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Botched Fat Transfer Experience Ruined my Life

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Botched Fat Transfer Experience Ruined my Life

Postby ordon20102010 » Thu Dec 31, 2009 3:51 pm


I am several years out of Dr. Lam's fat grafting and this shameless doctor has mutilated my entire face with cysts or what looks like hardened lumps which is anything but fat--maybe scar tissue several years later after the surgery. The entire area where he grafted sticks out of the rest of the skin and 'pushes' the skin upwards. All of the fat has disappeared, but I most certainly don't look like I did before I saw him but instead am left with mutilated skin with hardened lumps in the grafted area. I have watched every single one of his videos and talked to him online. I agree, he responds to every single email and I thought I was special and what in front of me was a good doctor. WRONG! He is in fact, not knowledgeable but likes to make up science. He says that over time, his fat looks better, it "grows" and becomes beautifully blended. WRONG! Fat does not grow but it only gets resorbed. Worst of all, I got these massive lumps underneath the skin and this may be permanent as some of my doctors have said. I have had fat grafting done by other doctors and I have never in my life encountered this as I did with Dr. Samuel Lam. His solution to every nook and cranny is to fill fill fill. He doesn't know how to reverse or fix this problem because he is an inexperienced doctor.

Does this look good? NO! This careless man took thousands from my bank account and that wasn't enough for him to double check his notes and graft only areas we agreed to. Whats funny is that his markings on the day of the surgery differed from what we discussed, and what he grafted also differed. He took it on his own free will to inject fat all around my brows, and now I look like a very angry neanderthal with prominent brows. All of those hardened tissue is sticking out and pushing the skin forward. Apparently this is permanent and I can't get those massive hardened lumps out. My once beautifully scuplted cheekbones which I loved and other people have complimented on are now lumpy and unnatural looking. I had beautiful eyes and cheekbones and Dr. Lam was the first person I ever met that had a problem with them and wanted to do something about them. I never consented to the grafts he put in but something completely different. If the patient doesn't have a problem with a certain feature, why fix it? Thats exactly what a good doctor told me, but oh no not Dr. Samuel Lam. He thinks what he does to your face is much better than what you have naturally. I look older, more tired, and my face looks constantly puffy like I've been crying over a sad movie or just waken up with puffy eyes. Who gave him permission to do this? Does he even write anything down during consultations because obviously he has a terrible memory or takes in more patients than he can handle!!!

Dr. Samuel Lam you need to be ashamed of yourself and how dare you call yourself a doctor. You disfigued my face and mutilated me permanently with your botched fat grafting. Afterwards, you make yourself out to be a saint and say you were doing me a favour by trying to help me. Don't ever say that to a patient after being paid thousands of dollars. I don't go out anymore and spend most of my time as an indoor hermit thanks to your mutilation of my face. Don't make yourself out to be a saint in public by calling yourself a helper of people and charge exorbitant fees at the same time. I can't believe I let myself be mislead by your answering of emails, wonderful videos, sweet websites, comments like "Let me take care of you!" "You will love it!" When I met you in person you are a different person than your character online. I should have listened to my instincts by a man who says that most of his fat graft stays when he does not even follow up with every patient who has had fat grafted. Dr. Samuel Lam is nothing but a bold-faced liar and a professional mutilator of human faces. How does he even sleep at night after turning me into a freak of nature leaving with this destroyed face for the rest of my life? I can't and I want nothing more than my old face back! I want nothing more than to turn back the hands of time and never have watched his videos on YouTube and ended up sitting in his chair! He actually has a video on "Safety before Quality." A safe surgeon NEVER EVER does all fat grafting in one shot like he does and he is lying when he says hes more conservative than other doctors. That kind of plastic surgeon is someone who is arrogant and someone who gambles with your health. Safe fat grafting is about doing it in stages, always. This professional face mutilator knows nothing on both but only how to destroy people's lives and steal human identities. You have no idea on what botched plastic surgery can do to a person until you live through it and I wouldn't wish this on any one else on Earth, not even Dr. Samuel Lam who personally mutilated me.
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Re: Botched Fat Transfer Experience Ruined my Life

