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My tummy liposuction experience at Dr. Toncic’s plastic surg

My tummy liposuction experience at Dr. Toncic’s plastic surg

Postby Fitterman » Sat Aug 04, 2012 12:53 pm

Found it very difficult to find enough frank, informative and none biased information on the doctors and their practices, when I am about to hand my life over (well that’s how I felt). After searching the web for many hours over days, I found Jennyrosina77’s input of her rhinoplasty and breast enlargement experience to be most helpful. Her report helped alleviate my anxiety enormously, even though my experience was to be for tummy and love handles liposuction, and I had already made arrangement to see Dr. Toncic.
I first started searching the net to get some idea of how much cash I would need, should be easy I thought. *Book for a consultation with Dr. £ 100 to £125, he will tell you. *So much for small area, large area. How long is a piece of string!
Eventually I clicked on a site called Placidway.com. Told them what I wanted doing. Emailed them a 55 second video clip that I took with my cheap pocket camera of my ‘pregnant man bally’ and sides. They rang me back, asking would I consider Zagreb in Croatia. “They’ll e-mail you, see what you think and if you’re not happy, we have many contacts in different countries”.
Dr. Toncic Info: emailed me with total eight day op quote, £2245 including Private accommodation at nurse Zlata, postoperative care and all meals. Only thing it doesn’t include is the cost of my flight. They rote that after seeing my video they had a good idea of my wishes and thought they were very realistic, wanted to know my age, medical history, allergies, diseases, medications, smoking habits and general information about me. I didn’t feel pressured at any time but thought if I do approach a second Dr. or third, could I confidently pick the best knowing how difficult it is to get information about them.
Ms. Tajana Sikoronja from the clinic reception rote: let me know your arrival and departure flight details and I will organise everything, you don’t have to worry about any thing. Somehow I managed to gather up enough courage and did just that.
Sunday 1:45pm. Boris picked me up in his Taxi from Zagreb airport and drove me to Nurse Zlata and Husband Miroslav’s place. Received friendly welcome by both and was ushered to my self contained apartment. Built adjacent to the original building but looks like one nice big house on a hillside. Own front door, hall, lounge, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and a lovely sunny balcony at rear, over looking hillside slopping down. Had lunch at 2:30pm. Little nap as I woke at 3:30am to get to airport car park. Tea at 7pm. waking up at 7 tomorrow for the big day.
Monday, Day 1. Allowed to have some Water only, before blood test (law) and op. Left home at 8am with Miroslav, in his car. 8:45, first in queue for blood pressure and ecg clinic in town. Then two minutes walk to another building to give blood sample. Then to Dr. toncic’s clinic on the hills, at 9:40. We were back a bit earlier then they’d expected. The doctors introduced them selves to me as they went about their business through reception. 11:45, Dr. Rajko Toncic (senior) ushered me in to a room next to reception. He explained the procedure and answered questions. Took few photos of my belly, drew lines over it and said he is an artist. He had copies of test results in his hand, some of which must’ve been faxed or emailed. I was getting to like him and then he said would you like to pay now.
12:30 Nurse Zlata asked me to try this elasticised pant/girdle for size before she took me to operating room, wearing only a hospital gown and long stretchy socks (not her). Anesthesiologist, whom I met earlier in reception, was in that room and two other nurses but no doctor. In just few minutes, I’ve had a small injection in my lower back, intravenous ready in my left arm, epidural in (which was one of my fear, and he did it so smoothly and skillfully). Asked me to lie back again. Clear drops dripping-in from a bottle. Every thing is fine he said, just going to give you a little sedation to make you relax. A rectangular sky blue screen was placed over my chest and, that’s it. Next thing I remember is waking up at about 7pm in recovery room upstairs, bursting for a no.1. No pain, just stiff and solid lower torso. Two more beds on my left but empty. Attending nurse was in opposite room and could see me.
