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It is currently Thu Jul 19, 2018 7:45 pm

News News of Chin/Jaw Implants, Augmentation

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sliding genioplasty regrets, reversal?

Hi everyone i got double jaw surgery plus sliding genioplasty recently over winter break (3.5 months/15.5 wks ago) to correct my underbite. at the time we planned the DJS, my surgeon added SG about a month pre-op and i asked if we could not do the it but he said it would be better to do it (helps breathing n "better" profile) and now i regret it so much, i'm happy my bite is good ...
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Sliding Genioplasty Swelling and Unevenness

It is day 16 since my sliding genioplasty, brought forward 12mm.

When I look down, one side is significantly more swollen than the other. I.e. this is your chin -> -_- and one side (the "-") goes higher than the other.

Does this sound normal? And anyone know when I'll start to look more normal, I'm very anxious to see other people right now since my chin area looks very enlarged. I also am having ...
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Vertical genioplasty with Dr. Niamtu, good choice?


I am considering getting a vertical genioplasty with Dr. Niamtu to lessen my mentolabial fold and make my jawline less square. I am barely researching this procedure and was wondering about you guys opinion on this doctor? Are there any other doctors recommended for this procedure?

Thank you
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Removing implant for sliding genioplasty

I currently have a chin implant and am about to get a sliding genioplasty to replace it and have it removed. I have visited two oral surgeons so far. The first told me that a genioplasty would get my the same results as my current chin implant. The surgeon that I'm currently seeing told me that he can add more horizontal length AND alleviate some of the mentolabial ...
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sliding genioplasty or something similar PICS

Should i consider it? I think I am in dire need of this. I'm 18 years old and just recently discovered my disgusting downward grown mandible, terrible hyoid bone, and shitty gonial angle (lol).

These are some pictures of me rn: https://imgur.com/a/IGz9T

This is how I want to look: https://imgur.com/HNts8zQ

Thanks all! :D
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Sliding Genioplasty considerations **PICS**

I am considering a genioplasty and just wanted to make sure I was on the right track. Here are my pics: https://imgur.com/a/5sfWz

I have no delusions of wanting look like a model or that it would even be possible but just to communicate the aesthetic I would like is something like this. Both these individuals have split chins like me but thats about where the similarities end :) ...
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should I replace 33 year old silicon button chin implant

I had a silicon button chin implant 33 years ago. Am wondering about replacing it, and what to replace it with --- anatomical or extended anatomical. Doctors all differed in their opinions.

I want a more triangular lower face, am afraid the extended will increase the width of my jaw and lower face. Please give ideas.

Will extended anatomical chin implant widen or lengthen my face, lower face, jaw?
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Planning Facial Surgery Seeking Advice

Hello everyone.

I have an upcoming opportunity to travel to South Korea to get cosmetic surgery. While I was seeking Rhinoplasty, I came to realize that I could also benefit greatly from facial surgery procedures.

Because Rhinoplasty surgery is cheap in South Korea (as well as all cosmetic surgery in general) I will have money left over to spend on one or more facial procedures

On this forum have read about operations involving:
-Lefort I, ...
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Help! Need a doc to help find 10yr mystery S.Genio illness


Can anyone recommend a maxillofacial surgeon with sliding genio experience who would take on my case?

I had a sliding genio done in 2007 in NYC (where I live). Since then, I fell under a mystery chronic illness that has worsened steadily the last 10 years. Currently, it's gotten so bad, I feel like I am dying.

I've explored many etiologic avenues, seen many doctors, paid many visits to the ER, and it remains ...
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Please help. Much pain. 10rs post po sliding genio

Hi everyone,

Here's a tldr summary of this post:
• had a sliding genioplasty in 2007 in NYC
• starting then, multiple health issues began (chronic heart, jaw, gingivitis, and jaw bite issues)
• sliding genioplasty doctors always told me my chin looked fine in pano-xrays and shouldn't be the cause
• for past 10 years my situation worsened. Stopped working full-time 5 years ago due to chronic pains to try to find what's going ...
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