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a happy ending for sculptra horror lumps?

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a happy ending for sculptra horror lumps?

Postby mactatt » Thu Apr 19, 2007 6:12 am

Hi everyone!
wow, i wish i had seen this site before i had sculptra! i'm a 38 year old australian guy, and i had scuptra in my cheeks to correct facial wasting
and folds 10 months ago....now i wish i'd never heard of it! this is because i now have 14 visible, hard lumps in my cheeks along with fuller cheeks and less visible naso-labial lines.
it's been rough and rocky travelling...my friends are all anti-procedures, and the only people i've been able to talk with are my injecting nurse and the plastic surgeon who has been doing the corrective work....i've seen that other people on this site have been wondering about having scupltra or have lumps from sculptra, and since i seem to have turned a corner in my own lump battle, i thought i'd share my treatment story...

*okay, 4 days after my first treatment i got a rash that covered the injected areas.
*the rash went away, my injector assured me i couldn't be allergic, i had some growth, and 6 weeks after my first treatment, i had a second.
* 4 weeks after the 2nd treatment, i got a lump high in my cheek. my injector didn't seem to want to believe it was happening at first, but then contacted the company and then did mutiple saline shots at once to try and break it up....it didn't work!
*meantime, other lumps were forming, and i had a lot of growth! my face literally changed from day to day, and i was freaking out!
*finally, when my face was super-swollen, round and lumpy, i was put in touch with a plastic surgeon here who has a lot of experience using sculptra... he was quite surprised by my appearance and immediately
started me on oral prednisolone, 5mg, 2 per day for 3 days, then 1 per day for 3 days he also began to inject the lumps with kenacort-A10, which in the US i think is sold as kenalog-10...
*i also kept massaging my face, as i've done several times a day since i first had the sculptra....a FIRM massage, picking the lumps up and rolling them between my thumb and forfinger, and also pushing them agaist the bones...and also some using my thumb inside my mouth and my fingers on the outside to try and flatten them.
*i've been having kenacort/kenalog injections every 3 weeks, and have had to have another few courses of prednisolone to combat general inflamation.
*i've also been getting hard, lumpy, long-lasting pimples and spots of hyper-pigmentation in the injected areas.
*progress has been very slow, and there have been times when i never quite knew how i'd look in the morning. i've been through 3 jobs in the last 8 months and have had stages where i haven't really left the house much. i tried a couple of anti-depressants, but i didn't like the side effects...so i started meditating a lot, and this has definately helped my head!
*my injecting nurse no longer injects sculptra, but sticks with botox and resty (with wich she is good)...the clinic has been good in terms of giving me free and discounted products and treatments.
*my PS says that the product was injected TOO deeply, and this has caused my immune response to be so strong...he's been consulting with doctors in europe who have more experience with the product, and has recieved some good information...in france, where sculptra was invented, they use some kind of super-steroid called FU5, which is very aggresive, and if the lumps are too close to the skin surface can slough the top off them and cause abscesses...nice!
* one of the doctors who apparently has used more sculptra than anyone recommended doxycycline, 50mg, twice daily
and i'vebeen taking this for the last 3 weeks. it's an antibiotic used for acne that's also an anti-malarial medication.
*i've also been using a really good exfoliating product from [/b]cosmedix, called [b]define, and i think that the combination of this and the doxycycline have helped to retexture and clear my skin, making it look a lot better, and the lumps have started to feel smaller;... with some of them, they'r almost starting to feel free of the skin thats covering them....hard to explain, but i think anyone who's had these lumps will know what i'm talking about!
*i had another treatment of the kenacort/kanalog yesterday....and could hardly believe it when i woke up this morning...OVERNIGHT, THERE'S BEEN A HUGE IMPROVEMENT!...i mean, obviously i stll have lumps, but the change has really been that sudden and drastic...i'm looking forward to what the next few weeks and the next treatment of kenacort/kenalog will bring because i really do think that this combination is working (something i never thought i'd be able to say!)

