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Please Don't Do Smart Lipo! It's not a SMART idea!

Talk about all types of liposuction procedures, as well as alternative body shaping treatments, including Smartlipo, Vaser, Titan, CoolLipo, Mesotherapy, Lipodissolve, Velasmooth, and more.

Re: Please Don't Do Smart Lipo! It's not a SMART idea!

Postby kfrawley » Wed Jul 09, 2014 9:07 am

Even with diligent research on someone's credentials, etc., it is possible to end up on the wrong end of the laser. I researched plastic surgeons to do my reconstructive surgery after a bilateral mastectomy and chose one as he was accredited to two boards and highly recommended for reconstruction. He hasn't been able to get good results on shaping and we have done a total of four fat grafting surgeries after the implant surgery. The last fat grafting surgery he did smart lipo on the sides of my chest to remove some fat/tissue/scar tissue that was causing pain. He burned me from the inside out on my left side. I have a hole in my body that was about 2" x 1.5" x 1" deep on the surface with undermining. I have been on a wound vac after it got infected, most likely from necrotic tissue after the smart lipo. He said it wasn't his fault. I'm not sure who would be to blame as he was holding the laser and had a choice to stop when he had a hard time with the scar tissue. Instead he kept going and burned me from the inside out. The infection was incredibly painful, the wound vac is very frustrating as the bandage needs to be changed by the wound clinic every other day and it is attached to me 24/7 going on six weeks. After 20 weeks of chemo, a bilateral mastectomy and a hysterectomy, this is the last thing I needed to experience. I would NEVER do smart lipo suction again. Needless to say I'm interviewing new plastic surgeons to see what can be done on my reconstruction. Think long and hard if you are doing something like this for cosmetic reasons. I did this to reduce pain and was put thru some of the worst pain I have ever been in. If you are doing this because you are not happy with how you look, you may get a worse result and lose weeks that you could be enjoying your precious life.
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Re: Please Don't Do Smart Lipo! It's not a SMART idea!

Postby RobertVan5 » Mon Aug 25, 2014 12:51 pm

Thanks for posting your experiences on this. I'm just starting my research on getting liposuction. It's good to have a definitive account on what can go wrong with smart lipo.
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Re: Please Don't Do Smart Lipo! It's not a SMART idea!

Postby RobinJule » Sat Dec 20, 2014 12:34 pm

Oh how I wish I would have seen this letter. I am 2 years POST LASER LIPO. Due to litigation I cannot give specific details, but LADIES!!! THIS IS MAJOR SURGERY!!! If your Doctors jacket does not say medical doctor,.aka MD. RUN!! My doctor was a retrained orthopedist trained to do smart lipo. You need YEARS of training in regular LIPO to do SMART LIPO, This was not smart lipo for me, it was VERY DUMB LIPO and I nearly lost my life!! Smart lipo has destroyed THOUSANDS of women's bodies,. but they are too ashamed and financially broke to come forward! THE ONLY advantage that they offer is less bruising with Smart Lipo but believe me, you pay for it 100 times over with swelling and pain and horrible results. NO MATTER HOW BAD YOU THINK YOU LOOK RIGHT NOW,. you don't lose weight with smart lipo. All the fat returns quickly to OTHER AREAS,.so that your body is REALLY misaligned. Imagine putting on 3 pounds on just your thighs!! Your body gets bigger due to scar tissue and water retention which there is no cure for... WELL FOR ME??? . It has been over a year since my surgery. I'm thin,. I had about 3 pounds around my middle,. abdomen, flanks, hips. Since this is a LASER, sight unseen,.my doctor removed MORE FAT then he should have,. which caused my SKIN TO HEAL TO MY ABDOMBINAL WALL,. I have a nice thick layer of hard scar tissue around my entire abdomen like a corset. Can I be graphic? I cannot even REACH my butt to wipe. It feels like I have a concrete body cast on,.I do ballet,. own a total gym, I work out just to stay limber so I can put my shoes on. Some days I wake up so bloated I can't get YOGA pants on. My life is hell.. To top it off,. let me explain what happens when you BIND UP, post surgical laser'd fat cells. The CORRSETT you must buy, the bandage, etc,. wraps around you like a big ace bandage. It does NOT cover your pubic bone. Guess where all the fat and fluid expands too? ALL AROUND that bandage. Post surgically I have a clump of fat on my pubic bone that is stuck there,.ENGORGED VAGINA!! NOBODY TALKS ABOUT THIS.. ITS PERMANENT!!!!!!! (liposuction is about $3,000 and compression is hard to accomplish. Imagine 1 pound of fat on your pubic bone!! its like having a penis!!!!!!!! You can't conceal this ladies!! That fat chunk shows through everything,. I wear a ballet skirt,. all the time. I hide it from myself. Thank GOD my husband adores me,. loves me,. He watches me reading these stories online and puts his arm around me and says "I love how you look,. don't worry we will get it fixed"... but what does that do for me right now.... today.... when I can't even breath..????)
I've seen surgeons and the only way to fix this is with fat grafts, liposuction., 3 separate procedures. They have to fill in the chunks that are missing ALL OF MY FAT,. with doner fat,. THEN you PRAY the fat doesn't dissolve,. so recovery is laying around NOT burning off your new fat transfer., THEN to try and remove the canula marks that look like tunnels under my skin,. to break down some of the fat in between with many ultra sound procedures,. that are NOT covered by insurance. When I saw the FIRST SURGEON he told me that he would have done my entire procedure for HALF OF THE COST,. and non of this horrible outcome. Ya'll are trading a few bruises for a life time of disfigurement. It is effecting my self worth, my marriage, my brain is consumed with what I have done to myself. SMART LIPO will be banned in the next 10 years, due to class action suits and law suites,. Doctors won't be able to get insurance to cover the multiple claims. IF YOU GET SMART LIPO AND END UP LIKE US AND GO BACK FOR TOUCH UPS, YOU ARE FURTHERING YOUR BODY DISFIGUREMENT. And btw the videos you see of a girl laying on her side, eating an apple, standing, while the doctor talks to you.. NOTHING LIKE THAT.. ITS SURGERY!!! NO ANESTHESIA, and guess what.. YOU FEEL IT!!! nobody talks about that. Feels like you're being gutted, for HOURS AND HOURS,.
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Re: Please Don't Do Smart Lipo! It's not a SMART idea!

Postby JustALittleWork » Thu Dec 25, 2014 9:25 am

I had an horrible experience as we'll and would love to have your Dr name. I have been to several Drs for consultations and none have an answer
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