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News News of Weight Loss Surgery (Gastric Bypass, Lap-Band, Bariatric)

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Losing Fat and Maintaining Muscles

Focus on maintaining muscle and not on losing fat

The first mental barrier that you think dieters can not get muscles. You need to pay attention to diet, not only unreasonable enter various calories in order to gain weight.

Diet is not the most effective for growth and building muscle. Both are possible, depending on the qualifications of athletes. Aim to maintain muscle and not on losing fat.

A different approach to get a more ...
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The Link Between Weight Loss Surgery and Headaches

Weight loss surgery may be a risk factor for a specific kind of headache, according to a new study published in the journal Neurology.

Researchers looked at 338 patients with a history of spontaneous intracranial hypotension—headaches typically caused by a cerebrospinal fluid leak—and found that 11 of those patients had undergone a form of bariatric surgery. Though 11 people, 3.3% of the sample, is a seemingly small number and certainly not enough to change clinical ...
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Lap Band removal?

Has anyone had their Lap Band removed? Was it an easy recovery? How did you feel afterwards?

Thank you.

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Lap Band Removal - want Gastric Sleeve, INPUT?

I have had the Lap Band since 9/08. I have lost about 20 lbs and kept it off. I now want it removed for many reasons, 1) the port sticks out too far and I seem hit it on my desk and other things. 2) This just doesn't work for me.

I would like to have the gastric sleeve to replace the band.

Any input?

Has anyone had their lap band removed? what was the ...
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Breast Revision after VSG

Rewind 9 years... I had a BR
2 years later, I had a botched BL, BA and TT... Another Dr from the same practice tried to fix what 1st Dr had done but it was too much and my breasts still look terrible and I need scar revision and a new set!!
Last yr I had VSG (I was a light weight) and I'm to my goal weight of 119. Any recommended Drs in California ...
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Come to our LA event & learn about bariatric surgery!

If you've been considering bariatric surgery, we have the perfect event for you. Next Saturday, July 20, a team of world-renowned bariatric surgeons will be holding an event to discuss bariatric surgery options in Los Angeles. Learn the facts about bariatric surgery from the experts!

Everyone is welcome to join, and admission is free - but keep in mind that seating is limited! So bring yourself, your friends and your family, and just make sure ...
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Removed my failed lapband

I removed my lapband last week. Now I am on my own with weight loss and considering a revision to sleeve. I am considering Dr Hurtado in Tijuana Mexico. He is not popular on the net but very popular in TJ amongst locals. Can't wait!!
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Question about Paying for Gastic Bypass (not for me)

I am actually asking for a friend of my husband's... He makes too much money for government-subsidized insurance in our state (he makes like 28K/year as a line cook), but he doesn't have the money for regular health insurance. How much does a gastric bypass cost (procedure, operating room, etc.)? Do you know if they offer this at a reduced cost at any teaching hospitals?
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weight loss surgeon on mexico

My friend and I went to Mexico to have weight loss surgery. I have a lapband, she wanted a sleeve. I am going back next year to change from lapband to sleeve as I don't has as much success as I want. Here is a link to her review
http://www.makemeheal.com/directory/vie ... try_id=949
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Gastric bypass 2009 story

I had a gastric bypass May 13, 2009, tipping the scales with 320lbs of me! I was in the hospital for 3 nights, I should have been longer but I was bound and determined to get home asap. Once home I developed an infection within a few days and was in the emergency room twice with fever and dizziness. It was rectified with antibiotics and pain meds.

I quickly started dropping weight. I was very ...
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