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It is currently Fri Jul 20, 2018 1:05 pm

News News of Male/Man Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia)

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Quick Gynecomastia Survey Study

Posted with permission from MMH admin. I have re-opened the study to allow for a few more participants; however, we are now only collecting responses from treatment seekers at this point. Thanks for your participation! :)


My name is Daniel Luis Ordaz, and I am principal investigator in a research study titled: Psychological Correlates of Gynecomastia (Pro_16403). This study is being conducted through the University of ...
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Viable option for helping deal with gynecomastia

The other week I cam across a product being sold online that helps to mask embarrassing gynecomastia. It is called nonipz and it works to cover type 1 and type 2 gynecomastia. Pretty neat stuff and simple to use. It has definitely helped me to feel more comfortable in the types of clothes I like to wear.

I think they also have women's products, too, for helping to hide erect/hard nipples when wearing thin garments.
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looking for males who have undergone plastic surgery

Hi! I'm a news reporter for my university and I'm currently working on a feature news story about male plastic surgery. It's a little difficult finding subjects in my community, as it's not as widely talked about as female plastic surgery. Having just recovered from a breast augmentation in the summer of last year, I am now fascinated by plastic surgery and the truly positive outcome one can gain from it. If anyone is interested ...
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Gynecomastia for left pectoral !


I'm 32 and a while ago lost about 40 pounds through cardio exercise/diet, etc. Still, I believe my left pectoral could look better. Do you believe a reduction is needed.

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Post Gynecomastia Surgery & Loose Skin Issues

I had Gynecomastia Surgery about a year ago and it really didn't fix the loose skin issue I've delt with forever even with I was a kid I hold fat in the chest area. The Doc says he can repair / help by removing some skin (pulling it down and reattatching the nipples.

Is this the typ way of repairing this problem?

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Hey im a male who lost over 150 pounds and now getting a tummy tuck with another surgrey since chest is huge i have tissue in there. Seen 2 great doctors and one wants to do a lolipop surgrey and says it will be flat and no tissue in there but the other wants to do an excesion horitzotal saying its more stiching but 100% flat because lolipop will raise the nipple but will still ...
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working out to remove male breasts?

Hi Everyone,

I get this question all the time from different people if you can bring down your man boobs if you work out your chest? I would think it could tone some if it, but the boobs will still probably remain to some extent which is why the surgical procedure is required.

Has anyone experienced a reduction in their male breasts by working out the chest specifically?
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5 months post with Blau

I had it done in mid Feb this year. I did my research and was sure that I was going to the best. The price was high, roughly 7 k if I remember correctly, but I do ok and that really didn't matter to me. To me (younger single guy) I'd much rather be the good looking guy who drove a Honda to the beach, then the man boobs chump in the awesome convertible.

When ...
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Fantastic compression tanks and shirts!

Hey Guys!

Just wanted to let you know that we are having a holiday sale on many items in our store and I know that the underworks compression garments have been a real hit amongst men dealing with gynecomastia. Here are some of the most popular ones:

For someone wanted the "ultimate" in compression and hold:
Men's Ultimate Chest Binder Shirt MMH ID: 64230: http://bit.ly/fsj7OQ
The Men's Ultimate ...
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New Shapewear Garments with Thong Back- Now Available!

Hello everyone,

We’re excited to announce the come-back of our most popular shapewear garments with a thong back. Shapewear garments can make you look thinner and help hide trouble areas. Additionally, shapewear garments can also enhance body areas by providing additional curves and padding.
Some of you often use these bodysuits as “Stage 3” garments as they are very comfortable and provide a lighter compression than Stage 2 garments.

You can find these New, Sexy ...
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