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It is currently Mon Jul 23, 2018 12:43 am

News News of Obagi Skin Care

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Ask about Obagi Skin Care and get answers from licensed Obagi skin care specialists and Obagi users from the community.

Help with tretinoin and moisturizer/makeup

I am a new tretinoin user and am following my doctors instructions exactly. I am getting mild redness and a little peeling has begun.

I wash my face and then apply Cerave cream to my face and neck. I wait 30 minutes and apply the tretinoin. I know I am going to look like hell for a while but my problem is my skin looks like crap under my foundation ( liquid foundation applied with ...
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when to give up on hyperpigmentation

Hi there
I've been using nu derm plus 0.1% retin a for 6 months following disastrous laser treatment that left my Asian skin very hyperpigmented. The pigmentation has all but gone on my cheeks but has hardly changed on my nose. Should I give up or keep persevering? Thanks
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Stop Peeling and Exercise Questions

Hello Obagi Users or Doctors.

I have been using Obagi skin care now for 2 weeks, the first week my skin was peeling and now it seems stop peeling which ive been using 0.025 Tretinoin Cream. Is there something wrong?

Also, i exercise 5 days a week in the morning.. is ok to apply the Obagi morning routine right after my exercise? (i sweat a lot). I pretty much just want to know what i ...
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Obagi WITHOUT Tretinoin

Hi All,

Any help would be appreciated on this...I am currently using the Obagi Nu Derm system WITHOUT Tretinoin. I am definitely seeing lightening of my hyperpigmentation and have visited my dermatologist but she has advised me not to use the Tretinoin as it would be too harsh.

What do you guys think of this?? Do you think that the same results are achievable over a longer period of time without Tretnoin?

Are any of ...
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HELP!! My eyelids are dried out!

I have been using all the products in the Nu-derm system, however I am not really sure what to do about my eyes, before I started the products I only had a couple tiny lines/crows feet, now I look like a prune..

They didn't recommend anything for the eye area, the "girl" told me I shouldn't need anything given the products I am using.

I've been using the products for about 4 weeks, I put ...
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Obagi Radiance?

Has anyone had the new Obagi Radiance peel? Was it painful and how were the results compared to the traditional blue peel?

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Have others found Obgi a really tough process?

Hi there. I started nu-derm in early october and was pretty rigorous with it but i was often very red (several people asked me if I had a blood pressure problem!) and often very flakey - i could pull patches of papery skin off.And it usually came on in the afternoon so not much i could do bout it at work. Things have calmed down and skin is clearer but really shiny. The dermatologist says ...
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Do not do Ulthera skin lifting! I had it done 10 months ago and look terrible. The doctor turned the machine on high power for me because she said she would get better results. My face was really swollen for 3 days. I was fine until about 6 months along I noticed my neck and chin sagging. My chin is all dimpled. My eye bags are lower and worse. I have thick, baggy skin on ...
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Newly Discounted Obagi Products!

Hey all!

The popular Line of Obagi is not discounted at a low price on our website, great for those holiday gifts.

Check them out and give us your feed back if there are products you want but don't see available.


Happy Holidays!
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Rosaclear with Condition & Enhance

Today is day 1 of my Obagi experience. I saw amazing results through my friend who started the complete Condition & Enhance system. I'm doing it a little differently since I have rosacea. I want to make sure I am putting everything on in the right order as I am adding other things from other kits.

Gentle cleanser from Rosaclear
Toner from Condition & Enhance
Metronidazole gel from Rosaclear
Elastiderm eye cream
Clear from ...
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