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News News of Eyelid Surgery, Blepharoplasty

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Dr. Mehryar Taban AGED ME 25 YEARS!

DR. TABAN AGED me 25 years. I had a naturally high crease but he ADDED heavy skin folds to lower it producing an ugly, hooded, malevolent look. Additionally my left and right lids are uneven. He refused to correct his botched surgery or to reimburse me a dime! The glowing testimonials he managed to procure are highly suspicious. He should never have become a cosmetic surgeon.

If I were Dr. Taban, the last thing I ...
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He cut off my eyelid muscle now im deformed and disabled

Of course I am going to seek justice from them

Is there any hope to fix this? I:ve asked many many oculoplastic have not gotten any solution to fix

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Asian upper eyelid revision

I had three unsucessfull procedures on my right eyelids 10 years ago. I still does not feel confortable having this eyelid (it's tight) and it has an unnatural looking.
Who can help me? I'm looking for an expert...
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Eyelid surgery

I have a very droopy upper eyelid. It runs in the family,
My mom had to get surgery for it. I will as well.
The doctor said if Insurance will cover depends on how
I do on the Peripheral Vision test.
If I pass this test, is there still a way to get insurance
to cover?...I will have to have this done at some point,
I would rather have it done now, while I'm ...
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Peripheral Vision test? for Blepharoplasty


I have very saggy upper lids...as in hiding my eyelashes, especially
on one eye. My mom Had to have this at 80 since she would not
see, infections, etc. I went to a doctor who said she could do this.
It would take an hour. But she was not sure Insurance would cover.
I have to go next week for a Peripheral Vision test. I know I will have
to have this done eventually, ...
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I just had lower lid blepharoplasty

Hello everyone,

I had lower lid blepharoplasty last Friday so today is my fifth day post op. I am happy with the results overall. I have the expected swelling and bruising which are turning yellow. I was surprised how little pain there was. For me, on a scale of 0 to 10 with 0 being no pain, the pain never really got over 1. I do feel a very little bit of soreness when I ...
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Stem cells to create new tissue and repair around the eyes

Grateful if someone can help please.

I've read about a "revolutionary technique" that uses a patient’s own stem cells to create new tissue and repair the skin around their eyes. Fat and stem cells are taken from your lower body and injected into the facial muscles, fat pads and eyelids, making your eyes appear brighter and more awake.

The key thing is that it's non-surgical. It sounds really attractive.

But I can't see any reviews ...
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Double Eyelid Surgery - Dr. Goretti Taghva Ho vs. Dr. Lee

Hi everyone,

I'm having trouble deciding between Dr. Goretti Taghva Ho and Dr. Charles Lee? Dr. Ho performs a new suture technique that uses 6 points. Dr Charles Lee performs the traditional DST technique. Does anyone know which technique is better or more longer-lasting? I can't find much on this 6 point technique.

Also, does anyone know anything about people's experiences about either of these doctors? Dr. Ho is much younger, which scares me a ...
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Blepheroplasty Doctor in Colorado

Anyone have any experiences/Recommendations?
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Questions about Blephoplasty

Hello, I have a few questions.

I've been doing some research about blephoplasty procedure for under the eyes.

I'm 35, I'm African American and male. My entire life I've had dark circles under my eyes similar to this:


and I've pretty much always had that 'tired' look my whole life but now that I've aged. i have a combo of lines/bags in combination with the darkness under the ...
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