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It is currently Wed Jul 18, 2018 8:23 pm

News News of Breast Reduction

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breast reduction : final size

Hello ,
I had a breast reduction at the beginning of february . I am really happy with the result . I just wanted to ask around what time I will have my final bra size cause I'm a bit scared that my new breasts will get a bit bigger ..... To be honest I even wouldn't mind them getting even a bit smaller cause I'm really thin .
thanks in advance for your replies ...
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Help - Overweight/Diabetes and Breast Reduction

I'm around 295 pounds and carry this weight really well. I'm also 5'9". I walk every day (thanks to my Apple i-Watch), my bloodwork came back fine; however, the office I went to get my consult at is acting like I'm to big for a breast reduction. Currently I'm a 44-46DDD/E and want to go down to a D cup. During my initial consult, the doctor was all for it and said I was a ...
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Breast Reduction at a size DDD and 5'10" 200lbs

I am 50yr old, 200lbs, 5'10" and a size DDD and would like to be a full C or small D. When I was 40yrs old and 165lbs I had a breast lift and was a small DD or D. My boobs are the very last place my body loses. Over the years I know I look better at about 185lbs. 185 is easier to maintain and leaves fewer wrinkles but my boobs are still ...
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Dr. Lista - Mommy Makeover - HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

MOMMY MAKEOVER - While the time leading up to your surgery can be exciting as we are close to having what we hope will be a step forward toward looking and feeling better I am sure all of us experience some fear, anxiety and doubts prior to our surgery as well.

I did extensive research and every night was reading reviews and blogs to better prepare myself to ensure I knew exactly what I was ...
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Updated Pics 5 1/5 Years Later!

I just took updated pics as it has now been 5 1/5 years since my surgery. I am still very happy and consider it one of the best things I have ever done! New pics on second page :D
http://www.makemeheal.com/pictures/brea ... ast-a11342
Password is: sohappy
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4 days to go - stopping MJ?

Hello everyone!

I am scheduled for my procedure this coming Saturday. I am 25 years old, 150 lbs, 5'5" in height and I have always been extremely healthy. I have been following my instructions to a T and even quit drinking a week ahead even though my PS only suggests stopping 48 hours ahead. I quit smoking cigarettes over a year and a half ago and avoid them and other smokers like the plague so ...
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College student a good candidate? *newbie*

Hi there. I'm new to the forum, and joined because I had a few questions for people who've already gone through or are going through the application process to get their reduction covered by their insurance. I have United Healthcare, and I'm going to try and see if I can get covered. I've been seriously wanting this for the past 3 or 4 years, but it's been on my mind for longer than that. I'm ...
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upset...i think my breasts are too small now!

Hi everyone.
I am so glad I found this site. So nice to find people to share with. I just had a BR 5 days ago and I'm pretty upset out about how small they look. I was a 32F, 5'7", 145lbs. and now I am what my doctor called it a "perky c").

I asked for a "D" but the dr. said that there was less tissue than she thought (she needed to take ...
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Lipo breast reduction with implants

Hi Everyone

I had my consult yesterday with my PS. I was inquiring about a breast lift with reduction. I am 5'1" and weigh 135. I am a 36DD

I had lipo several years ago and have gained weight in my breast. My normal breast size was 34C.

Anyway..my PS suggested breast lipo and a small implant to give volume and lift. (Is that a "Scarless breast lip?)

Has anyone had this? What are your ...
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Insurance woes


So I'm in the process of trying to get my breast reduction preapproved. However, my doctor informed me that my breasts may not be large enough for the insurance to approve me. (This would be the first time in 20 years they've been too small for anything.). Has anyone Else experienced this? Do you have any advice?
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