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News News of Nose Surgery, Nose Job, Rhinoplasty

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Need a Caudal Septoplasty surgery who would you recommend


I live in Central NJ and need a caudal septoplasty. I broke my nose 20 years ago and had two surgeries, one in 1998, and one in 2000 that didn't seem to fix the problem. The last 5 or 6 years my breathing has gotten worse and I am considering getting it fixed.

I was wondering what doctors in the area you would recommend? I am willing to travel anywhere within 100 miles, so ...
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Dr Enrico Robotti in Italy ?

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone here had any experience or thoughts on Dr Robotti . It looks like he presents at various conferences on rhinoplasty/revision rhinoplasty and he has some good results on his website, but I haven't been able to find any reviews or patient experiences . Just wondering if it would be worth travelling from France to consult with him .
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anyone has successful nasal lengthening stories to share?

I am just wondering after living with the unpleasant consequences of an overly reductive primary rhinoplasty (that actually meant to be a small reconstructive procedure and not a classic cosmetic one) - did anyone manage to successfully exit the "short nose hell"? I feel like I need about 5 mm derotation of the tip that ruined my front view.

What are your experiences? How much lengthening was achieved (was the desired amount possible?)? What type ...
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Facial Plastic Surgery by Theime Medical

I wanted to share some important insights I gained in my reading

I have read several journals such as JAMA FPS and Plastic and reconstructive Surgery
Many articles in these journals are very helpful and reputable

In researching revision rhinoplasty or rhinoplasty from a lay person perspective, I found the articles from the journal Facial Plastic Surgery from Thieme Medical very useful in gaining perspective and understanding into the complexities, nuances and approaches facing ...
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New to site with concerns

I am new here. I've been lurking for a while and reading up on reviews and such. Decided I take the plunge and post my thoughts. I would love to have a rhinoplasty. However, after looking at RealSelf (and thinking it was gospel) I found this site and am more confused than ever. I have discovered that even very good surgeons have some bad results at times and how do I know I won't be ...
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Good and bad reviews

Have you ever wondered why some people are satisfied with the doctors they chose?

You hear some people saying "Oh this doctor is wonderful, I'm happy with the results" and some others say "He has bad manners, he left me with a bad nose"

Both are talking about the same doctor so why the doctor was good with one patient and not good with the other one?
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Best rhinoplasty surgeon in Toronto?

Hi Everyone,

I have been wanting to undergo rhinoplasty for many years now. I currently live in Toronto and would like to find a good surgeon. Does anyone have any experience with Richard Rival? If so was it good. Or do you have any other Plastic Surgeons to recommend?
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Has Anyone Had an Amazing Rhino Revision in (Central) NJ?

I went for a consult yesterday with a doc who is known for his amazing revision work. He quoted me $17,500 - $19,000 and I didn't even think I was a tough case. He said he'd need to straighten the inside of my nose, use some cartilage and lower the tip so my nostrils don't show as much. Is the norm price? I am so disappointed as I went in thinking it would be under ...
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Dr Boahene??

I was off this board for about two years because I had a successful primary, but now unfortunately I have to look into a Dr to do minor work on my nostrils due to scarring beyond my control. I haven't seen Dr Boahene being mentioned in a while, is he still one of the top docs worth travelling for? Could anyone at all give me some feedback? I've been trying to do all the research ...
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Filler as Spreader Graft

A year and a half after my surgery I am pretty sure I need a spreader on my right side. I was certain I was done with surgeries so this is frustrating. Anyone ever use filler as a spreader graft, radiesse or something perhaps? How long did it last?
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