Day 2. 8am, ham & cheese sandwich and a cup of tea. Sleeping wasn’t a problem but empting bladder was. 9am, Dr. Dinko Toncic (junior) examined me before discharging. Apparently he did the operation (about 1h 30m) and senior was also in the room. Now if they’d told me that before, I’d have been more relaxed, as two heads are better then one and they could’ve used less sedation (joking). 9:45 Miroslav drove me back to my accommodation. Throughout the day problem with urine persisted. In the evening I told nurse Zlata I’m going to need, something. During night I must have got up over six times.
Day 3. 9:30 am. It has been organized by Toncic’s clinic, that I’m to see the specialist in city’s general hospital, with Zlata, driven by Miroslav. I followed nurse Zlata with the printed letter in her hand from Toncic clinic, railroading through reception queue to specialist’s room (felt guilty). Ultra sound imaging, then catheter, half a liter urine out, prescription for one a day pill, to car park, to pharmacy (66.69 Kuna), then home. Courtesy of Toncic clinic, done in 2.5 hours, including traffic.
Oh yes, operation. Effected areas are tender to touch and numb. Swollen like as if the liter of fat, supposedly taken out is still there, only spread more evenly. Bruises covering about 20% of operated area. Surprised only three holes were made for cannula. Taking two antibiotic tablets a day. No painkillers.
Day 5. 9:30 am. Miroslav drove me to clinic for check up, by Dr. Dinko Toncic. Then as Toncic’s planned treat, Miroslav dropped me off at the town’s cathedral for two hours. Lot to see in this historic old town, square, museum, gallery, long Park, in door out door market, shops and cafes. Could have spent few more hours easily, but I didn’t feel so comfortable walking with tender stomach and alone.
Day 8. 9:15 am, final checkup at clinic. Five other patients before me at reception, three young women had about half a dozen strips of plasters crisscrossing the bridge of their noses and covering their mustaches. Only visible parts of their noses were the nostrils with faint rings of dry blood at the openings. One elder woman had her double chin seen to. The other was a young women but can’t guess what she might have had done or going for. All on their feet and in good sprit, each with a family member/driver and they are locals, as far as I can tell. One of the nurses took me into the preparation room, took out three stitches in total, before Dr Dinko Toncic come in and gave me the once-over. Belly and sides still swollen, tender to touch, numb and feels hard as if there’s slices of stale bread under skin. Speaking a little slower then senior, (probably hasn’t had as much exposure to English language), he told me all is good, it may be two months before the swelling vanishes. He thanked me for choosing Toncic, and to tell all my friends. Patient’s wellbeing and satisfaction is very important to us, he said.
What a team they make, father and son and everyone else at the clinic. With full support given by local medical authority, I couldn’t have imagined a better, skillful organization. They will definitely be my first choice, should I need any in future.
Must mention Zlata and Miroslav for looking after me. Breakfast and Two meals a day, where every meal was different, hot and tasty.
Considering there was so much English on radio and TV, people seemed friendly but not so inquisitive towards foreigners, even only to practice few words.
Things to take: - Tea bags, Talcum powder, Strong safety pins, Laptop.
Day 15. Can’t tighten my belt properly as muffin tops and belly, all-over are still tender to touch. When I drive, I have to loosen belt and undo button and zip. Four penny size bruises have yet to disappear. Belly skin feels like shrinking as swelling is subsiding.
Day 33. As expected not all swellings have gone yet, but reduction of love handle’s size are really noticeable. Around belly button, mostly where fat was thickest, it’s still hard and tender to touch, but not as intense. Will shrink a lot more I’m sure. All bruises have disappeared and can ware belts as normal.
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Re: My tummy liposuction experience at Dr. Toncic’s plastic surg

