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It is currently Wed Jul 18, 2018 8:43 pm

News News of Chemical Peel

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Didn’t frost after 3 layers, did after 2 more

Hello, it’s been ages since I have been on this board!
I did my first TCA peel about a month ago, 1 layer of 25% on my forehead, 3 of 13% rest of face. Frosted both areas, amazing results. Decided to do another on my forehead today because it’s my problem area, sun damage . I did 15 %, 3 layers, stung but no frost. Thought I would Just be done. Put n the Aquaphor, ...
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Jessners & TCA combo peel advice?

I just got the Jessners 14% peel and TCA 20% peel. I know that you can use these 2 together, and from my research the Jessners peel neutralizes on its own (which goes on first) but do I need to neutralize the TCA? And do I wash my face within the 24 hours? I hVe found some articles that say yes, and others that say no... Very confused and I clearly don't want to mess ...
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Hi. I’m a 42 year old from Canada. I was always busy with my work and in this hectic life of mine I never had enough time to care about my skin. My skin has become damaged due to overexposure to sunlight. My skin is very oily with blackheads and whiteheads. I look like a sixty year old granny because my skin has become wrinkled. I consulted a dermatologist at Beauti-Med Laser Skin Care Centre ...
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30% TCA chemical peel on arm

I am so excited to have found this website! Undoubtedly, it will be my new fav! :D :D :D

Alright, so I absolutely love TCA chemical peels and have been doing them for a few years. I had a couple scars on my legs, which I double layered ...
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Chest Peel Help!!!

I'm new here are dizzy from 4 days of pouring over posts.There's not too much on chest peels that won't peel on here! I had a TCA 30% (I think?) at dr office on my face, neck and chest 11 days ago. This was the 2nd for my face (1st was 15% a month before) and peeled normally and looks great. My chest got all wrinkly and nasty looking and wouldn't peel at all. ...
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Help day 2 vipeel / revepeel

I just had this procedure done yesterday it's called revepeel, equivalent to vipeel . Difference is the numbing agent is already mixed in the peel mixture. I got this done for severe melasma.
I'm on day two , nothing major happening except the darkening of melasma even more and tight /itchy skin. I was told by day 6 I would be fine and well enough to go out. The way I see my face right ...
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HELP: My skin is really brown and dry after glycolic peel?

I did a glycolic acid peel 30% 2 days ago. When I put it on, after about 2 or 3 minutes my skin started to REALLY burn so I immediately washed it off and neutralized it. The next day my skin was extremely red and now today it's not red anymore but now my left cheek is pretty much brown and dry. Please, I want to know if this is normal and if this brown ...
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Advice on legs, chest, arms

I have done combo 20% TCA/Jessner's on my face in years past though not recently. I tolerated it well but can't say I saw dramatic results although I did not do it regularly at all, perhaps twice a year.

From years in the sun and age, my legs have both croc-skinned appearance and there is some sagging. Yuck. While I know I can't do anything about the sagging with a peel, I'm wondering if a ...
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the 'perfect derma peel' applied 3 days ago

i had the 'perfect derma peel' applied to my face 3 days ago at my dermatologists' office. still no peeling … not one little flake! do you think this was applied wrong or the ointment was expired? i googled the procedure and saw that the ointment applied to the face is orange/red in color and mine was clear! i'm worried that nothing will happen and i paid close to $200! what should i do?
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Need HELP!!

So i did a 30% Glycolic Peels at night and left it on for 5 min. After i washed my face and clean it. It soon turned white and after i went to sleep... in the morning i checked my face was brownish. Why does it happen?? Will it go away soon?
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