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Male Chest Liposuction and Lipo of Flanks

Male Chest Liposuction and Lipo of Flanks

Postby jasman29 » Tue Apr 28, 2009 2:07 pm

I see that not a whole lot of men post on this but I am looking for support and some minor questions answered if you can. I just had Lipo of the the chest area (under the arm as well) and the flanks on Friday April 24th. I can say that it is a weird feeling so far, I have never passed out and almost did on sat when I went for my follow up appt and they took off the compression garment and I was a little taken back with how I looked. I think in my mind I looked different than I actually do, at least that is what my girlfriend keeps telling me. I did have some bruising in the areas where they inserted the cannula but it is not too bad IMO. My chest is now pretty flat but the sweeling is more in the under arm area of the chest. My flanks are pretty swollen and squishy, I can kinda feel some fluid still there so I am wearing the compresion garment they gave me and ordered another one for the long term processes of wearing it and when I start to be more active. Some questions I have as are follows:

1. Is a lot of swelling pretty common in the under arm area and in the flanks especially?
2. How long before, any of you whom have done it in these area, can you work out again? Play golf? Basketball? Softball? type sports?
3. were you happy with results?

I will post some pics as soon as I can, I took before and after and 4 day pics so you can see progress and what has changed. I can say that I am really happy with my chest, as it has been a problem my whole life and no matter how much I worked out it would come all the way down and always had moobs, gosh I hated them. Now they are pretty flat and I am really happy and can see when the swelling goes down in the underarms it should look fantastic. The flanks (love handles) are still pretty swollen and actually look bigger, to me, than when I went in but I have been readin that is normal for the first week or two.

Well let me know your experiences if you can, it will be much appreciated.
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Postby Guyindallas » Thu Apr 30, 2009 6:07 am

I didn't have chest lipo - just abs and love handles. But still some swelling 1 month post-op.

As far as working out. I started back with weights at about 3 weeks, but running is a little painful - so I have not started back with any cardio yet.
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Postby jasman29 » Fri May 01, 2009 9:12 am

Thanks for the info.

I just went to the Dr yesterday and let me tell you that I have swelling more than usual and I have found out why. As it turns out you are supposed to stop taking any kind of diet supplements at least 3 weeks before surgery and I failed to inform the Dr that I was taking them so I had a more bleeding than normal and more swelling than normal as well. He is confident that it will subside soon but I was very worried as to how much I was swelling.

I also purchased the Rainey Vest that is sold here on this website and it is VERY comfortable and just in 1 full day of wearing it, the swelling has come down some. Prior to me wearing this vest I was wearing a mini chest vest with and abdominal compression garment and because of the uneveness I was getting a line in my waist and the mini vest was holding the fluid in my chest which was giving me a different shape. Not to worry, with the one piece vest I am doing so much better so fast I was shocked. I could tell this am the swelling was down a little and it is WAY more comfortable. I will take some more pics this weekend and post in an album to track my progress.
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Postby JasonGordo » Fri May 01, 2009 10:40 pm

@ Jasman 29 - I'm kind of in the same boat as you were prior to lipo. I'm early 30's, do cardio and lift 3 times a wk, don't overeat but I'm getting a roll in the middle. Look forward to pix if you decide to post. Guys might not post much but I think many men are interested in looking good.

As to the swelling, I can relate to how weird that looks because I was completely unprepared for how long my nose would be swollen after undergoing rhinoplasty. Be patient, it will take time before you'll be able to see the final result and fully enjoy your new look.
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Postby jasman29 » Sat May 02, 2009 11:41 am

Well here are my pics. I have seemed to swell more than usual but that is due to the diet supplements that I was taking that thinned out my blood and caused more brusing than normal.

Let me know what you all think of the pics. The Dr. reassured me that the swelling would go down but would take a bit longer than expected do to the supplements that I was taking. I am happy with the chest area but the flanks are KILLING me, will they ever go down???

http://www.makemeheal.com/pictures/view ... bumid=9276.
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