Postby JJJG00 » Sun Jan 05, 2014 12:45 pm

Having had rhinoplasty with Dr Toncic in July 2013 has been one of the most upsetting times as I was very unhappy with the outcome, poor communication, lack of understanding and professionalism.

I feel that the communication was poor particularly post-surgery, they did not listen to my concerns when I reported that there was a dent in my nose or a least it was far more evident after they performed surgery.

I traveled from the UK and there was no follow up from them after my surgery. I had to inundate them with emails to ask what had happened to my nose. I was told to wait for the swelling to go down, I waited months, it is now 6 months post operation and I promise you there is a huge dent on the right side of my nose, no amount of makeup can cover this up.

I had closed rhinoplasty, I was told there wasn’t enough septum in my nose to take cartilage from here and so it would need to be taken from my ear and that this was the preferred place to take cartilage. Ill-advised I later found out from rhinoplasty surgeons in the UK that there was enough septum to take from my nose and that this is in fact the preferred place to take the cartilage.

Having cartilage taken from the nose was the most painful part of the recover, I now question if this was necessary as mentioned surgeons has since told me this could not understand the clinical reasoning behind Dr Toncic's decision to take it from my ear, insert this cartilage through an incision made in the upper roof of my mouth, whereby it was inserted into the collumella of the nose.

Before I left the clinic I verbally stated that there was a dent on the side of my nose. Dr Toncic felt this was swelling; he later informed me that he did not understand that meaning of the word "dent". If they advertise themselves as a clinic who can communicate English, I feel they have failed as something I clearly communicated was not understood.

When I finally had communication from Dr Toncic, the message I was given message was that they felt it looked better post operation. I pleaded with them to listen to my concerns; I felt it looked worse after they had operated on it. I wanted them to relate to what I was saying, trying to have communication with them post operation was a mission and I felt ignored.

I asked them on a number of times via email who they were affiliated with as I wanted to report their poor practice. I was not told this and I had to go online and investigate into this myself.

I first noticed their lack of professionalism when there was a problem with payment. I had 20 minutes face to face consultation with Dr Toncic before making up my mind that I would have the surgery on the day. I agreed to pay there and then, apparently it said in fine print that there was an extra charge when paying with a card, and cash would have been the better payment option.

The admin lady had been off ill and nobody called me to tell me about payment options. On the day of surgery my phone would not work abroad and I had to call my partner to help me sort of the payment as I had intended to pay on card. This was the first moment I felt unhappy, as I traveled so far this should have been verbally communicated with me or at least on email.

I had to contact them 3 times for my post op note which is something most clinics should and would provide anyway. I don't know how others may have had poor experiences of their treatments, but I urge you to take my feedback into account if you are thinking of having surgery abroad. Do your homework, I thought I had chosen the right clinic; I have been a very expensive, stressful mistake. I am now looking at having revision surgery to correct the work performed by this clinic.
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Re: My tummy liposuction experience at Dr. Toncic’s plastic surg

Postby Fitterman » Fri Jan 10, 2014 1:44 pm

I’m sorry to learn of your not so happy experience at Dr. Toncic surgery, JJJG00. I can only give accounts of my own encounter with them. Hope you get sorted and look forward to a brighter future. English is not their mother tongue as I have indicated in my post, but would‘ve thought its good enough. My communications with their surgery before meeting in person was mostly via emails, one of which quoted the figures for EURO (x) or GBP(Y) cash payments. On the next line it said “for credit cards payments there is 10% additional charge.” I didn't delete the emails of course.
My problem with passing urine must've’ve been ‘urine infection’ which I never had before. I first noticed something wasn't right when I was waiting for my transit flight to Zagreb Croatia. Little did I know that it’ll get worse and will need medical intervention. Lack of fluid intake during travel must’ve aggravated the situation.
As for lipo, wish I had it done ten years ago. Belly and certainly love handles are much reduced, which means I can buy chest sized T shirts and not belly size.
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Re: My tummy liposuction experience at Dr. Toncic’s plastic surg

Postby presleyhandler1-@_12 » Wed Jun 17, 2015 12:30 am

The type of liposuction which should be used should be vaser. Regardless of the fact that it is done especially for reducing the bellies, it can be done for reducing or shaping few parts of the body like . It is beneficial in the sense that its recovery is fast and within very short time the belly is reduced to a good extent. Liverpool skin clinic also has a good reputation which helps in reducing the belly size through vaser liposuction. Liposuction is being preferred over normal exercise since its effect is faster.
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