Postby jujugrl » Sun Jan 31, 2010 10:55 am

My deepest heartfelt sorrow for your very bad experience. I too have experienced the same overfill, hardening and lumping from a Dr. Rosen in NJ who at the time had no clue of fillers and injections and I was unfortunately his guinea pig. Of course he was confident on his pitch and made all kinds of promises, but now I too, am left disfigured. I won't overexaggerate, as looking straight on at me the lumps are apparent, but I'm attractive and and its tolerable. However my profiles on both sides are hidious and I too agonize goin out and feeling comfortable with my looks. Daytime is not a fave of mine. I too was told "it will go away and you will be begging me for more...give it time, etc. etc.

He became unsymphathetic as most PS's do. They just want their mistake to go away. Far away. When I realized this, I just gave up and wrote him a note explaining though I was aware he was a very good surgeon, I did do alot of homework prior, he should leace the cosmetic end to the professionals whose expertise are only that. If there is such a thing.

Years back I worked for PS just starting out. He was honest, and though I knew wet behind the ears, I explained my very bad experience and only hope he learned by it and didn't perform procedures he wasn't qualified for. I know they all have to start somewhere on someone, but look how it ruined our lives. We sign consents, and they always win. Now I'm in need of a mini lift because I am aging and the lumps are protruding even worst as the skin sags. I was contemplating trying to find a specialist in the field of fillers hoping I an "get by" for a few more year.

As for you sweetheart...I wish you peace with whats gone down and pray that God will bring someone into your life that might be better able to fix things a bit. I know your pain only tooooo well...feel free to write back anytime.

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Re: Botched Fat Transfer Experience Ruined my Life

Postby johnnyandjoe » Tue Apr 27, 2010 9:16 pm

I am very sorry for your experience and I have to thank you for taking the stand to speak up and tell your story. You have inspired me to do the same and I hope we can get through this and move forward. I've had dermal fillers by this man and I have been burned as well and I fell for this doctor's advertisements. He sounds intelligent when he talks, but trust me that was just pure arrogance. There are a lot of better doctors out there who should step in and help teach this man how to do things properly.
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Re: Botched Fat Transfer Experience Ruined my Life

Postby lollipop » Sat Jun 19, 2010 2:42 am

Cant you sue???Fat transfer can be risky.Coleman was supposed to be the big expert on fat grafting and some of his patients even ended up looking like deformed monsters.
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Re: Botched Fat Transfer Experience Ruined my Life

Postby raysydney » Fri Jun 25, 2010 10:01 pm

I am sorry to hear about your ordeal.
I am contemplating fat grafting to fix my eyelids after an unecessary bleph and I am considering Dr Lam to do this fat graft. Now, I am a bit discouraged by your experience. I thought if I did fillers first as preview to fat grafting it would be better. But there is another post here about lumpy fillers! What do you suggest honestly?
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Re: Botched Fat Transfer Experience Ruined my Life

Postby gay2 » Wed Jul 27, 2011 4:41 pm

OMG....how dreadful !
I to have communicated with this doctor,and as you say he does seem very confident and knowledgeable ,but obviously things are not as they seem,and its certainly made me sit back and think.
It really is a worry when considering who to go to for any cosmetic treatment ,as so often they are not as good as they claim to be.
I do hope that things have improved for you now,and i wish you well.
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Re: Botched Fat Transfer Experience Ruined my Life

Postby jayjohnjaymom » Tue Jan 03, 2012 5:58 pm

I am so sorry for what he did to you and thank you for sharing your experience. I wish more than anything that your face is better now, and just know you are not alone in this with this individual and you have to share this with the world and any prospective patient of his and I can help you with that. I don't know if you were one of us who fell victim to those gag orders, sweetheart trust me when I say this no one will know your name, your identity, but your story is worth sharing. My chest was tearing up inside reading this and believe me sweetheart when I tell you I understand your pain. Bless your poor little heart and I hope you get better if you are not already.
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Re: Botched Fat Transfer Experience Ruined my Life

