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News News of Arm Lift, Brachioplasty, Reduction

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had brachio with arm lipo yesterday - arms not smaller

Is it normal for there to be no immediate arm size change right after surgery? I mean none at all!

I am wrapped in ace bandages from armpit to elbow only. I had a complication right after surgery - tons of bleeding in my right arm (left arm was fine!) and so I went back in my surgeon literally had to open me up again under local anasthetic to deal with a hematoma and sew ...
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Brachioplasty next week - smoking

Hey, first of all I want to introduce myself. My name is Nicole and I had a Breast Lift/Augmentation and Lower Body Lift back in September (after losing 80 lbs over the course of 3 years - on my own, no gastric bypass) with amazing results. I have smoked since I was 15 and am now 43. I "quit" 4 weeks before and after the surgery and healed beautifully. I say "quit" because I did ...
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Arm Lift SX 4/21/16

I have soooo many questions. I just scheduled my arm lift sx for less than 2 weeks away. I have read as much as I can on the forums (lots of info is older) and googled lots.

My surgeon says he doesn't use compression garments, he sends you home those white stockings for your arms. I am thinking about ordering a garment for after week 2. THOUGHTS?

Scar cream/silicone strips. I have read all the ...
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Brachioplasty and abdominoplasty 10/30/2015

Hello everyone!
I have been reading your site for several weeks. I was just approved today for a panniculetomy (So fast! I just had my pictures taken last week!), which means I will be having abdominoplasty and brachioplasty in one procedure on October 30th. What did you use for icing your arms after surgery?
I am here to learn as much as I can from all of you for the best recovery. I also could ...
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5 days Post Op

So, I had a total colectomy for colon cancer almost 3 years ago. My tummy tuck I had prior to that still remained great but I formed all this lopsided fat that was driving me nuts. I decided to get some lipo done with my long time plastic surgeon. I was scheduled to have lipo to arms, flanks, abdomen, middle back and inner thigh. Once there we decided lip to the arms was not going ...
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Getting a full arm lift on October 9th! Anyone else?

I have not posted in so long...I had a FTT with lipo three years ago and this website was a lifesaver. I've been reading through some of the posts and wanted to know if anyone else is having an AL soon?

This surgery is pretty anxiety provoking as I've read good and some very bad reviews. I just can no longer live with these batwings. I am also getting lipo of the upper back (bra ...
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mini armlift -- i mean a small incision (no fat)

has anyone had an extremely mini arm lift and what i mean by this is just a small bit of skin pulled up about an inch under the armpit just to get rid of the crepey (sp?) skin on the innner/front part of the arm? i am skinny and have virtually no fat, i just want to pull up about an inch length of skin and tighten under the armpit so i don't have the ...
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Arm Lift 3+ years out

Hi there!

I am a 30 year old female that is thinking of having a brachioplasty.

I had a LBL done 5 years ago and healed very nicely.

My arms have always made me insecure. I don't buy anything strapless, sleeveless, or even short sleeved.

I've been researching for years on brachioplasty and can never find images of women and their scars 3+ years out. Everyone is always newly post-op or under a year.

Are ...
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Forearm pain after lipo

I had my arms lipoed 8 days ago and my forearms are very swollen and are super tender. Has anyone else experienced forearm pain? Also, is it common for the forearm to be so swollen? I feel like popeye the sailor man.
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Comments/recommendations on Dr. Michael Salzhauer from Miami

In little over a month will be undergoing several procedures with Dr. Salzhauer, which will include a T-scar arm lift. I'm freaking out, please if anyone has any comments, experience, or recommendations especially with Dr. Salzhauer please share.

Thanks :)
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