....i hope that this information is of some use to someone out there, and for anyone who's thinking about having scuptra done, i offer this advice:
only have this done by a plastic surgeon with a LOT of experience using the product...it might cost you more, but it could save you a lot of mental anguish, expense in corrective treatments and a body full of more chemicals!

i hope you all have a happy outcome, cheers, mac
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Postby DCNGA » Thu Apr 19, 2007 6:37 am

Oh, my. What a distressing story, but glad you are having a (finally) happy ending.

You might want to copy and past your post to this thread:

http://messageboards.makemeheal.com/vie ... dedd5f3446

The entire thread deals with fillers and could be helpful to many who frequent/read that thread looking for filler advice.

I'm glad you are getting better. I do know that having a good injector who injects properly is about 75% of the battle with fillers. I go to my derm for my Juvey. I have never had Sculptra but it is getting an increasingly bad rep here in the states--due to the lumpiness you experienced. I think it also has a history of causing granulomas which sounds like what you had (in my non-professional opinion):

http://www.blackwell-synergy.com/doi/ab ... alCode=jop

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/quer ... t=Abstract

Good luck.

I no longer post on MMH. Please contact me via email.
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Postby suzy222 » Mon Jun 09, 2008 9:25 pm

I believe you had an allergic reaction to the first treatment and never should have had a second. Allergies get worse with each exposure and a bad rash at first exposure can mean permanent damage on 2nd exposure.

I developed a rash after 2 days and was put on Medrol Pack, a 6 day prednisone treatment that starts with a super shot of 6 pills and declines to 1 after 6 days. After 24 hours, the rash improved greatly and was almost all gone after 6 days. I took a cortisone cream for a few more days and the rash was gone.

One of the lesions was tested for a bacterial infection and herpes, which can be stimulated by injections and lasers, and both tests were negative. So, it was diagnosed as an allergic reaction and my allergist said that I could never have Sculptra again, which is very sad for me because my results have been terrific.

Your skin has been through hell -- LEAVE IT ALONE! I was only allowed to use a plain soap to gently wash my face -- no other products. You could be aggravating the situation by irritating your skin more and using products that are causing more allergic reactions. Do nothing but wash with plain Dial soap until you are healed. See an allergy specialist.
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Overstuffed face

Postby TCTChick » Tue Apr 21, 2009 5:51 pm

Hi mactatt,

I had sculptra about 4 months ago and am horrified at the amount of growth I received. While I'm lucky not to have bumpts my dr.'s placement was horrid. She only injected around the side of the face in the temple down the side of the cheek and around the jaw. (when I wanted volume in the cheek below the bone). The effect has been a huge round unbalanced face. I look like i've gained so much weight in my face and because i'm only about 110 lbs i look like a bobble head.... lol..

I want to get rid of this or at least minimize it, if at all possible. Did the Prednisolone help you with depleating the general growth of your sculptra? Also who is you PS? I'm hoping i can find someone as knowledgable. Thank you so much for writing this and for any advice you can provide.
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Postby NJGirl » Wed May 27, 2009 4:54 pm

Go to www.sculptradamage,com for more information -
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Postby ErikaM » Fri May 29, 2009 10:14 am


how many treatments did you have and how many vials were injected? Some people complain that the results are too subtle while others have the problem that they got way too much volume.

I had 2 vials of Sculptra for the first time 3 weeks ago. Like you I'm rather slim and told the derm that I only want very subtle changes. So far I don't see any change but with the posts about too much volume I'm getting worried. I didn't like the look that I had immediately following the injection.

Thanks for the info!
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Re: a happy ending for sculptra horror lumps?

Postby Creammaker » Tue Jul 14, 2015 3:07 pm

Hi! I have been sick with Sculptra for 5 years now. Was on every antibiotics
straight for 3 years, yes it went down first time but got harder and harder to manage and it comes back with revenge, when you think its over. Up and down all the time never really know how you will look day to day. Was also on and off Prednisone. I am better but not fully there its the fluid that drives me crazy and it drains to the jawline, very pretty.Have not been on any medicine now for over a year it is not as big swings as before, so its going in the right direction but slow slow.
It ruined my life for 4 years, bed rest for one year because of pain could not work neglected my kids as far as discipline so now I have a problem with one of my teen's.
It is just no words what a horrible product and the person that came up with it and let Dr use it for regular people is even more horrible. Its a crime in my opinion to let this people go free and product still out.
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