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News News of Skin Care, Anti-Aging

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Question Regarding Skin in the Winter

Hi all, new member here. :D

Now I know the skin in cold/winter conditions generally tends to be prone to dryness, cracking, and so forth, but my question is; does the skin (if not looked after properly) become weaker? I ask because I find the skin on my thumb often breaking/ripping during these cold/winter days.

Many thanks.
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damaged skin after glycolic acid 12%

im a man 22year old, i had acné marks on my cheeks, i went to internet i found most people says lemon treat marks, i put lemon mixed with garlic in my skin and i went outside was sun day i got chemical burn i stressed alot after 1-2 months the burn has healed left brown visible mark, i keeplt applying lemon the marks has removed abit still visible, i bought glycolic acid 12% ...
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anti-ageing cosmetic surgery help


I am a 4th year Fashion Management student at Robert Gordons University currently doing my dissertation on cosmetic surgery and the views of anti-ageing and celebrity endorsement.

I have to do 8 interviews with people who have had some form of cosmetic surgery and 3 people have canceled on me. I was wondering if anyone was free to answer my questions on any form they wish i.e the forum, email, phone call anything they ...
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Do you wnat to make you restore or maintain the young?

Do you know Chinese Qigong can make you restore or maintain the young?

Thank everyone who read my words.
I am a Chinese girl. If you've seen my picture, do you think how old I am?
Well, I think you have read my profile. I really was 39 years old.
I can stay young, because I practiced Chinese qigong. So I kept 20-year-old face and body. I hope a lot of women can stay ...
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How to get rid of dry skin on face (10 Golden tips)

This is my first thread on this forum, so it'll contain 10 golden tips for how to get rid of dry skin on face.
Here I tell you about the most common mistakes you’re probably doing in a daily basis, and proven tips/tricks that I had personally been following in order to get rid of dry skin.
1. Stop washing your face too often, it causes dryness, irritation, and dehydration. Not only this, it also ...
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What order to apply product post-Fraxel?

Hey everyone,

I'm male in my early 20s. Although my acne is mostly cleared up now, I have deeper rolling and boxcar acne scars on my cheeks. I'm currently going through Fraxel Restore and finished my second treatment (planning on 5). I have darker, Type V skin.

I now have to apply a variety of products to my skin and am trying to figure out what order to apply them in. Pre-Fraxel, I used Retin ...
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[PIC] 24 Y.O: Wrinkles Under Eyes Due to Bad Habits?

Hello everyone,

Since I was a young girl, I have already been plagued with dark circles under my eyes. But recently, it has worsened and now I even have wrinkles! I just noticed these lines about a week ago.

I'm just 24 years old (almost 25) and have developed undereye wrinkles due to:
-Lack of Sleep (I only get 5-6 hours of quality sleep per night)
-Lack of Water (I rarely get 8 glasses of ...
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Hgh therapy

Hi everyone.
Im 42 y.o. man and I found that I've got some symptoms of low testosterone. I became weaker, less hardy, the decline of sexual desire. I want to cure it but I'm not sure how much it is safe. I read a lot of information about that and some clinics are looks really trustfull. I chose this clinic because of good reviews and they located not far from my home but I can ...
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pH of a product

This past March I was using a salicylic acid toner 2% from Paula's Choice (which I have used before with out any problems) along with a nightly Mandelic Acid 10% serum from MUAC for about 3.5 weeks. I have never used the mandelic serum but I read the directions and other reviews and it seemed promising. The pH is 2.5 but I don't know if that was too hight to use nightly.
On the ...
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So can retin A really cause Subcutaneous fat loss?

I have been reading that it is suspected that it indeed, may cause the accelerated loss of subcutaneous fat.

Has this ever happened to anyone?

I feel that if we can get as MANY people as we can to contribute to this, we can come upon an agreement as to whether it not it could

1. How long have you used it?
2. How old were you when you started, and how old are you ...
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