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News News of Dermabrasion

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Considering Foto Facial and Microdermabration

Has anyone had these proceedures and what did you think? Any advice would be appreciated :?
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dermabrasion and tanning when done

has anyone here recieved a dermabrasion or microdermabrasian and when it was finished heeling able to tan afterwards regularly again? thanks Linny
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My Dermabrasion Story :)

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to post my dermabrasion experience for people who are in need of stories; I know I was before I did this!

I just got mine done two days ago. I got what my Dr. called a mini dermabrasion. It was $950 for both of my cheeks. I had mild-severe acne scars on my cheeks so that was the area I wanted treated. My dr. gave me a few shots of ...
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scaring after dermabrasion

I had dermabrasion done around my mouth for wrinkles. It's been a year and I have scars and discoloration now. Did my Surgeon go to deep? I shouldn't have scars or discoloration, right?
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Home Micro-Dermabrasion Worth It?

I was just at a grocery store and they're selling home micro-dermabrasion kits for $40. The kit has a motorized brush and what looks like a jar of some sort of cream. Anyone ever try it? I'm wondering how it compares to a med-spa's.
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Dermabrasion for Large Pores?

Prior to opting for the FL, I initially inquired about laser resurfacing. My PS didn't recommend it because it takes a real champion to recover from it, have to avoid sun for a long time, and the possiblity that it could make my pore look even larger due to their pear shape and I'd need it again. I was going to have some dermabrasion done during the FL surgery, but the PS ran out of ...
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Im new to the board and I had my first microdermabrasion this past Tuesday and I love the way my skin feels! Its so soft. I had one or 2 dark spots on my face from pimples and they seem to have lighten up a bit. I cant wait to get my second one. Im happy!!
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How much is a microderm in a office? And are the ones in the store a waste of money?
Read more : How MUCH? | Views : 4210 | Replies : 3


Hello Everyone,

We are happy to let you know about the arrival of a great new area where Make Me Heal staffers are writing articles about Dermabrasion innovations, articles about real people (who are members of Make Me Heal) about their cosmetic surgery experiences, interviews with plastic surgeons about Dermabrasion, and celebrity plastic surgery gossip about Dermabrasion.

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Read Celebrity Plastic ...
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Product Reviews Now on Makemeheal – Read or Write Reviews

Hello everyone,

We’re happy to let everyone know that you can now review products on the Makemeheal.com site. Share your opinions about products you’ve used so other people can benefit from your experience. Of course, you can also read reviews to help make informed buying decisions.

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