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Pls, Really need some dermaroller feedback!

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Pls, Really need some dermaroller feedback!

Postby Etian » Tue Jan 28, 2014 3:41 am

First of all, I am Chinese. So my english is not good. Please don't laugh at me if I write something wrong.

I got acne problem since I was 15 years old. And now I am 25 and my acne is finally under control. But it left a lot of scars on my face and it's really makes me sad.

I've thought about laser, but I don't think laser is good for me because I've done facial peeling. I have down, pink and uneven skin tone, and my skin is really thin and sensitive because of the peeling.

Than I found dermaroller. But after I've done a lot of research(both of Asian and western countries), the way of dermaroller treatment is soooooo different. The same thing is the high price if you do this treatment in medical clinic.

In Asian,Dr will use a lot of 'healing produts' during and after your treatment. Did you guys heard about 'bfgf','afgf' or 'egf'? These are some biological products that could stimulate collagen growing and repaire your scar more faster. And the Dr also use DNA mask after the treatment to calm your skin and makes the 'red face' disappear faster. The patient do dermaroller very frequent because they just leave their skin rest for 1 week or 1 week and a half, then they are continue doing their second treatment.

But in western coutries. Dr just use dermaroller rolling your skin without any products(or just some Vitamin E cream), and tell you the results gonna show up after 1 month. And you have to wait 6 weeks to start your next treatment.

So I am so confused. Which way is really working? I have done 3-4 times treatment by myself. I used 1.5mm roller and stamp on my face and some obvious scars every 2 weeks. I have to say it is really working on the red marks. But about the big pores and scars, I did'nt see any great improvement.I've read some reviews about people use it over a year and get good change.

I am not worry about dermaroller treatment takes long time. But I really care about does it working or not?

I am appreciated If anyone would reply me. Thanks.
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