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It is currently Wed Jul 18, 2018 8:32 pm

News News of Tummy Tuck, Abdominoplasty

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Tummy Tuck Issue 5yrs Later

I had a full Tummy Tuck in June of 2013 with great results. a year ago I developed a weird bruise/like a knot near the area by my belly button. I ignored it for a while thinking it was scarred tissue and it would go away.
It got worse over time. I ended up having to see a plastic surgeon opened up to see what was going on. It seems like I may be having ...
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Traveling to Colombia for round 2


So I had round one done January of 2018. I went to Miami and had surgery with Dr.Fisher. I had Lipo in my chin, arms and 360 I had a fat transfer for a bbl. I'm going to be 100% honest with you I hate my results. My arms well they need more lipo my chin yes looks good. However my stomach ugggghhhh well I guess I should of just got a tummy tuck. ...
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6 years post op pain

I had my tummy tuck done about 6 years ago and healed very well. I have little to no feeling from the scar up to my belly button, all over my abdomen. Over the years I would occasionally feel a twitch of pain here and there and chalked it up to the nerves misfiring. But lately I have been having a pulling sensation with pain. It has only happened a few times in the past ...
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5 Weeks Post Op Questions

I am 5 weeks post of and have a few questions!
1. I still have one drain tube in and it is driving me CRAZY! The PS said I have to have 25 cc's or less for 2 consecutive days - I am still draining over 60 cc's per day. WHY? Has anyone else had this?
2. I seem to have the most drainage after I wake up - is that normal?
3. How ...
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HELP!! 5 YEARS after TT swelling and pain like post surgery

I have no idea what is wrong with me. My TT was in 2012. I had a ton of swelling which took me a year get down. Now here I am 5 years later and I feel like I just had surgery!!! My entire flap is swollen, painful, muscles are killing me like I just had surgery, incision is painful, and I am soooo swollen. I saw my GP and the plastic surgeon. Neither know ...
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6 week PO Mini Tummy Tuck; Seroma

Hello all, I am coming up 6 weeks post op; and I'm still kind of big (Swelling?). Has anyone else have this issue at this point. I did Upper Lipo and had a mini tummy tuck. I did have a drain and removed it at 10 days post op only to get a seroma at week 4 and got another drain and removed at week 5. Not sure if this could cause me to still ...
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Tummy tuck revision after 11 years

Hi ladies and gentlemen,

I’m getting my tummy tuck revision after 11 years. Rewind 11 years ago, after two children I decided I wanted my tight belly back and so we thought we were done having children. Anyhow my tummy tuck the previous PS gave me a awful looking belly button and my stomach was extremely tight. After some time of healing and fading I wanted to get a revision but I was told it ...
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Open incision after tummy tuck with liposuction.

Hey everyone! So I had a FTT with lipo 3 weeks ago. I had my drains removed at two weeks and 3 days later, I started leaking serous fluid from the incision and it opened up. I have already been seen by my PS and she said it's a waiting game and that it will close from the inside. It gets a little bigger every day and is still leaking quite a bit.. Can anyone ...
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HELP! I am SOOOO tight and moving slowly!

Survivers of TTs,
When could you wear your clothes without the compression garment? I am two week post TT and I am still finding it hard to stand up straight ALL the time, sleeping is a nightmare but I am going to try the pillows. Also my skin is SOOOOOO tight that it burns at times. Did any of you experience this? I also had two hernias that were fixed with the TT so I ...
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