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Hey, Dr. Harris

Dr. Harris will answer all your questions about facial plastic surgery for African-Americans and people with skin of color, including rhinoplasty (nose job), facelift, eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), lasers, dermal fillers and all other types of facial plastic surgery.

Hey, Dr. Harris

Postby Various » Fri Oct 24, 2008 1:24 am

Hey, Dr. Harris. I'm a white patient but I have very thick nasal skin and was born with a natrually really ethnic appearing nose. (My like...1/10 native american ancestory might have been the cause?)

Anyway, I had a rhinoplasty to fix the very ethnic nose (one that looked very very ethnic, which was kinda bad for me because I'm white, and really pale at that, and just having a ethnic nose, one that appeared very wide, thick, and fatty, wasn't my veiw of good looking...I think ethnic noses usually are good looking on people who are hispanic, asian, or african...but i feel caucasian people really do have quite different noses and have a different certian aesthetic idea of the nose)

Anyway, I had my nasal bones fractured and brought in, i had under my tip reduced some to lessen the rounded tip appearance, I had i think sutures in my tip to make the tip/dorsum skinner, and I wanted the lower sides of the nose reduced (where it was really fatty), and I had my nostrils brought in. But ends up, my nose looks nothing like I wanted to, and looks kinda botched to me. All it looks like now is a deviated still ethnic nose.

This isn't me, but I found a hispanic guy on myspace who has a nose identical to my current one after my rhino, even to the finest detail.


In this picture, it looks like half his nose (on the right side of his nose, on the right side of the picture) has no structure, and it seems his nose may be deviated or something, and that looks just like mine in every way, from the top of the nasal bone to the tip. He also has a slim glare line that goes down the righter bridge and dorusm, and my nose does this same thing from a front appearance in lights, because of a small bump. Also the left side of my nose, like his, is fattier on the left side than the right, although neither sides look good. Like one side is too fat, and one side is too sunken in and deviated looking. And all of these things are my problems exactly.

I really havent seen any other nose look like mine and the guy in the above picture. Its been really hard for me to find that example, and its even harder to find a doc who understands what I'm talking about. With that picture, maybe you could tell me, based on what it looks like on that guy, what could be wrong and how it could be fixed? Even if you don't focus on caucaisan patients alot, I feel you may know alot more about what looks bad under thick skin than some other doctors. It seems most of the doctors I've been to regard my nose as "good" just because I have thick skin, and don't seem to pay attention to the problems. Where as I'm sure you're used to dealing with thick skin more, so you probably are able to recognize problems under thick skin in a more detailed way than some doctors.

Thank you for taking the time to read my message! (P.S. I'm now more worried about the deviations and collapses and how those would be fixed, but extra things like slimming the cartiladges in other places to further acheive a more "white" nose would be a bonus)
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Postby drharris » Fri Oct 31, 2008 10:01 am

The nose commonly reflects ones underlying ancestry and racial heritage. Its important for surgeons to appreciate the aesthetic features associated with ethnic identity. We have to be careful with characterizing the nose as "white" or "black". It's most important to focus on what it takes to achieve a nose which is balanced with other facial features. Given your different backgrounds, I cannot really comment on the gentleman's nose as a reference for yours . . . but would be happy to review a series of your nasal views.

Take Care,

Dr. Harris
Monte O. Harris, MD
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Chevy Chase, MD 20815
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