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Eraze / Rejuvi Tattoo Removal

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Re: Eraze / Rejuvi Tattoo Removal

Postby Walker2011 » Tue Jan 10, 2012 6:11 pm

Hi everyone
I know the last blog was a whole ago but I thought I would just add my experience for anyone who would like to know on the rejivu cream.
When I was having my cream applied to my tattoo which is at the top of myback just on the. Ack of my neck I had it done in sections rather than a whole- I was told this would reduce scarring nd aid better healing of my skin- well what I can say is after one treatment I had the tattoo covered up for 9 days to keep moist and the. To remove the pay h to allow the tattoo to scan up within 2 weeks the scabs were falling of bit by bit and was amazed when I could actually see the ink in the scab!! However my skin did look quite red and I would best describe it as looking like what ur skin looks like if I've given into temptation and pulled a scab off-- after months of creaming massaging the sections I had work done on we're slightly raised and red but def improving as time went of apart from one bit where during the scabbing process unfortunately 2 scabs joined together and now is still raised- I've been back again and this time I had several sections done again but not as deep to see if the works out better the scabs formed they fell Off and the ink came away again and my skin didn't look as traumatised this time!!
Overall the ink is being scabbed out the tattoo will eventually be gone but I'm sure I will be left with some perminent trauma if anyone is thinking Bout getting this get the cream put on in sections at each appt.
Good luck
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Re: Eraze / Rejuvi Tattoo Removal

Postby mulz84 » Tue Mar 13, 2012 11:46 am

Hi, I too have been left horribly scarred by rejuvi. I am currently doing some research, to see if anyone in my area has had this and been scarred by it. I live in Swansea in South Wales and have got a solicitor involved in my case. However, I am interested to see if anybody else has had this done in my area in the same place I went, if you think you may have, please message me.
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Re: Eraze / Rejuvi Tattoo Removal

Postby richardatjanettehill » Mon May 14, 2012 9:12 am

I am investigating a complaint regarding alleged negligent treatment with Rejuvi e-raze by a beauty salon in Wales, going back to Jan 2009. I understand that a product of similar name, Rejuvi, from the USA is a water based product with far fewer complaints. Have any of you made claims? Have you found good expert witnesses? Please email rmk@janettehill.co.uk if you would care to make contact.
Thanks, Richard.
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Re: Eraze / Rejuvi Tattoo Removal

Postby Ramo1 » Sun Jun 17, 2012 2:50 pm

same thing happened to me 2 .i just hate it ! i've been 3 times to Hungary to remove my tattoo. it's kinda grey right now , but it's scared of course ....i'm thinking about laser removal .is it safe after using rejuvi?
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Re: Eraze / Rejuvi Tattoo Removal

Postby claremarie2012 » Wed Jun 20, 2012 4:54 pm

Did anyone have success in getting rid of or improving the keloid. scarring after rejuvi? i had tattoo s on my chest, had my first session of removal and needless to say i havent been back since!! Im now left with half a tattoo still and the treated half is keloid scars in the shape of circles!!! Can i sue the co
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Re: Eraze / Rejuvi Tattoo Removal

Postby cst23 » Thu Jun 28, 2012 10:35 am

I posted on here last August about my tattoo removal, I (like we all did) paid a lot of money to be left with this horrible scar, & half a tattoo. The tattooist who did the procedure didnt stick with it for long, when I went in about it some time after to complain they shrugged their shoulders & said it had been nothing but problematic for them hence they stopped offering it. Unfortunately no refund or compensation was offered up - no surprise really!
I really feel that the company who fooled us into thinking it was a safe way to get rid of the tattoo's should be held responsible & pay for the treatment needed to rectify the damage done.
Its a hot sunny day today - thankfully we dont get too many of them in this country as Im hidden up under long sleeves yet again trying to not pass out & keep cool - the scar is burning because of the heat!
I desperately want to try laser removal on the tattoo & the scar but just can not afford it. Is laser removal a solution though or would it make things worse? Im not very trusting of anything anymore...
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Re: Eraze / Rejuvi Tattoo Removal

Postby Walker2011 » Thu Jun 28, 2012 2:14 pm

@ Tonygarden am I right in thinking you had have the procedure down and then finished the rest with laser?? And this helped with the scaring from the rejivu? I posted a while back and haven't gone back yet can't bring myself to- I'm think about turning to later for the rest and then trying to fix what is left of the previous scaring....
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Re: Eraze / Rejuvi Tattoo Removal

Postby JulieBelle » Mon Oct 08, 2012 11:04 am

I really wish I had found this information sooner and I would not have had the procedure done. I am in agony! I got it done 5 days ago to remove a tattoo on my lower left leg and now being treated for cellulitis (skin infection). My skin is red, swollen, tender to touch and it is painful to walk. I am concerned as the tattoo is still white in colour and doesn't seem to be turning black. I am keeping it dry. :(
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Re: Eraze / Rejuvi Tattoo Removal

