for the recovery period, I brought one before coming here and the Surgeon said the quality was very bad and that wasn’t as tight as I needed.
Download the google translator app so you don’t have any problems with the language.
The best places to visit:
September 24th plaza(city centre)
Guembe Park (For the weekends)
La Rinconada ( Sunday)
Casa del Camba if you want to try the Bolivian Food.
El Arriero ….the best beef!
La Pascana ….for the te time
La Suisse to have lunch or dinner( International food)
Ventura Mall Shooping Center
Santa Cruz Mall Shooping Center
Those are some of my favorite places!
I hope this information can help you if you decide to travel to Santa Cruz.
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