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WORST SMARTLIPO EVER SmartLipo procedure done by Dr. Sara J.

Talk about all types of liposuction procedures, as well as alternative body shaping treatments, including Smartlipo, Vaser, Titan, CoolLipo, Mesotherapy, Lipodissolve, Velasmooth, and more.

WORST SMARTLIPO EVER SmartLipo procedure done by Dr. Sara J.

Postby tonypec » Thu Jan 12, 2017 1:07 pm

Having the SmartLipo procedure done by Dr. Sara J. Bernstein of Rejuvia Medspa in Wellington FL, my wife has repeatedly stated, “Was the worst decision I have ever made in my life. It was the most painful experience I have ever endured for the first three months, the results delivered were worse than prior to surgery and nothing like as described, and the biggest waste of $6000 I have ever spent”. In my wife’s and I’s opinion, Dr. Sara Bernstein was very inexperienced or just doesn’t know what she is doing and should not be doing this procedure.
Now for the details of her experience:
First she was told this procedure was so relatively pain free that she could do it on her lunch hour and return to work that afternoon. NOT SO. The procedure halfway through became so painful that a second round of Lidocaine had to be injected. The pain continued and the Doctors assistants stated they were running overtime. This might explain why one hip area was done and the tummy and other hip area were not done very much now leaving, as my wife says, her a Buda belly and an unbalanced appearance between her right and left side where she previously had a balanced curved figure and now doesn’t. When I picked her up at the office she was in extreme pain and she spend the next three days in bed not being able to breathe or move, with so much pain she was vomiting and crying those days in pain. NO Way could she have returned to work right after, in fact she worked from home, bed, the next three more days.
At her first three day visit, the bruising was so bad and purple the Dr. was concerned and advised us to keep a close eye of the color and that if it got any darker or black looking, to immediately call her because that could mean the skin was dying from lack of blood flow, very scary and fortunately, it didn’t get that bad.
Now let’s talk about the tight compression garment you must wear. It took me about 10 to 15 minutes to get her into it, as she switched out to clean since it was to be worn 24/7, each morning with her crying in pain each time. Not to mention I had to use pliers the first few days to pull the clips together. IT took all my strength most morning to do and again with her in extreme pain each time. The second garment paid for, we were never able to get her into and there is NO WAY she could get herself into or out of these each day so make sure you have a helpful partner. At the office it would take two office assistants to get her in.
After about 3 weeks she still had massive purple bruising and large hard patches of fluid buildup under the skin that she then had to go for 2 to 3 times a week for highly painful massages’ to try and squeeze and break up theses hard patches which 6 months later are still present although smaller.
Now after about 6 months she still has these hard lumps under the skin, and the results are as previously stated a fraction of what was described. In fact, she feels, worse than prior as she previously had a figure and now is unbalanced from right to left and looks like she had lipo possibly on one side and not on the center or left side.
At this point we will most likely see another specialist to see that no permanent damage was done and obtain their advice as to what else she should do.
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