Postby opentohealing » Wed Jan 11, 2012 8:18 pm

I was a model and actress who's life was changed by Mark Berman. The first thing I said when I went in was "I love the way I look, I've just booked three in a row. I am not interested in looking any different. I have a little hollow on my lower right cheek caused by a laser treatment which burned off a tiny bit of fat, and I want to know what options I can do other than Restylane as I am a nature baby." He described it as a "little injection of fat peppered in at the hollow". He was very late arriving that morning, and extremely short when he finally did arrive. I awoke to find he had covered my entire delicate face with fat. My boyfriend was horrified. Berman had buried what Universal called my "angel eyes" with fat all around the orbital bone, eyelids and eyebrow, to the point where the upper lids touch my lashes, and my large eyelids, which were great on camera, are now non existent.He blew up my cheekbones which made "festoon" or "Buckle" hollowness in my cheeks. He squared off my delicate jaw line, which he himself had described along with my eyes as "outstanding", by putting half golf balls on either side of my chin. He told me I was "just swollen". I was not. I am now hoping that freezing the fat off will work when the technology becomes more refined. Has anyone had Zeltique or Zerona on their face my lovely ladies? I understand what u r going through. Dating? Modeling? Not for two years now. Pictures of before and after available, and his voice saying "Hey. What if I did put in too much fat. What are you going to do. Cry about it every day?"It is indeed a life changer. My prayers go out to u ladies. Stay strong. We'll find an answer. P.S. I thought Guy Massry was lovely. I had no idea it was going to cost so much just for the lower eyes. Looking into Dr. Prasad. Hoping he is a genius and able to restore me. Not sure I can afford either, as I have not worked in my field since that day.
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Re: Botched Fat Transfer Experience Ruined my Life

Postby opentohealing » Wed Jan 11, 2012 8:22 pm

Pictures and more available from before and after, btw. Mark Berman's office lady, Judy, had said that I was "stunning" and a "rare beauty." I haven't heard that since that day. I was however slandered when I gave him a negative review. I was called "a male, prostitute stalker". I am female, decent, and reasonable. Appalling.
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Re: Botched Fat Transfer Experience Ruined my Life

Postby opentohealing » Thu Jan 12, 2012 1:26 pm

I just re read your story. I can't believe that there is another arrogant animal out there like Mark Berman. I am so sorry. He also destroyed my life. This was 2.5 years ago and I wake up in terror looking 15 years older, and aggressive with a heavy brow and tiny eyes. I had SPECIFICALLY told him not to touch my eyes and cheekbones. We even laughed about it when I said "No thanks. I have no desire to look like the crazy cat lady" when he suggested there was a tiny difference in my left brow- I, and the dozens of modeling clients have never noticed. I had always looked like my personality- soft, sweet and feminine, described by the studios as having "high LQ". I was described as a softer Angelina Jolie/Christy Turlington type. I am now a harsh looking woman with small eyes. It is very isolating and certainly changes your personality. Both these men should have their licenses taken away, and worse.
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Re: Botched Fat Transfer Experience Ruined my Life

