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Clitoris Unhooding & Labia Majora Augmentation....!!!!

Any type of plastic surgery or procedure without a topic that is new can be discussed here.

Have You Done Labia Augmentation or Clitoris Unhooding Before?

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Clitoris Unhooding & Labia Majora Augmentation....!!!!

Postby sexymona » Wed Sep 19, 2007 10:21 am

I know it is not really new but I am sure it is not so common either...............I am talking about two procedures that I have done recently.............Labia Majora Augmentation using my own liposuctioned and purified fat and Clitoris Unhooding.

Some one might ask why I do labia majora augmentation? It is basically a beauty cosmetic procedure to enhance the appearance of the vagina and make it youthful and full................it also enhances sex as if coupled with vagina tightening the sensation is so tremendous and arousing.Another reason for me to do Labia Majora Augmentation is that I have pretty long inner lips (Labia Minora) that hang outside my vagina and looks ugly so by doing this procedures they are hidden inside.

Now what about Clitoris Unhooding? Many people mistake this procedure with Clitoris Circumission..................which is absolutely painful and inhuman as it tends to kill the most important part of a woman's body.Clitoris Unhooding is aimed at enhancing sex feelings and sensation but exposing the clitoris and hence the friction with clothes make the woman always horny and wet and it helps her orgams so quickly during love-making.

I am blessed with having a fairly big clitoris but now it looks much bigger and much more erect than before the surgeries and since the first week after the surgery my sexual desires and needs have increased remarkably compared to before the surgery.

The doctor removed the skin covering the clitoris slightly in order to expose the clitoris and it feels great now although it has not healed yet completely but it was worth the try.

I would suggest such surgeries for ladys who gave multiple birth like mine and those over 30 years of old but will not recommend it for younger ladys who are not married.

For those ladys who enjoy wearing tight pants and tight hotpants like me,the labia majora augmentation will outline your vagian shape under your clothes so if you feel shy...................don't do it because once you have them filled up they will tend to show your so called (Camel Toe) when you wear tight clothes.

You may augment your labia majora using your own body fat but my doctor suggested to inject a 20% more fat into both labias in order to compensate for any future body absorbtion of the fat ..............I really don't know when that will happen but hope it happens so soon as my labia majora are augmented so full now and there is some sort of discomfort when wearing tight clothes because of the size of both lips.

I hope all ladys who have done either labia majora augmentation or clitoris unhooding or vagaina tightening to enlighten us more on the subject and share their experiences with us.

To see more photos of my Pre-Op Vagaina and Post-Op Vagina please visit my photos album here and kindly comment on what you see

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Postby michellepaek » Thu Apr 03, 2008 12:15 pm

Hi sexymona,

Try posting in the Vaginoplasty, Labiaplasty Message Boards for more feedback. You can find it below:


Also, Dr. Matlock, a world renowed expert on these procedures posts on our boards. His Q&A board is found by clicking:

Dr. David Matlock: Buttock Augmentation & Vaginoplasty Message Boards
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Postby DCNGA » Thu Apr 03, 2008 12:24 pm

I'm speechless :shock: .

Wow. Hoo-dathunk this kind of thing was even possible 20 years ago?

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