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It is currently Thu Jul 19, 2018 7:32 pm

News News of Otoplasty, Ear Surgery

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Surgeons in NYC


I'm debating getting an otoplasty done on one ear that protrudes. First I have to decide on a surgeon. My criteria so far is that they should be board certified with the American Society of Plastic Surgery. And that they perform microtia/ear reconstruction work which I feel makes them overqualified to fix my case.

From this I determined Dr. Charles Thorne and Dr. Thomas Romo are good choices. Has anyone here used them or ...
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Best Revision Otoplasty after Burt Brent's retirement

In the United States, who is (are?) the best surgeon(s) to go to for revision otoplasty since Burt Brent's retirement?
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Otoplasty Revision - Over Corrected Ears

I had a simple pinback surgery some 10 years ago which resulted in over correction of my ear. Now after all these years I am planning to go ahead with revision surgery. Over the years I have interacted and studied the different results of otoplasty surgeons around the world, as the area of revision otoplasty is much more complicated than normal otoplasty-so i see the amount of attention to detail they pay and how ...
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Dr. Thomas Le review - revision otoplasty

Hey guys, just wanted to give a review of Dr. Le in Maryland for otoplasty.

Background: I have large ears and they also stick out. My first surgeon (5 years ago) only was successful in bringing in the bottom part of my ears but the top part stuck out, making it look like I had bat ears. It was better than before, but I was not happy. I decided to get a revision with Dr. ...
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Guys and short haircuts

I was just wondering how the guys in here go about getting a short trim? My barbers have trouble folding back my ears. Is it the same with everyone? I get anxious every time I need to go for a cut, so much so that I'm thinking of cutting my own hair. Any feedback would be most appreciated.
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Otoplasty Concerns

Hello All -

I am two weeks post op from an otoplasty and have questions for anyone who has gone through the surgery / recovery......

I am having a hard time adjusting to my "new" look and have concerns that everyone will notice that I have had a surgery done which was not my intentions...

Also, my ears still seem pretty swollen two weeks out and I am wondering when I will be able to ...
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Otoplasty 22 years ago, photos inside, need advice


22 years ago I had Otoplasty and I'm very glad I did it. Here are three photos... the first 2 are of my brother and me, and the 3rd is me recently. PHOTO HERE ==> https://goo.gl/YScu3r

He doesn't have protruding ears and neither does my mom or dad. Now that I'm about to start to have a family I'm very curious if my kids will have protruding ears. ...
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After 30+ years, I finally got up the nerve to not only schedule consultations but the surgery, too! These last few hours of today are going to kill me with excitement and anxiety. It's like Christmas!!

I've been lurking for about a month, and I have read every single thread (some more than once). I just wanted to say thank you to all that have shared their stories and advice - it has really ...
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Merck stitch method


So I had this procedure done (Dr Merck stitch method) and am very satisfied. It's been about a year and two months now since the procedure. Since this was one of the forums I visited while orientating before making the decision, I figured I would offer some help if anybody is interested. This section seems a bit dead now so I rather check if there is anybody interested in details or has specific questions.
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DIY Laser Assisted Otoplasty

Sounds crazy, but I am doing this myself in September...The risk is so low and I would not consider going under the knife for ear correction. I will document and let you all know how it goes...currently targeting September 16th.

And no, this is not a joke.

https://www.researchgate.net/publicatio ... 4_Patients
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