Postby kindsoul » Mon Mar 12, 2012 4:19 pm

I am in the same position as u ,, i am 33, i live in Ny city! I did facial fat grafting in my cheek bones 6 years ago cause i waneted more higher cheek bones, and the doctor told that the result are permanent, he did not told me about the problems i will have years after!!! The fat did not look bad actualy it looked like i didn't do anything in my face, no one could tell anything!! for about 3 years after was put there,but 3 years ago i start having problems the fat lost volume and start to make my lower cheeks look havier and the fat had travel all over my face in my chin in my jaw also in my neck and i feel my neck looks older cause the stress of the fat:(. The most attractive feature i had were my lips NO more now the weight of the fat grafting from my cheeks made my mouth looks smaller and my lips are getting smaller and smaller, this has made more upsed that anything :(. I went back to him and he said 'nothing he can do to take the fat out ' he can't do that,, but if he can put some more fat!! I let him do fat grafting again in my cheeks but this time they did not look like the first time they look horrible my whole face looks weird ,, my lower cheeks look havier from the weight of the fat grafted in my upper cheeks and i had such a nice jaw line and now it looks like an old persons jaw with no shape, and i feel i look 15 20 years older than i am, also i think this fat grafting i did is giving me health problems cause i feel like my face is havier and i get headache all a time now. I am so depressed that i don't want to go anywere, and i feel NO doctor can fix this NO doctor can give u back 100% the face u had before the fat grafting , my only WISH is to have back the face i had before the fat grafting,, nothing else i want JUST MY NATYRAL FACE WITH NONE OF THE FAT GRAFTED, EVERYDAY i PRAY to GOD if i can wake up and see my face again in the mirror without the fat grafting i did, it will be the happiest thing in my life. :( [-o< I am Praying for Miracle :)
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Re: Botched Fat Transfer Experience Ruined my Life

Postby theylie » Sun Dec 16, 2012 4:10 am

I have found that more than 50% of plastic surgeons are dishonest. My face is disfigured and I have lived in pain from permanent stitches in my face. I can't name the doctor for I signed something not knowing it would later cause me to be sued to tell his name. Just don't trust the company with the big advertisement on TV with Debbie B. Doctor did wrong surgery and took fat out of my face. I since paid a doctor to put fat back in and cost was over $5100. Within 4 weeks, my face was deflated back to sunken in. He had promised to get fat from 3 different areas. Quickly, did one area where I knew was a bad idea and done. I lost the fat and lost the money. I am poor on disability and this was not something I did because I could afford, it was because a doctor had injured me and distorted my face for life. I am asked for more money to have it redone and it is funny how they tell you that you got great results and the pictures clearly show worse. Beware, some do use image enhancements on pictures to lie their way out of the surgery. Always take a before and after picture yourself although the medical board will not take it. You can at least post it on the internet and tell the truth about the doctor.
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Re: Botched Fat Transfer Experience Ruined my Life

Postby Sammie22 » Tue Jan 22, 2013 1:59 pm

I am sorry to hear this and it concerns me greatly as someone who went to a top doc for fat. I feel like the poster above who went to Berman. (I did not go to Berman) It was a good sell with lots of smoke and mirrors. I was a pretty girl and now look like very manly and not soft or pretty at all.
Most stressful. I am hoping for things to change. This was a huge mistake.
All i do is cry and pray things will improve.
How do we get sucked into these web of lies?
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Re: Botched Fat Transfer Experience Ruined my Life

Postby jeanneban » Sat Aug 10, 2013 6:50 pm

I am in the same Berman boat after fat grafting over 3 years ago. Covered my huge downtilted princess di eyes and squared off my jawline. I have had some minor improvement with kenalog shots on my upper and lower eyelids. I plan on getting my jawline lipoed and if one more set of kenalog shots do not take care of the fat in the upper eyelids. Doctor will not do anything for my cheeks as kenalog is too risky there leaving dents. Another thing that helps is starving yourself but you can die from that and it also ages you from malnutrition because you have to go down to such a low weight that you never have been out before.
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Re: Botched Fat Transfer Experience Ruined my Life

Postby anonnyc » Sun Feb 02, 2014 11:07 pm

I had the same thing happen. A doctor in NJ. Sherwood Baxt. I went in for a minor eye lift to take a little skin from the upper lids and he took all the fat out of my eyes - I looked 10 yrs older. I went from 38 to looking 50. I never told him to do anything but take a little skin. Ruined my eyes for life. Had found a doctor in Italy that was willing to put some filler in around my eyes and it has helped but this man damaged me for life.
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