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News News of New Procedures, Surgeries & Treatments

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Dark areas on sides of chin?

I often have a lot of darkness on my chin... not in the middle, but on the sides. I have very fair skin and it's very noticeable.

What do you suggest?
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calf implants


I'm looking to connect with anyone who has had calf implants. As it is a less performed procedure, there are few people out there and therefore, fewer answers. Please tell me about your experience.
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had my calf reduction last week!!!!!!


do not do this unless you are f***ing miserable with your massive calves.

i am still waiting to see if they will shrink. I hope so. If i went through all that pain and spent all my savings they better SHRINK!!!!!

Sorry ya'all i just had to vent here.......
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Mons Pubis Reduction

I'm looking into my round2 and I'm wondering if anyone has had a Mons Pubis Reduction done in Mexico and if so by which Dr. I'm also wanting some advice on a good dr. to go with for a breast reduction. Any input would be greatly appreciated!!!
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Any1 have knowledge, info, or experience wi calf reduction

Looking for surgical or nonsurgical calf reduction info. Also have a hard time finding doctors in the USA who do it?please help
Read more : Any1 have knowledge, info, or experience wi calf reduction | Views : 1857 | Replies : 1

South Korea the Mecca For Plastic Surgery

South Korea is set to become the most important medical tourism destination in Asia in the following years, as it has the necessary healthcare infrastructure and both medical and tourism laws are becoming increasingly advantageous for foreigners.

Over the past 10 years, South Korea has made a remarkable step in the medical tourism industry, and especially when it comes to cosmetic and plastic surgery. If in 2009 the country attracted 60,000 medical tourists, the number ...
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About to try Viora

Has anyone tried Viora treatments for the face area.
I am about to get Viora treatment around my eyes for wrinkles
and I really hope it works, any other safe ideas?
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Skin Tightening Treatment?

Hello everyone. I am looking for a skin tightening treatment for my whole body. I have sagging tummy skin, knee skin, flabby arms and I feel like I am getting a double chin, but I am not fat! Can anyone offer any tips or sites to visit that they have had success with? Thanks!
Read more : Skin Tightening Treatment? | Views : 2667 | Replies : 2

vampire face lift

Anyone had one? Were you happy with result? How long did the results last?
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Surgical excision on wrists...

Hi all,

I’m wanting to have some tattoos on my wrists removed. Now I’ve had a consultation with a dermatologist who performs laser removal, and I wasn’t really happy with the whole process. The pain, 10+ times for decent removal, the chance that it won’t completely remove the tattoo and many other problems. So I’m wanting to have the tattoos excised. I like idea of only having one or two procedures with complete removal, and ...
Read more : Surgical excision on wrists... | Views : 9301 | Replies : 2




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