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Review of Fat Transfer - Reinjection of Dead Tissue

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Review of Fat Transfer - Reinjection of Dead Tissue

Postby FatGraftDONTDOIT » Sun Oct 13, 2013 3:20 am

Dr. Samuel Lam injects you with DEAD tissue which leaves mainly adhesions and scar and underneath your skin which is irreversible. That bowl of yellow mushy gunk that he sucked out of you and injecting your face with is are not living tissue but is mostly dead, necrotic tissue. Clinical studies by researcher showed genuine fat grafts do not last and Dr. Samuel Lam has never proven his own fat truly remains as "fat". All that leftover volume which did not reabsorb that you see 6 months later isn't living graft but dead tissue. Sadly it doesn't stop there. The dead tissue inside your skin isn't just from the clumps of yellow mushed up dead fatty mixture which he injects into you but its also from needle trauma from him ramming that needle aggressively in and out, and moving side to side slicing parts of your skin from the inside. There is nothing gentle about this slicing and dicing from the inside which is why he prefers general anesthesia to knock you right out completely whereas many other plastic surgeons are able to do it locally. His technique is so aggressive he just tons of scar which is permanent and can never be removed unless you go back in and cut out parts of your own natural skin. Once you go through fat graft with this man you've reached the point of no return. Dr. Lam is also foolishly promoting 5-FU when it isn't remotely useful for that amount of scar he injects his patients with, that dead tissue needs to be taken out surgically and even if you do it surgically you will only end up removing parts of your original tissue.

To the unbelievers,
get a biopsy of an area you were grafted and have it looked at by a state medical pathologist. Also any surgeon who inserts a needle back into your skin will definitely feel those hard adhesions and find it hard to maneuver that needle around because of all that resistance from the dead tissue.
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