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News News of Retinoids, Vitamin A

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retin a not irritating my skin

I purchased retin-a .05 from medsmex and have been using it for about a month every night. I read online that it irritates your skin but it does not mine at all. Does this mean it is not working or am I just one of the lucky ones? Trust me I am glad it is not irritating my skin.

Thanks so much!!
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Wrinkles with no peeling after just one application! :(

Hi everyone. I need some help regarding my skin. Recently, I noticed fine lines beginning to appear on my forehead and between the eyebrows. I decided to go online and see what I could do about them. So many people recommended Skinceutical retinol 1.0, so I decided to try it. I did not realize that there was a weaker 0.5 version.

I bought the product, and after reading the instructions carefully, I applied a small ...
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Retin-A For Droopy Upper Lids

If applied to the upper lids, can Retin-A be used to slightly improve the hooding that occurs with aging? A plastic surgeon made the comment that it can help on another site.

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Must read paper

I fould the following paper, which is available on the internet, to be informative.
http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/article ... ool=pubmed
I am trying to decide which retinoid treatment to pursue, "Renuva" or a generic. Within the generics, there are multiple choices. The active ingrediant may be the same, but there are hugh cost differences, and I'm not sure I can convince my doctor I need it for my acne to get insurance ...
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Re: My opinion on Retin -A

Hi Marc,

You mean you only use it when you have a pimple? You find it helps to use it that way?
It shortens the duration?

I have never heard of Retin A being used as a temporary type healing solution before. Interesting!
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Retin-A has caused my pores to get HUGE!!!

Hi, all. Well, I thought I just posted this, but now I think I may have posted it in "Ask An Expert," but I can't seem to find it there, either!! Good thing I typed it up in Word first and still have a copy :D But in any event, if you happen to see this again somewhere on the site, I apologize....I'm not trying to ...
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problems with retin-a

I posted this on another thread, then saw the retin-a thread. Sorry for the duplicate....

I've had acne since my teen years....I'm 36 now. I recently went to a dermatologist and was prescribed retin-a and doxycycline. I understand that with retin-a, the skin may break out worse before it gets better. I've been on my meds for three weeks and I have attached a picture. Should I be seeing an improvement by now...even a little? ...
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Need retinoid help....


I am almost 37 with combo skin, prone to congestion and breakouts
Skin is very very tough and does not peel or get red from daily retinoid use
I've tried tret cream, taz cream and differen gel and none worked for me.....creams caused my skin to look more congestion and differen gel was 8 constant weeks of breakouts
Don;'t know what else to try or should I give up on retinoids?
I am willing ...
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Retin A and my neck..HELP!!!

I am 43, using retin a .05% for about 10 weeks on my neck when I noticed skin 'drooping' where under my chin and beginning of my neck meet. I immediately stopped the retin a but after 2 weeks, the drooping is still there, the skin is shriveled and gets sucked up into my neck when I swallow (kinda like your cheeks do when you suck hard on a straw). WHAT HAVE I DONE? Will ...
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Retinaldehyde vs. Retinol?

My dermatologist recently recommended that I use a retinaldehyde product over retinol (her opinion is it "closer" to prescription Retin A and more effective than retinol). However, I have had to go digging to find any information about it.

If what she says is true, it seems odd to me that Retinol products are so much more readily available. I'm interested in hearing what you all have heard or know.

Thanks in advance for you ...
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