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Residency Clinics in Chicago

Does anyone know of any residency clinics in Chicago that provide cosmetic surgery services for less money under the direct supervision of an attending? Thanks!!!!
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dr, daniel baker for asymmetrical eyes/browlift

In years past, I heard wonderful things about this NYC plastic surgeon and was considering making an appointment with him to address a longstanding problem with asymmetrical lateral drooping of my upper eyelids due to aging and/or an upper bleph done in another country many years ago. My opthamologist told me that Dr. Baker was off his game and that I should choose someone younger given that I might need both another upper bleph AND ...
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Plastic Surgeon in SF bay area for under eye help please!

I am looking for a good plastic surgeon. After years of contact wear underneath my eyes is crepey and puffy. I'm not sure if I need a bleph or laser or.......whatever. Any recommendations would be appreciated,Thank you!
Read more : Plastic Surgeon in SF bay area for under eye help please! | Views : 2592 | Replies : 3

Dr Tim Martin

What is your opinion on Dr Martin,San Franciso? I've heard good things but he does a deep plane lift and I', told recovery time is longer
Read more : Dr Tim Martin | Views : 3474 | Replies : 3

Surgeon recommendations in London, UK


I am helping a good friend look for a top surgeon in London. I do not know what a boil is BUT, she says she has one on the side of her thigh and would like to get it fixed by a top surgeon in London

She is just recovering from a surgery in Spain and is looking to get her surgery in May.

What are some of the best London surgeons who would ...
Read more : Surgeon recommendations in London, UK | Views : 2338 | Replies : 1

Plastic Surgery in Australia

Okay folks- Australia has a very high standard of medical care, similar to that of the USA. However, not long ago a 26 year old woman died as the result of liposuction complications, and another young mother of five, Mrs. Kerry Mullins, has been left severely mutilated by Dr. Morris Ritz from the Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery. Furthermore, Australia now has a National Medical Board. A truly staggering amount of time and money has ...
Read more : Plastic Surgery in Australia | Views : 2744 | Replies : 2

Dr. Geoffrey Keyes in Los angeles.

Hi Everyone,

I was just wondering if anyone has has surgery with Dr Geoffrey Keyes in Los Angeles. I have had consultations with many plastic surgeons in Los Angeles about my rhinoplasty. Dr Keyes and his staff were all very friendly, and he spent nearly an hour explaining what he would do, taking pics, showing me before and after pics, etc.Another reason that I decided to move forward with him was the price. $7,500 is ...
Read more : Dr. Geoffrey Keyes in Los angeles. | Views : 2556 | Replies : 1


Has anyone here any info on Dr Steinbrech in NY,.....i found his website by chance,and the before and after pics look amazing.
Although i live in the UK,i would travel ,well,providing the price is do able?
Read more : DR STEINBRECH.....NY | Views : 2416 | Replies : 1

Need PHILA. area referral for ARM LIFT surgery + more !!!_

Requiring extensive surgery/1st priority for ARM LIFT surgery, in greater Phila. area. Difficulty finding a practice that does this surgery regularly. Which Dr. to choose? Appreciate any help with suggestions, surgery experience, etc. Ideal would be finding the same practice for several procedures.

Thanks so much!
Desperate to get this underway. . .
Read more : Need PHILA. area referral for ARM LIFT surgery + more !!!_ | Views : 2469 | Replies : 3

dr. sam rizk

Hi, Anyone use Sam Rizk for rhinoplasty? Any input? Does he require preop testing? This is for a primary rhino.... thanks!
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