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It is currently Wed Jul 18, 2018 8:41 pm

News News of Do It Yourself Skin Care (DIY)

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Talk about making your own skin care recipes, DIY Skincare, hot new active ingredients, and more.

Getting a consensus on safe derma rolling

Hello all, I am a brand new member.
Now, I'm not actually new to Dermarolling. But, I feel lost.

Anyone who has spent a few minutes (in my case, hours of multiple days) researching dermarolling knows there is conflicting advice. This most often relates to depth/size of needle, and how often to roll. It's been so wildly all over the map that I've registered looking for advice.

You can look on specific beauty forums and ...
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Micro needling anyone?

Just got my micro needling pen and wanted to know what to use with it? Any creams that actually work with hyper pigmentation/ age spots/ fine lines?
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Diet and healthy skin

:D :oops:
The mind and skin are intimately connected, as most health disorders build their foundation through the psyche. Take stress, for example. It produces hormonal fluctuations that tense up the body and release a high level of cortisol — increasing acne, body odor, and other chronic skincare blemishes. The mental effects of these conditions prove to be ...
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Hello Im on a mission to create simple but powerful antioxidant with matcha green tea base.
I just spent 170$ on 2 creams and a mask in TIA shop, couldn't buy vit C serum and antioxidant serum as would run into 300$ perhaps, and thought the rest I must make myself
I should mention I have not made anything yet apart from body whipped cream.
So far I learned how to make basic hyaluronic serum, ...
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Serum recipe help

I have some ingredients to make a serum but I'm not sure about the formulation. Can anyone help me out?

Hyaluronic powder
Leucidal liquid
Ethylhexylglycerin + phenoxyethanol
Sea kelp bio ferment
Silk amino acids
Hibiscus extract
Q-max Coenzyme q10
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Gorgeously Green - Do It Yourself

This lady, Sophie Uliano has some great Do It Yourself projects for skin care.

My favorite is the one about making your own Vitamin C Serum, and her tips for using Aloe Vera Juice for the skin

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Anyone have a DIY for a cystic pimple?

I have one of those cystic pimples. It's a big red blemish on my face.. not too raised, but very swollen underneath and painful. I've had it 2 weeks and it's going strong.

I've tried: toothpaste, Vick's vapor rub, icing it...

Anyone have any suggestions?
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DIY Fillers

Can anyone recommend a place where I could purchase fillers to do at home on myself?
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Newbie here :) Questions...

Hi everyone
I'm new to this board, tho I come from the Rhinoplasty board.
I'm hoping to get some DIY recipes for dull/aging complexion. I have no idea what ingredients are helpful, nor would I even know what to do with them!
I'm 33 yrs old and I feel I look older. I have deep nasolabial folds which I absolutely loathe and also under-eye hollows. I know only fillers can correct these issues but I'm ...
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smaller pore techniques and at home dermabrasion

i have large pores on my cheeks and nose. I was my face several times a day and have good hygene

how can i minimize the size of my pores and make my skin appear smoother.

does anyone have any thoughts on at home dermabrasion kits
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