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News News of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

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Collapsing nose

Hi everyone,

I have been lingering around for a while, and at last, have decided to make a post. I am in a very difficult situation, and knowing someone else's experience similar to mine would make a huge difference to how I am feeling as of now. I will try to keep it as brief as possible.

I had rhinoplasty when I was 18, I am 24 now. I loved my nose for the first ...
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Botched scar revision, PS wants to do again, scared

So I had scar revision/excision done for a burn mark on my cheek. Surgeon said it would heal flat. Well it didn't and six months later I'm left with a hideous, indented line. Surgeon wants to re-excise it, saying "let's keep the tape on longer this time", will this help?? It's thinner than the original scar but much more noticeable because it's indented. I don't know what to do at this point, I'm afraid to ...
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Lips Scarred, Dry and Cracked - Permanent Condition, it seem

Lips scarred, cracked, dry, darkened

I believe my lips came into contact with a contaminated lotion, and from then on, there was gradual break down in the outer tissue of the lower lip. It is no longer hydrating itself, and lip skin - dermis appears very unhealthy.

I know there's a continuum of Lip Health and at this point, I don't look too much different than people with naturally unhealthy lips.
Still, I've gone through ...
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Hi - I'm 57. Almost 30 years ago, I had cheek implants. Well, the left one got infected (and the right one was encapsulated), so they had to be removed.

To say that my life was ruined was an understatement. My left cheek was sunken in. In the years since, I have tried fat injections and collegen injections. In 1997, a kind surgeon operated on me and improved things.

The left side of my face ...
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Advise;help... Messed up eyes

About five years ago a Dr. Put a product called evolence under my eyes which caused yellow hard tolls and bubbling. He said the only way to fix it was to do a bleph. He did not try to remove the filler and messed up my eyes. He kept saying he would fix it. I finally let him, but it pulled the filler tolls up more. He took too much skin off my right eye. ...
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Hi to everybody,

I'm here because i want to write down few words about my experience and hope this help people who have to deal with a rhinoplasty gone bad.

I have been hanging out at this forum for several months with the goal to find a good american surgeon for my revision rhinoplasty but every surgeon seemed to have both good and bad reviews (here and in realself). I had my first rhinoplasty last ...
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Apply to Become a Moderator! MMH

Hello All Message Board Patrons,

We are currently recruiting Moderators to help maintain the integrity and order of our message boards. Each moderator will have privileges where they will need to delete spam posts, stop harassment by banning users, and deleting all inappropriate post. In return for your service and time, Make Me Heal will like to reward our moderators with a seasonal gift (every 3 months), Free Samples, and Special Discounts. If you are ...
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corrective surgery after weight lose. HELP will OHIP help?

Hi, If anyone can give me info, advice direction, ect about this I'll be forever greatful!
Im 36, and have lost (thru diet and hard work) a large amount of weight. Im 5'2, and have gone frm 220plus to about 120-130. Im happy Ive lost the weight, but am disgusted with how my body looks. My breasts r comparable to pancakes, my butt cheeks look like they have double chins, my stomach has a fold ...
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Scar Revision for Abdominal Plasty

Hi Everyone:

I have a question.

Has anyone here had great success, meaning nearly no scars from a revision of a tummy tuck scar from a revision surgery?

In 2008 I had an adominalplasty. I inquired about a mini and lipo and I was told by the surgeon that those two procedures were NOT an option for me because my stomach was in such bad shape.

I put all of my trust in the surgeon ...
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Burned lips scarring

I had an accident where my upper lip was burned, there is now some discoloration and scarring. Are there any procedures to help make the lip look more normal?
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