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News News of Forehead Lift, Brow Lift

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Castañares technique

I am considering plastic surgery around the end of the year with Dr. Lev from Costa Rico. He has suggested a brow lift in addition to the face, neck and eyes. I am reluctant to have the brow lift because I had very successful hair transplant in 2001. I would be 71 year old man at the time of the surgery. Because of my reluctance he mentioned something called the Castañares technique where the incision ...
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indentation in forehead

Hi there,
I have an embarrassing indentation mark about 1-2 inches in length.I am very afraid of going out in public. People ask me all the time have I been in an auto accident I tell them ,no. I have had this all my life ,I am about 58 years of age.Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Looking for an excellent Plastic Surgeon In Newport Beach

Has anyone ever used Dr. Ashton Kaidi in Newport Beach? If so, what is your opinion (good or bad)? I'm trying to find an excellent plastic surgeon. Going to have a brow lift, upper and lower eyelids, and neck lift. I'm going crazy trying to make a decision!!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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Looking for Referral for Plastic Surgeon in DFW

Looking for a referral of plastic surgeon in D/FW for Brow Lift and possible face Lift. Would like to know of others experience before making a final decision.
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Anyone had an Endoscopic Brow Lift Revision?

I have to do this after my surgery 7 weeks ago left me with eyes that won't stay closed and severe dry eye. Please let me know if you have had one and what it entails. Is it worse/easier/same as the original surgery? Did you go back to looking the same as before? Was it an immediate release and relaxing that allowed you back to comfort after the continuous pulling?
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5 years of pure hell with my endo brow lift. I never thought in a million years this can happen to me. I did all the research on this (so called) Doctor. I have been totally miserable, beyond belief. I was so tired of hiding from everyone, staying home, being so lonely. I used to be a very outgoing, fun, social girl. It all ended. My forehead looked like something from an alien. It's shape ...
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Coronal Browlift Revision

Several years ago I was the recipient of a brutal coronal browlift/aggressive bleph. The doctor permanently removed so much hairline (my hairline was already high) that I look like an alien and have to wear a hairpiece. The bleph was so aggressive that my once feminine almond eyes look masculine and round. He removed the muscles between my eyes, giving me a sunk in look between my eyes when I smile. also, one eyebrow/eye seems ...
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Considering a brow lift reversal - any advice?!

I had a brow lift about 15 months ago and I am unhappy with the results. I've had several rounds of Botox in my forehead to help relax the muscles to bring my brows down because they are just too high. I had a lot of trouble after my surgery and I discussed a reversal with the doctor who performed my procedure, but he said he hadn't reversed a brow lift before. He also isn't ...
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Browlift, Lateral Brow Lift/ Filler

Hello to all,
I was wondering how many of you out there have had a brown lift.
Was it a coronal, regular with entodines, or lateral ?
don't read about browlits much any more, and wondered what peoole
are doing for the droppy lateral brow.
I had a regular one, it fell in two months, the only thing that positively
remained was that the doctor cut the corrgator musle, so dont' have much frown like ...
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edit done

edit done
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