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News News of Hair Restoration, Transplant, Loss

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Hair fall issues. Please help

hey every one, i am joe and i am facing some issues.
i am an under grad student and i am consistently having a bad hair fall..
i tried having pills and finding solutions but i am unable to find one.
Iam facing this issue since 2 years now..

Asked the solution from many people but couldnt find one.. i dont wanna go for transplant too early,,

Suggestions would be highly appriciated ...
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I saw one of those late night commercials about a product called Scalpmed.
They claim that it's 100 guaranteed or your money back. I guess it works like rogaine where you apply the foam to your balding areas. They say there's no sexual side effects and it really works. I've always been skeptical about late night TV commercials. They say that you can regrow you hair and keep the existing hair that you have. Does ...
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Surgery with Dr. Bitner?

I'm a 24 year old woman considering having eyebrow graft and hairline lowering with Dr. Bitner. Has anyone had any experience with him, good or bad?
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Looking for the best hair transplant surgeon!

I live in the Wash., D.C. area. I had 2 bad hair transplants in 2005 and again in 2008. I made the mistake of going back to the same surgeon who butchered me. I am willing to travel if necessary. I've heard that Dr. Lindsey is pretty good, but I think there are even better surgeons out there. I've heard good things about Dr. Shapiro in Minnesota and Dr. Hassan in Vancouver, Canada. I have ...
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does Rogaine work on your hairline?

i always hated my hair line but it gets worse with age! it is receding and i am starting to look like my grandmother!!!! i have a "widow's peak" hairline but the receding parts are going back further each month! i want to use Rogaine on it but the back of the box says it is only good for the part in the middle of your scalp. Anyone have experience with this?!!?! i don't want ...
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Eyebrow Hair Transplant Results On Female Patient

There are so many women who would love to have fuller, thicker brows. Although beauty magazines will suggest growing them out and shaping them, some people are not able to do this.

This patient actually overplucked and overwaxed her brows. And as she aged, hormones also played a role in her permanent hair loss.

She underwent eyebrow hair transplantation with 450 grafts of nape hair. The advantage is that it is thinner. And this hair ...
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Hair Transplants for Severe Baldness is Now Possible

Men who only had a small margin of hair around the back and sides of their head (also known as Norwood 7) have not been able to be considered as candidates for hair transplant procedures! This is because they don't have enough follicles on their head to cover their baldness.

While body hair follicles can supplement the number of grafts needed, techniques in this area have been limited. Body hair is more fragile. It is ...
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Locked threads

The locked threads are those which have been cleared of spam. As to preserve the integrity of the threads so they no longer become occupied by link and comment spammers, they have been locked. If you have a question about hair restoration, simply scroll through the threads to see if there is a similar question and answer. Again, the locked threads have good answers from LEGIT MMH posters. Prior to that about 90% of this ...
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Apply to Become a Moderator! MMH

Hello All Message Board Patrons,

We are currently recruiting Moderators to help maintain the integrity and order of our message boards. Each moderator will have privileges where they will need to delete spam posts, stop harassment by banning users, and deleting all inappropriate post. In return for your service and time, Make Me Heal will like to reward our moderators with a seasonal gift (every 3 months), Free Samples, and Special Discounts. If you are ...
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Experiencing Hair Loss? here's a great cyber monday solution

For you "hair losers" out there...no worries, we have the solution! The Microneedle Skin Roller & Complex Kit
is packed with Peptides - an ingredient that has been shown to promote hair growth within 3 months. 20% discount ONLY for you cybernauts!!
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