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It is currently Thu Jul 19, 2018 7:49 pm

News News of Breast Lift, Mastopexy

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seeking reference pics for similar frame 40DD

I'm getting a breast lift and implants plus a tummy tuck and some lipo. I'm just having a hard time finding reference pictures to show my doctor of women with a similar frame. I have broad shoulders, weigh 215, dress size 16, and a 40DD with deflated with nipples that point down. Can anyone help me find some before/afters that would help me decide what kind of breasts I want?
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Breast Lift + Autoaugmentation. Will it stay like this? :'(

Hello! I lost massive weight and had a Breast lift with autoaugmentation on March 28th. Surgeon had to make incisions to my sides because my breasts had loose skin there, below the armpits. The new shape of the breasts looks good, but I am horrified by the scars. I have experience with scars because I had a tt last year. I know that my scars get swollen, red, thick at first and the surrounding stretch ...
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TT, lipo flanks/back/underarm, BL+implants, IT, 2 much????

Hello all! I consulted 4 doctors and the one I liked the most agreed that I need all of this. I've been wondering if the recovery time would increase significantly because I am having all these procedures done at the same time... tummy tuck, liposuction of the abdomen, flanks, back, arms and arm lift, underarm, BL and BA, inner thighs lipo... Also, has anyone worked from home on day #8 with a laptop on your ...
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Explanation with bl and smaller implant, Dubai

Hi ladies,
This site was a godsend to me 11 years ago when I originally got my implants - although it had a different name then.

I'm now living in Dubai and am scheduled to have these huge over the muscle, anatomical e cup implants removed with a lift and a small, 280 cc round implant...and I'm way more scared than I was before, probably because of the lift part - and the fact that ...
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Breast lift - nipples uneven

Has anyone ever had this and it evened out in time? I am 4 weeks post. The one is too high if anything. Which I know makes evening them out harder as it sounds like it's easier to lift one then bring it down.
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marena post surgery bra

hello ladies,

I would like to ask if any of you bought marena post surgery bra from make me heal.com ...I just want to ask if the bras are authentic buying them from makemeheal.com...as I have read some customers complaints and I got worried.

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tape for incisions

has anyone tried 3M Kind Removal Silicone Tape for their incisions?
How often should i change theTape or should i let it peel off on its own to replace a new one?

thank you
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Post surgical dizziness and blurred visiom

I am 49 yo and 3 weeks post surgical for mastopexy and silicone overs.

I am still dizzy nauseous and having blurred vision daily. I never used any pain pills, except Advil so that's not the issue.

My PS says he's never heard of this and wants me to see a neuro. I don't have health ins so I'm hoping this will resolve soon. I've started accupuncture and a naturopath suggested activated charcoal to remove ...
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breast lift without implants

hi, i'm having a tummy tuck and a breast lift without implants. dr. says i have plenty of volume w/out the need of implants, but thats how i always look with 12 lbs extra weight on me, when he first seen me at 152. right now i'm 152, it's december 25th 2014, my surgery is jan. 16th, 2015. i plan to be back down in weight which is pretty normal for me, 140. then my ...
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