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News News of Skin Care, Cosmetic Products Reviews

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Share your opinions - good or bad - about beauty products you use or tried.

Hand-Held LED Device - Rec and Questions....

I've decided to buy a hand held LED device over
a microcurrent device at this point.
I've read the current usually used for this...
BUT it's so Frustrating. The Brands I'm thinking
of are the Truth Vitality Lux, The Baby Quasar
Plus, and Derma Light LTD by Epicare.
Does anyone Have a Recommendation for
a Good one?...I supposed I'll have to call
the manufacturer for the light wavelength.
Also, If any of you have ...
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Had surgery and got psoriasis

Has anyone ever had this happen? I had some revision work done and a few weeks later got a rash. My doc said that its psoriasis. He said it was a coincidence, but it seems weird to have my scars worked on and all of a sudden get this. Its all in my scalp. I bought some psoriatrax shampoo which works fine. Cleared it up pretty quick, but there are spots on my scars as ...
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at-home KERATIN HAIR treatment

does this Sh*t actually work?>!?1 i'm doing it right now, waiting for it to set in
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Locked threads now free of spammers and scammers

The locked threads are those which have been cleared of spam. As to preserve the integrity of the threads so they no longer become occupied by link and comment spammers, they have been locked. If you have a question about this topic matter, simply scroll through the threads to see if there is an answer. Again, the locked threads have good answers from LEGIT MMH posters. Prior to cleaning up and locking these threads about ...
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SPAM "Link Dropping"

WARNING: Don't SPAM these boards via 'comment spam' with 'link dropping'

Comment SPAM is a type of SPAM where you make a comment JUST TO leave a link in your signature and/or to a product you are promoting elsewhere. About 80% of most threads on here past 2011 were all of comment SPAM with link dropping either in the signature or embedded within the posts. They were deleted and future posts of that type will ...
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Hi Everyone:

Has anyone tried any Clairsonic facial cleanser system products?

I was mainly looking at this:

Clarisonic Mia Skin Care System (White)

Because it's small, portable, easy to use, doesn't have a lot of steps, doesn't take up a lot of space and is more affordable than some of the other facial systems by Clairsonic.

Can anyone give me the low down on the other Clairsonics systems, meaning pros, cons, benefits, disadvantages, etc. including ...
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I Love This Product!

A few months ago I purchased the new NOXZEMA DAILY BLEMISH CONTROL CLEANSER in the blue tube and I'm hooked! I use it all over my body!

It doesn't clog up the drain and you get a light cooling feel all over and it makes your skin feel smoother.

I hope it never gets discontinued, I love it!

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How well does Microneedle Skin Dermal Roller System work?

I am thinking of buying this product and was wondering if anyone who has used it could provide a review on how well it works (or doesn't). Thanks.
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perioral dermatitis

I've developed what appears to be a perioral dermatitis. The red acne looking bumps extend from the corner of my nose, along the nasolabial folds on one side of my face, and on my chin.
I've been on Obagi for a little over two years, and was wondering if the constant use of these products could cause this.
I also make the mistake of putting a strong corticosteriod cream on the lesions, and was surprised ...
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Hello everyone. I started using Latisse and after the first week, my lashes started falling out! Today, I noticed at least 10 throughout the day. Should I continue to use it or quit now? Thank you for your advice!
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