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News News of Dermabrasion

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Advice appreciated; Dermabrasion caused increased scarring.

Hi all,

First, a little about me: I'm a 29 y/o male living in Nova Scotia, Canada.
I've either had acne or have been using medications to treat it my entire life.
I've also been trying to correct the damage acne has left behind and have had many procedures (some invasive some not) in an attempt to correct it.

Backstory: In 2011, I had CO2 laser resurfacing and the result was fantastic. I no longer ...
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Locked threads

The locked threads are those which have been cleared of spam. As to preserve the integrity of the threads so they no longer become occupied by link and comment spammers, they have been locked. If you have a question about dermabrasion, simply scroll through the threads to see if there is an answer. Again, the locked threads have good answers from LEGIT MMH posters. Prior to that about 90% of this board was polluted by ...
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Apply to Become a Moderator! MMH

Hello All Message Board Patrons,

We are currently recruiting Moderators to help maintain the integrity and order of our message boards. Each moderator will have privileges where they will need to delete spam posts, stop harassment by banning users, and deleting all inappropriate post. In return for your service and time, Make Me Heal will like to reward our moderators with a seasonal gift (every 3 months), Free Samples, and Special Discounts. If you are ...
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Can Dermabrasion Remove Scar?

I have a small indented scar on my nose. It wouldn't bother me if it wasn't on the tip of my nose. It's like an ice pick scar with an indented area around it. The Derm put it there removing actinic kerotosis. That aside, I have been back to see him and he says it's better to leave it alone. I've been to a plastic surgeon who said to leave it alone. It's not big ...
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dermobrasion for stretchmarks?

I have developed some stretchmarks on my breasts over the years and not happy about this. It seems like the strechmarks is getting worst. wondering if the dermabrasion will help in "erasing" the stretchmarks.
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Unhappy with my Md Treatment

So, A week before my FTT and BAw/L I had went to a skin spa to have a long awaited microdermabrasion treatment with facial and extraction of blackheads. The price was $75. The spa was nice and clean but the tech was a b@#$!. The whole time she keep talking about how many blackheads I had. The reason of being there is to have it clean out and to tone.... Right? Well, My face did ...
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Pore Reduction

I have had my share of Micro Dermabrasions i had over 40 sessions while i was age 27-29 and i have to say it may be the reason I dont have wrinkles and Im 38 now. It always made my complextion great in fact would have a glow effect I have oily skin and tend to have pores on my nose and clog all the time. I tried lasers too they were gret for sn ...
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New Shapewear Garments with Thong Back- Now Available!

Hello everyone,

We’re excited to announce the come-back of our most popular shapewear garments with a thong back. Shapewear garments can make you look thinner and help hide trouble areas. Additionally, shapewear garments can also enhance body areas by providing additional curves and padding.
Some of you often use these bodysuits as “Stage 3” garments as they are very comfortable and provide a lighter compression than Stage 2 garments.

You can find these New, Sexy ...
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Mouth lines

What can be done to make the feather-like lines around the mouth go away? I am not a smoker, I am 60, with excellent skin tone, and just starting to see faint lines on the upper lip. I have three that I can see on the upper lip and three on the skin just below the bottom lip.

They are not deep, and I would like to stop them before they get any deeper. What ...
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One year post dermabrasion pic

One year post op full facial CO2 laser, dermabrasion and U/L bleph. :) Page 3.

http://www.makemeheal.com/pictures/view ... tofbrevard
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