Postby Ibujen » Sun Dec 30, 2012 9:17 pm

I am in Australia and have had 2 treatments on a tattoo on my wrist. The first one was a rest patch and removed some of the tattoo but left a slightly raised scar. I have pretty good skin which does not scar badly like keloid etc. the second treatment the cream started to draw out the ink and kept oozing out overnight. I kept it dry for 3 weeks and then the "scab" fell off but I was disappointed that the tattoo didnt look much different ( I am only having fine lines removed not a block of tattoo). I have had no pain or burning or any other adverse affects. A qualified tattooist is doing my treatment and did say knowing how deep to apply the cream with the needle was important. I am surprised to read many of the other problems and wonder if it is the quality of the cream or the practioners experience. I would be interested in any other comments on positive experiences as I am thinking of undertaking another session as ink has definitely oozed out of my tattoo through the rejuvi cream but I have heard it takes a few treatments to see results. This is a genuine post and I am happy to talk to anyone in Australia who has undergone this treatment wooljen@yahoo.com..jen
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Re: Eraze / Rejuvi Tattoo Removal

Postby matb » Mon Apr 22, 2013 3:57 am

Hi, I am Matt from Australia. I have had two sessions and I am NOT happy. I recommend anyone considering tattoo removal NOT to go anywhere near this product or method. I also have scarring like everyone else explains and I am now having laser treatment to remove the rest of the tattoo. I have many raised, red and itchy scars that I believe will be permanent now unfortunately. I hope this post stops others from making the same mistake I did by trusting the online information supplied by the company and the lady in Sydney that treated me twice and still continues to treat others.
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Re: Eraze / Rejuvi Tattoo Removal

Postby Kellie33 » Mon May 13, 2013 5:01 pm


I originally started this post all the way back in 2007 I have had 14 laser treatments to remove the rest of the tattoo but as the scarring was so bad the laser has struggled to remove it all and I am left with some faint patches of green colour. I had steroid injections into the scar for a couple years this only improved the scar a little. My laser doctor has improved it a lot with dermabrasion but I am still left with some scarring. I started this topic years ago and never found other people that had been affected by eraze. I spoke with a solicitor who said nothing could be done as the tattooist was uninsured and I even contacted local papers to see if they could print a story to at least put people off the procedure and the irresponsible uninsured tattoo studio but they could t print a story as they said it had not been proved in court that they have injured me and therefore they are unable to print the story. I came across this while on line the other day researching other ways to improve this ugly scar and I clicked on the link and was shocked to see how many people over the years have had problems. Has anyone had Any luck in suing these people? It's a disgrace that they are still scarring people.
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Re: Eraze / Rejuvi Tattoo Removal

Postby beckovich@gmail.com » Tue Oct 22, 2013 9:52 pm

I am from Sydney Australia. Just sharing my thoughts.
I can't believe I didn't come across this forum before my Rejuvi procedure, I thought I had read everything on the internet about it, but today I googled 'Rejuvi scaring' & here I am. I probably still would have proceeded with Rejuvi over Laser, because I wanted the tattoo gone & definitely wasn't going to fork out the money for laser..
I had the first Rejuvi tattoo removal 5 weeks ago & do have red lumpy scars. Most of the tattoo appears gone. No pain, occasional minimal itching. My tattoo consists of 5 small circles placed within the size of about a hand, on my torso. So the appearance of it doesn't bother me as it is usually covered.
I had similarly coloured scars from a surgery 2 years ago (however much smaller scars) which have healed completely with nil aftercare so I hope these scars heal the same.
I am applying rosehip oil daily. Not sure if this is even doing anything. The beautician did make a point to tell me 'you will have scars' & 'this is a long process' not a quick fix.
She talked about scar treatment therapy, something called needling. She had showed me her own Rejuvi-treated-tattoo plus needling, which was almost invisible, barely noticeable at all.
Hoping some day the scars will heal but obviously this will take years not days or weeks.
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Re: Eraze / Rejuvi Tattoo Removal

Postby Darius30 » Tue Dec 03, 2013 7:38 am

I wanted to share my story , I feel for you all, it seems we have all being left lied too and taken advantage of in our desperation to rectify mistakes from the past.
You are all so lucky to have these scars on your body , as I have been left scarred on my face.
Some beautician recommended me filling in a slight bald patch in my eyebrow with semi permanent make up, to cut a long story short she bodged it up and it looked a mess.
After knowing laser could damage the hair I finally got in contact with a beautician who gained my trust and promised she could remove the tattoo blunder.
And yes she used the rejuvi technique on my face on both eyebrows she has left me scarred and my eyebrows that were infact fine to start with have now 60% less hair growth then before. It just looks a mess.
It caused severe psychological conditions with anxiety and depression it's completely turned my life up side down!
I'm in a living nightmare and I can't escape it as it's on my face.
I am trying to sue both the beauticians that have done this to me, and I want to warn anyone please do not even consider having this done.
Now as a man I have to apply make up to cover the redness.
I just can't believe there are people out there that actually inflict this on people.
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Re: Eraze / Rejuvi Tattoo Removal

Postby patrickzhen13 » Thu Jan 29, 2015 5:58 am

Thanks for that very informative post! I noticed that there are a lot of people who are now in the tattoo regret phase, and I feel your pain. Apparently, most of them, especially recently-graduated 20 year olds, are out there trying to find work. However, a few of them are having a difficult time of it, some for the egregious sin of just having a tattoo. Some employers refuse to hire individuals with ink, leading to an increase in the tattoo removal business. Read more.
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Re: Eraze / Rejuvi Tattoo Removal

Postby Lnielsen » Thu Jul 09, 2015 7:14 am


I'm journalist from a danish TV-production company and I'm investigating in cases who used new chemical methods for removing tattoos. I have been reading your post. If you interesting in sharing your story or experince, please PM me.
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